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  1. We miss you Princess Leia. May you rest in piece Carrie Fisher, May The Force be with you.


  2. Advanced Marvel Cinematic Universe Rp OOC

    Not sure. I just really busy with my roleplays on Quotev.
  3. So today Infinity War comes out today. Well I have to advoid spoilers for almost an month before I go to see it. I literally walked over to a group of 7th graders who where talking about it and told them to talk about something else. For once they actual did and they told me they where trying to get their friend to shut up who was letting out spoliers. I'm not happy not seeing Infinity War for a while. 


  4. original characters My Little Pony Ocs

    So my first post is gonna be on my mlp ocs. Two of the my ocs I have, have been with me for a while and have had many changes done to them. If you want to know more about my ocs go ahead and ask me. Most of them are still in the process of being developed. My Little Pony Ocs Mains Ocean Whiplash; Pegasus; Mare; Young Adult; Straight CrystalBreak; Earth Pony; Non Binary; Late Adolescent; Asexual [WIP] Minors SpectrumBlast; Pegasus; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay Prince Comet Shower; Unicorn; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay FeatherTurner; Earth Pony; Mare; Late Adolescent; Straight OnyxShine; Bat Pony; Stallion; Adult; Pansexual
  5. How far would you go to be a trillionaire in Equestria?

    Deal with discord. I rather that then getting toilet part.
  6. Ask An Introverted Amature Writer

    Well I tend to be in fanficiton business, but I'm starting to get into a original stories and such. I'm working on creating one of my old creepypasta characters into an original character and making a story for him.
  7. Ask An Introverted Amature Writer

    Hey guys it's @JustAnAmatureWriter or known as Charlie. I felt like doing an ask question thing, so here I am. Any questions you ask I will answer honestly. So please do get creative if you like.
  8. Advanced Marvel Cinematic Universe Rp OOC

