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  1. Good morning everyone I need your help this troll name jamesgang100 is making false rant about me class37boy

  2. Moondancer cool

    Snow Wars!

    Chirp 🐦
  3. Moondancer cool

    General What's Your Obsession?

    One word trains yep that's right
  4. Moondancer cool

    Do you post pics of yourselves online?

    Nope I don't any online freak to kidnap me
  5. Well some bronies thought  we

    have  it bad in 2010 from crazy anti bronies calling us manchild liking mlp 



    Back then people make fun of model train people and calling us manchild for playing model train

  6. Hey I'm back from the DA

  7. Moondancer cool

    Gaming What was your first steam game?

    Out of all tf2 portal and Gmod and others games it was train simulator 2014
  8. Well it's December already trainponies have to be ready for taking presents and young ponies to the north Pole to see Santa Claus

    1. shyabetes3939


      Douglas the Scottish Twin: Aye, laddie! Suin Donald an' I'll be clearin' the snow once again!


    2. Moondancer cool

      Moondancer cool

      Thanks Douglas 

  9. Rip the some people who watch has me  left or never active

  10. Moondancer cool

    National Lionel trains day 2018

  11. Moondancer cool

    National Lionel trains day 2018

    Man I wish I was born in 1997 to get that
  12. Moondancer cool

    Any Railroad Bronies?

    Oh I am here I didn't know this exist