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  1. I play poker at a coin casino a lot, and I know that this game is not entirely based on luck. But I also watch a lot of poker related videos on YouTube, and from those videos I've learned that even the professional poker players, who are considered the best in the world, lose pretty frequently because of bad luck. But I wouldn't recommend this occupation as a profession to anyone, luck is too much of a factor in it.
  2. Travelling is my hobby. I am a single male and I travel frequently alone mostly because no one else has the funds or time to travel like me. It's my passion, so I just go. I also travel with friends and meet friends around the world when they are available. If not, I'm on my own. It's wonderful. I do everything alone that I do with friends... maybe more! Eat, drink, dance salsa or tango, walk, tour, go to movies, hang out at the parks, ride a bike, go to beach, work on suntan, watch fireworks, read books, daydream, ride metro and bus passes, rent cars and drive outside cities or between cities, rent motorcycles, go to museums. In other words - My hobby is to live my only life - to enjoy it.
  3. Africa is full of many wonderful countries which are attractive to visitors for many different reasons. For example, in North Africa, as well as Egypt there is Morocco and Tunisia which instantly spring to mind. In the East Kenya and Tazania, the West The Gambia, and South Africa is huge offering Wine Routes, Garden Routes, Coastal Areas and much, much more. For planning I usually use
  4. Play My Little Pony Games here, watch horrors, spend time with my pets, sing. Also I can watch a couple of episodes of Friends. Nothing too extreme
  5. 10 minutes ago I was playing this, great stuff. I try not to kill my time by playing games, but playing games is very relaxing for me. For me, it's a better relax than sleeping. 1-2 hours per day is an approximate time I spend on playing games. Is it too much?
  6. Sweden is definitely the best country I've been to. The sense of civic pride there is still very strong, they really do care about their neighbourhoods and their environment. Social housing is good quality and well-kept, and they even have communal launderettes in the basements which they can use for free and which remain un-vandalised. Though it's the best country among those that I visited. I've been following instagram travel blogs and I realize how many great countries I haven't been to:)
  7. So I drove from Simi Valley, CA to Coeur d'Alene, ID in one day, over 17 total hours of driving. A friend suggested I bring along an audiobook, which was probably the best advice I've ever been given as it lasted me a good 14 hours of the drive. That's the main reason I kept driving; by the time I told myself I was going to stop, the book compelled me to continue so I could keep listening. By the time it ended I was 3 hours from my destination so I just finished the drive listening to music etc. Use Navigation , be attentive an keep yourself engaged
  8. 3 hours a night is pretty typical? Plus the occasional essay write up is enough for straight student like me. I have nothing against homework... But essays seem to kill me. In a few weeks I have due a 14 page paper on my choosing related to Christian theology or practicalities which will be heavily graded by my professor. I guess I will use top writing service to cope with the task.
  9. Actually I believe that te best time to Bitcoin was 7 yrs ago. The second best time is right now. But you should learn about it before you invest. Bitcoin is so much more than an investment. It’s taking control of your own money. You decide when and where your money goes. Cryptolinks website has all the info that is needed for an effective start.
  10. I quite enjoy doing my homework except for essays. I realize that writing essays helps you understand the concepts on the subject you're learning but its so boring for me. Sometimes I even use top rated essay writing service to get help with my essays or just to receive a sound critique.
  11. Traveling by car is my choice, because I rarely plan exact routes and can be spontaneous if I want to stop to look at places. Plane, as there is no other way to cross the Atlantic. Then I rent a car and travel as I love:) When I need some info on car rentals/hotel/flights, I I always use this resource travelsites
  12. Hey folks... You know what I've just found out? I can do my homeworks 3 times faster, if I turn off my phone. I noticed that every time I get any notification and grab my phone, it breaks my focus. Then I start again... new notification... it's a vicious circle. Now I doing homeworks is less time-consuming and much enjoyable and productive. Btw, these tips also help