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  1. Hi guys I been get into gacha  stuff and Youtuber stuff here a there  so yha but my new OC is related to the fnaf universe  but my own au 

    Her name is aqua afton 

    1. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :yay: Do you have a picture of the OC? :ooh:

  2. Happy late nightmare night and I hope luna had fun scaring the filly and colts with nightmare moon

    1. Tacodidra


      Happy late Nightmare Night, my friend! :grin: Welcome back! :yay:

  3. Sure he or she looks really pretty
  4. I would because I love twilight sparkle
  5. Every brony I have  bad news  for mlp g5 even I'm devastated about this there one pony Not coming back rip twilight sparkle 


    1. Sherbie-kun <3
    2. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      Nope not April fool 

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      If that's true, then they are ruining themselves with their own hands

  6. Good morning every pony in equestria I love this forms so much I just watch all session 9 eps and then I watch the movie again  because I'm going to miss the mana six I know I won't miss them for long  when g5 start I'm buying a house in this new equestria or were ever we are and chill there a witness what's going to happen. 

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :) I hope you enjoyed season 9 (I did)! :grin:

  7. I wish Hasbro tease something about g5  so we know when  its coming out 

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    2. Kujamih


      Or  my little pony: friendship again. Or shipping is magic, or.,.hmm..

    3. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      Well I can't argue with that title 

    4. Asbel Lhant

      Asbel Lhant

      Protectors of Harmony sounds epic.

  8. I got a rainbow dash phone case today so ever pony should have a good day today 

    1. Tacodidra


      That's awesome to hear! :yay: My day has indeed been good, thanks – even if I haven't got a cool phone case! :D

  9. Merry Christmas every pony

  10. During the eps canterlot wedding if candice knows twilight why does she hate her

    1. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      Okay who hates changling because I do 

    2. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      Lol galting twilight 

    3. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      I'm.not watch the age regression eps they did

  11. Me and every pony  want to give happiness  and loyalty to twilight sparkles and her  friends and line up and wave goodbye  to as they watch us bronys and pegasus sisters get on the train to get to g5 is going to be a long journey  but thx u guys  for every  adventure u gave us but we have to go


  12. Hm okay tell me if this right or wrong 

    Okay princess Luna ask if she can make a new kingdom and celestia says no they get into a fight and Luna turns into nightmare moon and celestia fight here then had no other choice to use the element of harmony and bashing Luna to moon 

    So is that how Luna got bashed  if not someone tell how she got bashed in the frist place 

    because I want to do a timeline of mlp to write on my chalk board when I get home 

    1. Miss


      I mean if you rewatch the first episode it tells you what happens at the beginning and that’s not it XD 

      Or season 4 opener 

  13.  Hello every pony  I just want to say every pony is my best friend u guys are so fun to hang out with and it help escape from my regular life where everyone teases me for being a brony and here no one does I'm happy to have friends like u to help me to be happy so I say thx u image.jpeg.7c10735654bb0e0edb1eb4fc516f52b1.jpeg

    1. Tacodidra


      Hello, my friend! :fluttershy: *hugs* I'm glad you enjoy being here! :rarity:

  14. I started being a brony at the first session and now I am still a brony today it's been a good run I'm have to wait itill 2021  g5 

    1. Tacodidra


      That's quite a long time... :wau: I've only been in the fandom for two and a half years, but it has certainly been a lot of fun! :)

    2. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      I know and every pony here are my friends 

  15. Okay that was it g4 over and I'm ready to go to g5 in 2021 afther the new movie  so I'm going to be frist to say this it been and long journey  but let's leave this  gen   and pony and get on train to g5 I'm so excited 

  16. Good  afternoon every pony my new game launches today at 9:00 am so can't wait 

    1. Oblivion


      I wish you good luck!

    2. Tacodidra


      Good afternoon, my friend! :D I hope you enjoy it! :pinkie:

  17. Good  afternoon every pony  at school right now but I can use my phone intill my class starts 

    1. Tacodidra


      Good afternoon, my friend! :grin: I hope you're doing fine! :fluttershy:

  18. Hm I'm wondering if Hasbro is actually updating to teen mlp show and Hasbro I think reson that twilight is a earth pony in g5  that how she started in g4  then she transform  to a alcorn  so I think that what going to happen with g5  idk if any other pony agrees with me on this theory 

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      but Twilight in G4 started as an unicorn

    2. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      Oh sorry   my mistake 

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  19. Oh Hasbro can't kill a fandom that easy bronys are here and staying with MLP for the long run no matter what u do 

    1. Latecomer


      Who says they're trying? More fandom -= more money.

    2. Aqua shine
  20. Hi every pony I we all are pack up and on the ponyville train and get our stuff a get to g5 its going to be a long journey 

    1. Tacodidra


      Hi, my friend! :D I wouldn't be packing yet, we've still got a little G4 content left! :rarity:

    2. Aqua shine
    3. SolarFlare13


      I love how you said that :D ...and it's good to see some-pony optimistic about G5 for once :catface:

      Too many people are saying "oh, we want Friendship Is Magic to stay". No offense, but the community has gotten WAY too toxic at this stage and it desperately needs a refresh :lie:

      Look, I understand there are some people that are worried about the new generation not being as good as G5, but from what I've heard, it's gonna be just like FIM and they're gonna focus on the brony fandom, so you don't have to worry about it being another G3 :derp:

  21. Hi path I seriously miss u my friend 

    1. Pathfinder


      Miss you too Aqua ^^

  22. Hey lucky is path gone 

    1. Aqua shine

      Aqua shine

      The staff member path oc


    2. no_longer_here


      Do you mean @PathfinderCS? If so, nope he’s still here. 

  23. Hi every pony g5 is still is going be big and the new movie cgi 3d movie  is going to be awesome and curse you Hasbro saying session 8 is the final sission  but no session 9 is

  24. So g5 twilight is a earth pony now and apple Jack looks weird I hope there still play as the same actresses 


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