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  1. 58D58A07-B4F5-4D97-8A1E-E35D8B0F1D4F.thumb.jpeg.49922a39e748ec27e1c81b4c9716d43f.jpeg

    Hi there my name is Graeme Kelly I am using a fake name because a website called kiwi farms is cyber bullying me since February they are calling me a pedo a Paedophile and all sorts of nasty names 

    And I’m special needs a slow learner and everyday I wake up and it’s the same thing again and again I just want them to leave me alone and I’m asking you for help please help me


    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I definitely want to report that situation to the police straight away. Bullying is NOT tolerated and anyone who does that sort of thing is a coward. Don't be afraid, the police are always there to keep all of us safe from harm.

    2. Gestum


      Change your username and try to keep a low profile.

  2. Hey everypony I’m back anypony want to come join my discord server 

    1. GlimGlam


      Welcome back bro  and I’ll join it later when I’m on my Pc. 

    2. Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡

      Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡

      What happened to your discord server, it disapeared from my list of servers

    3. Irishbrony1988


      This is my new discord server

  3. This is how I am feeling today 


  4. I am feeling depressed lately 
  5. Yesterday was my 30th birthday 

    1. Irishbrony1988


      Awww thanks 😊😊😊

  6. Happy Birthday sir Irish sir.

    1. Irishbrony1988


      Awww thanks 😊😊😊

  7. Today is my birthday 

    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      Have a fantabulous B-day~ Irishbrony!/)



    2. Irishbrony1988


      Awww thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Happy birthday! :mlp_yay::balloon:

  8. Good morning everypony 

  9. is there any girls who wants to be friends with me  

  10. Hey everypony how are you doing 

  11. Hey everypony how are you doing 

    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      I'm doing just fine, despite it being Monday :-P 

      And how are you holding up today?

  12. I need a friend to talk to