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  1. Looking at the first picture I'd say to keep heading down that path. MAybe give your guy a more puffy tuft of hair in the front sticking out of the hat (Kinda like Applekjack) to give it a more full and balanced appearance. As it is now, feels like your character is balding or disproportionate. 

    Definitely keep the scarf and gear stuff to stand out from other OCs (the less accessories, the more copy/paste template you'll look) but you also don't want to be clashing, so try to make them all match better. Go fro a Green/Brown motif with yellow accents maybe. So the hat/belt/scarf/sword/bag all go nicely together. It's clearly Zelda inspired so play up the Rustic Adventure Time/Green Tunic aesthetic. 

    Purple eyes like the hilt of the sword was a nice touch. It's the little things like that making your OC 'pop'!

    Then once you're done, you can try to pay your favorite artist to do a commission of your OC doing something cool. Then use that along with your own drawing to show others what you see your OC to be like and maybe get more commissions in the future.


    You'll have new OC avatars and stuff in no time!

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  2. Summer Camp. A place called StarChild Academy in Apopka Florida where we played video games, watched movies, and went on field trips every single day. From 2nd grade to 6th, those were the days, back when I didn't have a worry in the world...

    Made friends, learned stuff, discovered games, fell for my first love, built much needed social skills. Great times all around.

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  3. C%2526D.jpg

         This is a post about clearing the air of any C&D worries. I wanted to break down just how legally safe this all is once and for all since the majority of comments I see for this game revolve around conversations of "this will be taken down because X looks like Y".

         Hopefully some explanation combined with the game's recent graphical update on Steam Greenlight will put those Cease & Desist concerns to rest.

    I wrote a whole article about this a year ago on my development blog. Take a look.

    Read More: "So, About BGP's New Look and Copyright..."

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  4. Oh man, I can't imagine taking on a game of this scope in Blender of all things. Mad props to you, and I hope you finish (I've only ever completed one pony project and that was years of development and tons of cut content).

    I always find that the tons of stuff on the Unity Asset store make it super easy to make literally any kind of game with ease on a budget of around $200, and the 100% free options are growing by the month now. 

  5. Your idea is super cool and the video shocked me with how silky smooth and simple everything was. I considered making a Paper MArio style RPG when I saw this dev tool called Doodle Studio 95 go on sale. Maybe you should check it out and see if it could help with developing the rest of this project. :grin:

    (by the looks of things, you made your own engine from scratch the way I did! :P)

  6. I kinda stopped tuning in for weekly pony reviews after the Horseshoe crew guys quit MLP.  That's TBBBAP, Digibro, Tom Oliver, Drowning in Horseshoes, and Gibbontake back in the hay day. The bridges are officially burned with this fandom, but I'll never forget the good stuff they put out.

    They just had my sense of humor and pressed my deep thought buttons just right. 

  7. 9BkKn3p.png

    Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica!

    Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica.

    Traverse deadly dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you're tough enough to take on any dangerous quest!

    - Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells!
    - 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure!
    - Plunder Caves For Gems & Items!
    - Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment!
    - A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits…


    Clover the Cloaked is a young unicorn training under her tutor, the legendary Swirllock the Bearded. He left her a series of intricately designed dungeons to test her combat skills and courage. Clover believes if she can pass this test with flying colors, Swirllock could include her on his next great adventure!

    The land of Equica is one full of magical creatures around every corner. Gemstones are hoarded as currency and cupcakes are a universal commodity, serving as both food and medicine. Most of Clover's entire life has been secluded to this one tiny unicorn forest in the corner of this vast world. She yearns to see what fantastic sights and adventures Equica has to offer...

    This here was my first true passion project. Up until this point I was making small games with the Unity engine to learn the basics of game development. Eventually I got sick of making practice games and decided to dive right in! Unicorn Training is a combination of every random idea I've had for an action RPG.

    You've got bullet-hell combat, a choice of multiple spells that level up Ratchet & Clank style, tons of dungeons to explore and an open world, cute little talking MLP style unicorns, and it's all wrapped up in a Zelda/Paper Mario aesthetic. Really hope people connect with this game because I'd like to try to execute the idea even better in the future as I continue to grow skill as a dev.




    Watch the Trailer Here!


