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  1. I'm making plans to go. Gonna try to get the whole dev team out there! (if we can afford it) Just announced plans today in our latest dev blog. https://www.yotesgames.com/2021/05/battle-gem-ponies-april-devlog-bug.html Curious if attendance will be higher or lesser than usual after this wild pandemic situation AND being in-between pony generations.
  2. This is it! The home stretch! We're basically in like, the Beta of our Pre-Alpha if that inception makes sense. The biggest mysteries and implementation challenges are behind us as far as the scope of this demo is concerned. All that's left is to fix an incredibly long list of minor & major bugs we've been taking note of this whole time and make sure 99% of this game works (and looks) exactly as intended. Graphics. Pacing. Space-time Placing. All these things must be in near-perfect harmony before we put it out there to be judged enjoyed by the masses. Check the
  3. A new Graphic Designer is gonna help us make trailers, menus, n' stuff starting in May once he's all set to pursue his #streaming & #gamedev dreams. Check out what we've been up to lately on the Yotes Games Blog! https://www.yotesgames.com/2021/04/april-progress-report-growth-prep.html
  4. After some heartbreak, debate, accounting, re-planning, and interviewing new potential team members, we have officially decided to delay Battle Gem Ponies one more time. Stretching our personal budgets to the absolute limit and holding off until September while we build up the game in a more reasonable timeframe. We wanted a public demo out weeks ago and finally got to a state where we have all the features we want in, but we haven't had time to clean up the bugs and make sure it can make a good first impression. We can't re-announce the game after a 3-
  5. I just want em to put love into it. Some SOUL. Like, get genuine bronies in charge and it'll turn out fine. I saw they got a fandom artist to design the new characters in the first place, and the movie animators are already proving these are big time experts who care about the details. So, so far so good. We may never reach that early 2010s height ever again, but there could be a brand new brony fandom wave with this. The elements for it are all there. Now all it takes is a spark...
  6. We're in the final stages of development for the Combat Demo! We're implementing as many attack & effect animations as possible to make a good first impression, and we're balancing the more complex gameplay mechanics we've finally got working. More on the main blog: yotesgames.com
  7. Battle Gem Ponies is gearing up for making a HUGE commotion all year long! We have some cleanup to do, but afterwards we're off to the races polishing things up. Kickstarter Drafts, Patreon makeovers, YouTuber contacts, battle engine redesigns, and more all get covered in this month's update! So come take a gander at the latest #GameDev Log: www.yotesgames.com
  8. This year sure has been one big heck... But looking back, I'm proud of what we've managed to build since January. This game is miles further along than I ever could've reached on my own trying to solo dev. It's exciting to think about how much can be accomplished in the next 365 days with the full power of a development team and, if we succeed in May, thousands of dollars in crowdfunding support to hire a ton more helping hands and guarantee we finish the rest of development by year's end. Here at Yotes Games, spirits are high as we m
  9. Download the Battle Gem Ponies Christmas Demo on Itch.io using your Patreon login to get a download key for Windows, Mac, and Android! The download page will only appear if you use the link above to get your key. Now before you dive in, let's reel back expectations once more. This is a super buggy work in progress that we're still polishing up for February. Many features are still unfinished so you're likely to run into rough looking animation, strange audio issues, moves that don't work as expected, buttons that were supposed to be hidden, and c
  10. You're looking at an all-new Yotes Games as of this month. A full-time indie team speeding ahead towards one milestone after the other! Progress is super speedy compared to how it was before and every day we cross off multiple things on our big To-Do Lists. Get a peek at what we've been cooking up for our new menus, pony sprites, and crazy crowdfunding plans for 2021 on the official Yotes Games Blog!
  11. We're entering November with an all-new team setup, changed plans (for the better), a miles long checklist of finished tasks, a new potential source of funding, and cute little pony sprites you have to come see! Time to show off what a couple weeks of hardcore indie development will getcha in this spooky good October devlog!
  12. Merry Birthiversary! 

  13. Wild leaps in progress and productivity as we're settling into the flow of being a team. All just in time for the biggest game dev session yet. Next month is going to feel like half a year's worth of work done in just a couple weeks compared to rate we've been going so far. There's been all kinds of improvements in terms of art, menus, and code architecture. It's really shaping up beautifully and we're excited about what we'll be able to deliver in just a couple months. Get the details on this month's gamedev adventures on the Yotes Blog!
  14. Battle Gem Ponies (August DevLog): Gettin' Stuff DONE!! Been quite the busy month over here at Yotes Games. A whole feast of features to show to you about this fine August of progress. Talkin' about overworld animations, palette swaps, engine setup fixes, team collaboration improvements, new menus, and new mechanics. So let's get right to it, over on the main blog!
  15. Nice to have a crunchy month to work on this day after day. Things are really starting to shape up around here. Visions of running a full-fledged indie studio get clearer all the time now that I'm enjoying a taste. This month's major milestones include training a new programmer, adding a menu to the playable build, putting over a hundred working moves into the game, and creating a huge cast of human characters to meet in the overworld. If you're curious about this past month's comradery and happenings in #GameDev, take a peek on the Yotes Games Blog!
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