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  1. FizzyWind

    G1 (n Friends) Who's your favorite G1 pony?

    Fizzy hands down. Coupled by firefly and wind whistler
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. FizzyWind


      Thank you very much 

  3. FizzyWind

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    Tbh I consider myself to be more of a socialist.
  4. I have had most luck with eBay I got like 15 ponies
  5. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. FizzyWind


      Thank you very much!


    2. Denim&Venöm


      You're welcome very much! 

  6. I think he created it from stuff he got his minions to fetch for
  7. i have gotten more ponies since then such as cotton candy and sunbeam and I am getting Twilight this week
  8. I have Fizzy and Firefly currently.
  9. Communism is the theoretical result of marxist socialism. The Lenin quote is correct from a marxist perspective in that the goal of socialism should be communism, a classless, stateless, egalitarian society. National Socialism wasn’t socialist in the common sense moreso it was based on a “socialism of duty” intertwined with collectivist thought in that man should work for the good of society collectivley. National socialism was racially nordicist but nothing about it was about “racial cleansing” beleiving in the superiority of or inferiority of a race doesn’t classify as racial cleansi
  10. Fascism can’t be compared to socialism. They are both completley different things. Socialism is oriented around economics and how thing are organized. Fascism is a worldview oriented around unity, nationalism, class collaboration, social cohesion and other elements in regards to the nation. You seem very misinformed about these subjects tbqh.
  11. You should watch G1. If you are to watch any of the previous generations you need to watch g1. I recommend watching the specials such as “rescue at midnight castle” and “escape from catrina” first then you should watch “Return of Tambelon” these are the episodes I think all bronies should watch at least and if they like even one of them they should watch some other episodes of g1. Let me break down the dates for ya. “Rescue at Midnight Castle”was the first mlp publicly broadcasted animation EVER and originally was just called “my little pony” when it first aired in the year 1984 2 years
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