  8. Battle Gem Ponies! The fully-animated action-packed RPG adventure! An evolved version of the Ponymon ROM-Hack, and now its own indie project.

    Rotation battles, specialized move slots, new types, gym leaders specializing in strategies instead of types, EVs & IVs that can be altered with a slider instead of breeding, a balanced roster without intentional tiers, and a version of Eevee that can switch between any of the types at will. All ideas that went into this project's conception.

    Sound good? Then come along for the ride!
    Developed by Tony Yotes in Unity3D with 2d Toolkit

    Welcome to the official Battle Gem Ponies Pre-Alpha thread!
    BGP has been an idea swimming in my head for years before finally starting development in December of 2014. It was inspired by a Fire Red version ROM Hack called Ponymon where the Pokemon were replaced with My Little Pony characters. The hack went unfinished for years and the story didn’t seem to do much more than name swap and make friendship references. I wondered how cool it would be to see that MLPxPokemon idea taken all the way and fleshed out into a completely new adventure.
    Fan games like Pokemon Uranium and Fighting is Magic inspired me to take up programming in high school so I could make fan games of my own. Specifically, I always wanted to make my own Pokemon game that did away with all the parts that annoyed me in the main series. Things like grinding, HMs, boring/easy fights, and evolution lines with stats too low for competitive viability would be no more! The first attempt at making such a game didn’t go too well, being just a kid with one java class and a C++ tutorial under his belt. So I spent the next 7 years practicing game development (even getting a degree in Gaming & Simulation) to build the skill necessary to craft a full-blown RPG like this.
    Over the years the game has gone from overambitious Pokemon fan game to legally safe overambitious Pokemon clone with its own characters, world, logos, assets, and so on. Measures have been taken to make sure this is a Cease & Desist-proof original property inspired by Pokemon that's made from scratch.
    Lots of blood, sweat, and tears are going into making this game a success. I hope Battle Gem Ponies is turns out as good as the game I saw in my head all those years ago. I can’t be the only one who would like to play a game like this, right?
    Thanks for checking out the project and enjoy the demo!
    -- Tony Yotes --


    Command super-powered, shape-shifting ponies in strategic turn-based RPG combat. The battle system is a variation of Pokemon's Rotation Battle in that matches are 3 vs 3 and either player can swap out their current fighter at the beginning of the turn (but at the cost of attacking last). Your pony will shapeshift between these 3 forms until each one's individual HP reaches zero.
    To catch wild ponies you have to weaken them and use capture gems that "download" the opposing pony's data and allows your pony to transform into it. In order to complete the capture process though, the wild pony needs to be defeated.


    There are 18 elemental classes each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In place of the "Normal type" there is a neutral class with no special advantage or disadvantage, thus being able to cause a regular amount of damage on anypony. The classes are Fire, Aqua, Surge, Plant, Ice, Ki, Toxic, Earth, Air, Esper, Bug, Ghost, Draco, Steel, Light, Dark, Chaos, and Magic.


    A major aspect of battle is the Ultra transformations. Like with mega evolution, finding special objects in the overworld will allow you to transform any one of your party members into a powered up version of themselves (sometimes with alternate elemental types too).



    Fully Animated Battle RPG!
         Every single pony and attack is uniquely animated to bring these pixel art battles to life!
    Explore a Vast World!
         An enormous, vibrant region awaits! Travel through deserts, mountains, forests, graveyards, and underwater temples on your quest through the Pinto region.
    Power Up Your Pony!
         Form a powerful bond with your shapeshifting pony companion and watch it grow stronger, learn awesome new moves, and take on the toughest of enemies.
    Travel with Your Pony!
         Surf across oceans and lakes with any swift-swimming ponies. Teleport to the nearest Health Center whenever you like with a simple phone call. Even have whatever pony is with you smash any boulders in your path, just because they all can!
    Customize Your Team!
         Choose who you take into battle from a selection of 60 Ponies and their Ultra Forms. You can alter their moves, stats, and equipment to become an unbeatable trainer!
    Hundreds of Different Moves!
         Using attacks grouped into Light, Heavy, Status, and Tutor slots that make you think more carefully about which moves to take into battle.
    Discover the Secrets of the Legendary Alicorns!
         Powerful, winged unicorns that embody the Sun and Moon are said to be the strongest ponies to ever live. People have wanted to harness their power for personal gain since ancient times. With recent advancements in technology, however, it might be easier than ever for their power to fall into the wrong hands...
    Collect Badges and Save The World!
         You’ll have your skills tested by expert Mavens and fight for your life against the evil Paragon Cartel. Simple story objectives that fans of Monster RPGs will be familiar with, but perhaps with a few surprises along the way...