    @Buck Testa General Name: McKenzie Alex Reed Date of Birth: October 4th, 1984 Zodiac: Libra || Horse Gender: Female Species: Human Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Romantic Orientation: Pan Romantic Heritage: Scottish, Irish, German Ethnicity: American Personal Likes: Movies, Music, Nature, Animals, Ranches, Forests, Old People/Disabled People, Little Children, Cuddling, Classic Old Cars, having Fun, Comic Books, Video Games, Pokemon Cards Dislikes: Cocky People, Ungrateful People, People who take advantage of others, Abuse, Liars, Those who pick on the weak Hobbies: Writing, Playing The Guitar, Parkour, Singing, Cooking, Gaming Fears: Aquaphobia - Fear of Drowning, Claustrophobia - Fear of Small Spaces, Coulrophobia - Fear of Clowns,Entomophobia - Fear of Grasshoppers, Pediophobia - Fear of Dolls, Trypanophobia - Fear of Needles Personality: McKenzie is a stubborn, adventurous women that seeks out danger and faces it head on. She is loving a protective person, that is willing to do anything to keep the ones she cares about out of harm's way. McKenzie is very smart and creative and it usually helps her out when she gets stuck in certain and deadly situations. She can be very fierce and sassy to other when she wants too; but also be a completely weirdo. McKenzie is very sensitive to certain things like her past and body. She is very insecure about herself and in relationships about why the person choose her. McKenzie is very nerdy and boyish, she will often references nerd things and act like a guy most of the time. She is an introvert and an night owl, she will most likely stay up really late and sleep really late into the day. Favorites Foods: Pop Tarts, Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate, Steak, Strawberries, Apples, Pears Colors: Any shade of blue or green Season: Winter Activities: Parkour, Dancing, Writing, Playing her guitar, Hanging out with her Best friends Time of Day: Midnight Appearance Looks: + + Height: 5’ 6 ½” Weight: 158 lbs Skin Tone: Classic Ivory Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Light Brown Hair Style: Long, usually in a ponytail Body Type: Hourglass Piercings: Three piercings on left ear Scars/Birthmarks: scars on shoulder blades from infected spider bites, scars on lower left upper arm from cutting Tattoos: Tribal Tattoo on right shoulder, Little Sister’s name on her lower left under arm, Tribal Dragon tattoo on back Style/Outfits: Normal, WorkOut, SleepWear, Fancy Health Sight: 20/20 Mental Health: She has paranoia and depression Physical Health: She is physical health Sleep Patterns: She tends to move around in the same spot as she sleeps, if she wakes up from something she will turn on her side and go back to sleep Allergies/Other: She as seasonal allergies. She has non - lethal disease that cause her to get really bad blood noses and sometimes cough up blood Abilities/Statistics Intelligence: 7/10 Martial Arts: 8/10 Battle Skill: 6/10 Strategy: 9 ½ /10 Teamwork: 3/10 Super Hero Info Name: Reaper Outfit: + Weapons: Bo staff ( Actual turns into an scythe), Double Sided Daggers, Two Pistols, Bow and Arrow Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts and Krav Maga Quotes: “ Someone’s death is more tragic when their story isn’t finished” Relationship Parent(s): Marshall Reed; Biological Father Camille Sherman; Biological Mother Patrick White; Adoptive Father Michelle White; Adoptive Mother Andrew Jackson; Mentor/Death Sibling(s): Carrick White; Adoptive Brother Tristan White; Adoptive Sister Kayden White; Adoptive Brother D’Angelo White; Adoptive Brother Alex Randles; Younger Biological Half Brother Aurora; Younger Biological Half Sister Other Relatives: Kent Reed; Biological Uncle Merilee Reed; Biological Aunt Best Friends: Savannah Jerome Hannah Hollenbeck Friends: Zachary Kirstein Autumn Johnson Kellie Milliner Ella Byington Enemy(ies): HYDRA Pet(s): King; Male; German Shepherd Backstory Childhood Years - McKenzie was the first born to Camille and Marshall Reed. A year after her birth; her parents got divorced, after the divorce her mother left her fend of herself. One year after McKenzie was left to fend for herself her mother got remarried and had her little brother Alex. The same process happened to her little brother, but she was there to take him under her wing and took care of them both. McKenzie took on the role of mother, to take care of her brother. When McKenzie was 4 her mother now had a boyfriend that abused her and Alex along with the help of her mother. McKenzie little sister was born and she was immediately became protective of her baby sister. Six months on a late night, McKenzie and her little brother where locked into a room; while their mother's boyfriend strangled their baby sister. Soon the police arrived and the two siblings finally left the room. After McKenzie's little sister's death, she was taken to her father, but her father was not able to take care of her; so she was taken to her aunt and uncle. She stayed with her biological aunt and uncle took her in. She stayed with her biological aunt and uncle for a year in and out of foster care. Until a family decide to adopt her. She moved into the family's home and was later adoptable by them at the age of six. As she lived with the family problems with stealing food and lying surfaced. Besides with the problems with stealing and lying her life was fine. She often got in trouble with stealing and lying. She started to show signs of depression and her therapists put her on anti-depression pills. She did well in school made good friends along the way her sixth grade is where she began to suffer in school. Teenage Years - McKenzie’s 7th grade year came around her grades came up along with the dreams of meeting someone. The dreams would consist of her telling the person how her day went to the point where she need comfort and the person offered it. Her grades stayed at a good level as she went on to 8th grade, befriending her best friend. She continued to have the dreams where she would meet a man named Andrew Jackson or what he called himself. She would grew close to entity that watched over her. As she reached 9th grade her grades dropped a bit but she manage to keep herself a float. She continued through high school trying her best to keep herself in an good place and not let her mental abuse from her family take her down. McKenzie still missed her little sister and made a deal with the entity that visited her in her dreams. She would do anything to see her little sister once to know that she was still with her. Well the entity that visited her accept her request but in return she would have to bare the powers that the entity, Death himself had to bare. But she would not receive this powers until a certain time. Adult Years - McKenzie graduate High School, her and her best friend moved together to Brooklyn, New York. McKenzie decided to go to school online while her best friend went to an fancy art college near by. McKenzie picked a job up as a bartender, but soon also picked up becoming an street racer to help get their bills paid. She took Mixed Martial Arts class and Krav Maga classes. She continued to have the dreams where she would meet death and sometimes her little sister would be with her. While she took her defense classes, she caught on fast and became the top in her class. When she turned 21 one, the powers that Death said she would have came slowly. She began to notice her eyes would often turn Crimson Red and the inside of her veins would turn black. She also notice she started to become stronger, faster, heightened sense and amazing reflexes. She didn’t tell her best friend, not wanting to drag the person she cared about into what she did. She continued her bartending job and illegal street racing and learning how to control the powers she had the the few that still where to come. Theme Songs Hold Me Down By: Halsey Weak By: AJR Blame By: Air Traffic Controller Migraine By: Twenty One Pilots Notes She enjoys playing her guitar, but usually will play her guitar and sing when she is alone Her german shepherd goes everywhere with her. King is her emotional support dog, he is consider a service dog Her Nicknames are Kenzie, Kenz, Lucifer, Charlie She owns an 1969 Ford Mustang and Yamaha r1 2015
  9. How would you feel about the Four Horsemen?

    I have been considering something with the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse mixed into my characters form.


  10. This is a post where you can post you waifus, gaifus, and husbandos for people to see. Please keep pictures clean and NO NSFW images. When you post you waifus, gaifus/husbandos tell why they are you waifu or gaifu/husbandos.
  11. Advanced Marvel Cinematic Universe Rp OOC

    @Buck Testa I should have all the twecks done today and the new form posted.
  12. So @Randimaxis had post an status update, about this thing on Tumblr about Antler Guy. 













  13. That's is some scary stuff. .