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  1. I'm not using that on all of my vehicles, all they used is just energy from them,like magic or wings to fly, and i don't use crystal or stuff I'm using normal shells from ww2 and ww3 and also special shells.
  2. well i know its based on real life tank but i decided to create one but with different type of armor.... well possible i can't tell you.... but if you read closely then you know.... im expecting some explain needs to be type '-'
  3. Calling everypony to discuss with me about this military extinct, it looks like somepony doesn't like Military and this is getting off now... not to mention i'm the only military in the fandom while others are powerful that can even control the universe [doesn't make any scene]. I can use my magic is just that my pony and myself OC is not that powerful, if i'm am powerful(not that much i don't like being much powerful) other OC will destroy me instead. The explanation is long so yeah.... leaving military stuff behind is making me weak now... other than that im a weak Alicorn.... who uses military as a defense. Tanks,Ships and Aircraft <the only thing i used in my story-line to defend> well my final tank production in the storyline is PT-91M AP "Pendakwa" which only produces 1 only, the rest of the military is still in a progress of removing. Vehicles that stay in my story-line are :- 1x M4 Ponyman (M4 Sherman) 1x Reconnaissances Aircraft 1x Afiq's mighty BB ship 1x PT-91 AP "Pendakwa" other vehicles will be removed in my storyline due to Brony strike..... there will no more ships,aircraft and tanks except the one is created for purpose use only or defense or escape from other OC's. i know you guys can't understand but i will start to change all of this soon.... changing storyline is not an easy task..... Hope the MLP Forums understand what kind of problem i'm having..... soon or enough... some of them might do a youtube video about me.
  4. Anypony want to help rebuild the country? I explain what happened.... The country was under a heavy attack from overpowered OC's... What caused the attack? Afiq Lanz the creator of the storyline was doing a Anti-pony missile for defense purposes against terrorism, and evil OC's. During the test some OC's saw the missile as a treat as the missile wasn't lock on any OC's during at that time, the missile was lock on a dummy target as a test. First missile released was the Aspide - ESPM (electric shock pony missile) the missile function as a fast version of tazer. A OC that saw the missile decided to interfere and punch the missile as the missile lost the dummy target, the missile locks on the pony instead thus causing the test to become a failure and lead to other OC's to come and destroying the country slowly... One by one every building falls and caught on fire... Military and anti air has no effect on them of these overpowered OC's as a final result Afiq Lanz ordered his storyline management machine to protect the country while he evacuation the country to get some backup eventually the help arrived too late and the country has fallen, the OC's retreat as they saw the storyline management comes in and puts shield around the country to prevent any other attacks. What did Afiq Lanz do while on Equestria? The country has fall, all is left is to repair the buildings and recover the country back to its normal condition. So he picks some magic tools to fix the buildings but fixing all of them is not enough, and decided to call for assistance from other friendly OC's. County name :- Marelaysia (Malaysia) Causes the country got destroyed :- Anti-Pony missile test was distrubted by OC's and other OC's join the fights
  5. im just asking, not going to do anything about it besides role-playing, im still a noob on vector so yeah, if you don't want to post here you can post in my discord server [still under construction by roles lel help me] or maybe i'm in the wrong forum? *sigh*
  6. @Kronos the Revenant and @Goat-kun i got the Role play screen shot proof, as you see below, i tried to defend myself, all i did was a missile test again. All the sudden she came out of nowhere and punch the missile, it came back to her and released electric shock but has no effect aka God... Man i need help from somepony right now... I'm going to lose the country if i don't do something...
  7. is just doesn't make any scene, you can't punch a fast missile or eat it that is just wrong, those missiles have sneaky attacks inside of it. red - High Explosive blue - Electric shock green - Poison smoke is on Canterlot Avenue, a lot of RP which some of them are Overpowered as well *sigh* i'm not that overpowered but they are, is like they messing around with a non overpowered OC like me
  8. sounds defensive there way too defensive o.o even my tanks don't have that amour plates yet, right now the OC's that attacking my missiles are the one that can eat the missiles and punch the missile. Also that's a very good amour there
  9. Some OC's have a ability to punch them for no reason, if the missile was punched or got disturb by another target that missile will lock on the target immediately. Also very good idea there i give a try