    Just one corner of a brand new world…
    H - Rest House
    G - City Gate
    C - Celestial Shrine
    P - Paragon Cartel Secret Base
    (start in Honey Dew and venture around)
    A colorful and varied region with a gemstone motif and mysteries scattered across the map. It's meant to be an adventure lasting at least 6 hours on average. Preferably longer, and extended indefinitely with post-game content. The environments should be visually varied and filled with enough story content to keep the player interested in progressing. Every single section has at least a handful of notable experiences within.
    The scope has been thought out and written in a 200+ page long game design document along with every other aspect of the game.













    Follow the game on your favorite social media sites to get the latest news and have your burning questions answered! Interact with Yotes Games on any of the sites below.
    Find Yotes On:
    Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Patreon |
    | IndieDB Gamasutra | DeviantArt | Reddit MyIGN |
    Alternatively, you can just email yotesmail@gmail.com



    The latest current build is version 7.0, now available on Itch.io!
    Available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.
    Demo V7 contains 3 areas, 12 ponies, and a Random Battle Now mode.
    (Combat calculations may exhibit bugs.)


    Pre-Alpha V7.0  (11/17/17)

    Download: https://yotesgames.itch.io/battle-gem-ponies


    Engine, Development Tools, & Plugins provided by Unity3D and its Asset Store
    Orchestral Composition & Soundtrack
    Eric Eom (E^2)
    Chiptune Composition, Soundtrack, & Sound Effects
    Justin Heng (blucario)
    Game Design, Production, Marketing, Pixel Art, Animation, Writing, Programming
    Tony Yotes (Yotes Games)
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  9. I figured I could group a whole bunch of my feedback requests into one thread. Getting feedback on other forums has been super helpful so far with tweaking my character designs, so I'd love to get more opinions here!

    #1 is the main character, Ponatina

    The starter for my game is this Eevee-like pony that has all these different forms and I've been getting feedback from friends and the community to let me know which ones are best and which need improvement. So far I've redone 4 of them to get the collection you see here:


    Which one's best pony and which one's worst?

    ~ List of Ponatina's Forms ~

    - Fire: Burnatina
    - Aqua: Aquatina
    - Surge: Electina
    - Plant: Floratina
    - Ice: Frostina
    - Ki: Bucktina
    - Toxic: Venotina
    - Earth: Granitina
    - Air: Aerotina
    - Esper: Teletina
    - Bug: Sectina
    - Ghost: Phantina
    - Draco: Dractina
    - Steel: Metatina
    - Light: Solatina
    - Dark: Shadotina
    - Chaos: Havoctina
    - Magic: Mystina

    Another design I kept going back and fourth on is Skullna. Trying to make a little woona-style zombie-pony thing and not sure if I should go with dead black eyes or cutesy white ones. I chose black for now to emphasize the undeadness and decay.


    And to dump off the rest all at once, here's most of my game's roster standing next to their Ultra forms. Definitely wanna tweak a bunch of them, but for now they look good enough for me to move on to another dev task and come back to them later. 

    What do you guys think? Gimmie your favorite of the bunch and the worst of the on these guys too! 


    And for good measure, here's all the base forms: 


  10. Thanks! I'm hoping this is an RPG that can appeal to everyone. Even those who don't typically like the genre because I'm trying to take all the boring parts out. No grinding, a fun story to follow, and simple Rock/Paper/Scissors gameplay that can get as strategic and deep as you want.


    Bringing ponies and fun to a whole new generation of young mobile gamers! (I plan to release it for Android and iOS when its done)

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  11. 2011. Severe depression, got into rewatching powerpuff girls, friend shows me Apple.MOV, found MLP clips looking for more, had no idea it was actually the show, found out I was into a little girl's show for real, watched in secret, felt depression fade. Became more open about loving it over time. Converted friends, got into fandom, got inspired by fan projects to become an indie, the rest is history.

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