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  1. Hey with drawing request. Did i ever dm you what i wanted?

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i don't believe you have,but due to some difficulties the request thread is closed. i only take commissions atm

    2. HellsWriter


      alright thanks for letting me know.

  2. HellsWriter

    Slice of Life a different kind of introduction

    I really love this, it's very beautiful.
  3. I was playing the banned game.

    This is what my last response lead too.


  4. HellsWriter

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    This makes my day right here.
  5. HellsWriter

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not bring the liquor to spike the punch.
  6. HellsWriter

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for busting my future college party.
  7. HellsWriter

    Offering Critique Designing OCs For You

    Hello there @Ginger Ale. I'm looking for help to redo my whole Oc Ocean Whiplash. I no longer can use the current reference for her, because I had not realized at the age of 10 that it was someone else. I was wondering if you could help me re make her if possible.
  8. HellsWriter

    Art Trades ON HOLD!

    @Fenneko Hello there Fenneko, I was wondering if we could do an art trade. I have a few weeks before my summer actual gets interesting, and I'm looking for some art trades to do.
  9. The “You Will Be Found Project” is a project for bronys and pegasisters alike. Where you can share your story through your oc. You can tell a story of pain, or a story of redemption and being helped by someone. You will stay anonymous in the official video unless you want to be known. Please join our Facebook group if you are interested. If you have any questions please go to either me your co-host or the host and creator, Ash Huynh. You need to join the facebook to go throught the question if you can't talk to me and I'll send you to Ash.
  10. Hey do you still have the pictures of Regal Shadow?

  11. Hey @Princess Celestia do you like the summer sun celebrations that all the ponies throw?
  12. HellsWriter

    Celestia Fan Club

    Some art of pretty Celestia.
  13. Hello your majesty! 

  14. I don't believe their sexuality has is on that list. But it was, definitely pansexual.
  15. HellsWriter


    I tend to actual create the background, personality and other things related to that first then go on to other details.
  16. Look at my deer baby.



  17. We miss you Princess Leia. May you rest in piece Carrie Fisher, May The Force be with you.


  18. Not sure. I just really busy with my roleplays on Quotev.
  19. So today Infinity War comes out today. Well I have to advoid spoilers for almost an month before I go to see it. I literally walked over to a group of 7th graders who where talking about it and told them to talk about something else. For once they actual did and they told me they where trying to get their friend to shut up who was letting out spoliers. I'm not happy not seeing Infinity War for a while. 


  20. So my first post is gonna be on my mlp ocs. Two of the my ocs I have, have been with me for a while and have had many changes done to them. If you want to know more about my ocs go ahead and ask me. Most of them are still in the process of being developed. My Little Pony Ocs Mains Ocean Whiplash; Pegasus; Mare; Young Adult; Straight CrystalBreak; Earth Pony; Non Binary; Late Adolescent; Asexual [WIP] Minors SpectrumBlast; Pegasus; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay Prince Comet Shower; Unicorn; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay FeatherTurner; Earth Pony; Ma
  21. Deal with discord. I rather that then getting toilet part.
  22. Well I tend to be in fanficiton business, but I'm starting to get into a original stories and such. I'm working on creating one of my old creepypasta characters into an original character and making a story for him.
  23. Hey guys it's @JustAnAmatureWriter or known as Charlie. I felt like doing an ask question thing, so here I am. Any questions you ask I will answer honestly. So please do get creative if you like.
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