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  1. Alrighty then, another day, another dollar! ... If I got paid for doing my school work. :pout: 

    Jokes aside, I need to be off to bed now. I hope you all had great days today! :fluttershy:


    Sweet dreams, everyone!

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    2. Tacodidra


      Good night! :D I hope your day was great too. :)

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Good night! :) 

    4. Wannabrony


      Goodnight and sleep well, DJ! :kindness: 

  2. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    @King of Canterlot I'm not sure if I would say they're past their prime, I think they're just trying too hard to recreate the Wii's success. Don't get me wrong; I like Nintendo (and to a further extent, the Switch) quite a lot, but the hardware gimmicks ever since the Wii exploded onto the scene all just seem like attempts to recapture the lightning in a bottle. @SwitchGuy2018 Considering the Switch's selling feature, and the fact that you're a Changeling makes for a pretty effective combination!
  3. What do Sci-Twi mean

    I think it refers to the human world Twilight Sparkle. I'm not quite sure where the name originates, but I think it has to do with it being a silly pun on Sci-Fi. IE, Twilight is a fan of science, and this allows there to be some differentiation between the Human World and Equestria Twilight. I could be wrong, though.
  4. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    I had some chicken breasts, actually.
  5. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    Oooh, nice avatar, Sparkles! Why do they swirl, though?
  6. Gender Race

  7. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    Why the underscore in your name? I don't think that that's required!
  8. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  9. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    How can you be a wannabe brony if you are a brony?
  10. The Corrupted Wish Game

    Um, granted... but they cost a dollar now. Sorry about that... I-I wish that I had a pet Russian blue!
  11. The Corrupted Wish Game

    Um... granted, but they didn't hire a very good director! S-sorry... I-I wish that I didn't have a bunch of notifications right now... if that's okay...
  12. So you’re one of the few (like me lol) who disliked Wonder Woman. :P But what are your thoughts on other DC movies like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad (if you’ve seen them)? 

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    2. Recherche


      @Sparklefan1234 Well, you were definitely right! :lol:

      Except that The Expendables was probably good.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      1. Thank You, My Friend. :)

      2. Yeah, The Expendables probably was a good movie. :ooh:

    4. Recherche


      Don't mention it, Twinkle Sprinkle! :catface:

      I guess I might have to find out for myself, huh? :o

  13. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    Beware the shampoo dynasty!
  14. The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted! You're not allowed to use gifs anymore! I wish that I didn't use Discord all of the time!