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  1. CaptainJinx99

    Request Insert generic title about wanting art of my OC made

    EEEEEEEEEEEE! Both of these are amazing, I love them! Thank you so much!
  2. CaptainJinx99

    Request Insert generic title about wanting art of my OC made

    EEeeeeEEee, so sorry about the late reply! I didn't even realize you'd posted here! Anyways, if you're still willing to draw it for me, I'd be extremely thankful!
  3. CaptainJinx99

    Searching That Which Lays Beneath

    Alright, Cheerilee it is! So sorry about the late reply, been kinda busy around here. But I'm back, thankfully. Well, we got everyone we need. Huzzah! @Brobot do you still wanna take Twilight?
  4. Well well well, hello everyone! I'm baaaack!

    1. Nightmare glim

      Nightmare glim

      Welcome back bro to the forums. How are you ? 

    2. CaptainJinx99


      Oh, I'm doing great to be honest! How about you?

    3. Nightmare glim

      Nightmare glim

      I’m doing great bro.

  5. Thanks for the follow, my dude! ^_^

    1. CaptainJinx99


      Hey, don't mention it man! :P 

  6. Lunar Isolation Pg 136 by TheDracoJayProduct

    The Night shall last forever.

    1. The_Gobo


      Oh my

      that's some cool art :D


  7. Hello whoever’s reading this! I hope you’re having an exceptional day! :3


    1. The_Gobo


      Hello user! :D


  8. I couldn't resist making that pic my new pfp :D


    1. The_Gobo


      it's a good pic XD


  9. I think Apollo is referring to the Apollo Program.
  10. At this point, there's no telling. It feels like there's... Something we're missing, something that, if someone were to crack it, we'd find out a lot, LOT more. In other news, it seems like this blog may be related, or take place in the same continuity/universe as another blog, with a lot of the same themes, such as the creepy text, black liquid/tendrils coming from Luna, the gameboy, etc. They haven't posted in 6 years though...
  11. All of these images were taken from a gif that'd been sent to a guy on the MLP board of 4chan, who was investigating the blog.
  12. Edited title to see if it won’t draw more people. Not a lot of people may know what an ARG is so end up skipping over this
  13. I’m currently on my phone so I can’t be much help atm. I’ll be more active, and helpful, when I get on my PC later. Sorry.