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  1. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Felt like dumping some Meloblack while we're on the topic of it. Istapp is a fun Swedish act that really likes freezing to death Kampfar sounds good I don't know nearly enough Norwegian to understand anything about them Windir is all about those Vikings. Falkenbach is a stellar one-man band Forefather is some English dudes that like the old Anglo-Saxon days Obsequiae is my favorite band right now. Glorious-sounding medieval riffs. It's just gorgeous to listen to.
  2. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Savage Land. They even got all their art done by Repka, too. YES. Forever Abomination will probably end up one of my favorite albums of this decade. Serpents Unleashed is a solid album, too. I really love Skeletonwitch and I hate to say I'm getting impatient for new stuff but they're just so good. I'm not too hip to depressive black metal, but off the top of my head you'd probably want to look into Leviathan, Silencer and Xasthur. I've got a bit more on the ambient side, Drudkh and Ulver are probably good places to start. Fen's a bit more on the ambient side of
  3. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Sound of Perseverance was definitely a great end to a stellar career. If I had to pick a favorite Death album, I'm not sure what I'd go for... I listen to Scream Bloody Gore the most, though it's pretty primitive in comparison with later albums. I go back to Human a lot, too and I think it's the one I find the most consistently enjoyable. It's just such a good mix of traditional death metal and progressive elements. Have you guys been keeping up with Gruesome? They just released a track from their upcoming album
  4. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    If you're into thrash, I'm all over that. I think I've found the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the old breed. More and more new bands are popping up on my radar. I've seen Havok and revocation a couple of times. More recently I've seen dust bolt and power trip. Might go see skeletonwitch next month
  5. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Nice. Adding this to stuff I need to listen to.
  6. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Oh yeah, I've got plenty of Destroyer666. I've got Cold Steel lying around here, somewhere. Hey, I've got some fun stuff for that. I'm a fan of everything Abbath has been involved with. I love that old school swedish death metal sound And here's a bunch of blackened death/thrash I'm loving it. These guys have a Devin Townsend-ish vibe to them. Now this is some good stuff! And an apt description. I'm guessing you're familiar with the likes of Ron Jarzombek, Spastic Ink, Blotted Science, and Watchtower?
  7. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Let me get you started: First off, Running Wild is strange in that they (probably not the right pronoun as Running Wild is more or less the efforts of one guy) are HUGE, have been around forever (first album released 1984, most recent one in 2016), and yet; Running Wild is still kind of an unknown even to seasoned metalheads. I kind of want to say Running Wild is exclusive to the European scene but I don't know how true that is. Anyways, probably my favorite metal band. Lyrics tend to focus on piracy, history, literature, and conspiracy theories (yes, really). A lot of people seem to thin
  8. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Favorite Bands: 3 Inches of Blood, Alestorm, Death, Death Angel, Enforcer, Ensiferum, Equilibirium, Hellripper, Judas Priest, Korpiklaani, Mortal Sin, Napalm Death, Obsequiae, Power Trip, Running Wild, Skeletonwitch, Svartsot, Tankard. Things I really hate? I'd rather not get into it. I'm really into folk metal at the moment Last show I went to was Obituary, Power Trip, Dust Bolt, and Exodus and it was fantastic. Obituary, Dust Bolt, Pallbearer and Skeletonwitch are coming around soon and I'm thinking I might go to that show On that note, Pallbearer is a really unique group
  9. Metaluna

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    I'll probably listen to the new RON album soon. Waiting on Skeletal Remains to drop their upcoming album
  10. Metaluna

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    I love my beer I'm lucky enough to live in a place with great water and a crazy brewing scene, I love it.
  11. / 10 I love Equilibrium
  12. 10/10, I'm super into folk stuff right now
  13. 1 / 10 Jojo Reference, 10/10 song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMehbfLxnX4
  14. I had a pretty rough job for a few years; a lot of long days, double shifts, and not the best people to work with. I think I grew a lot from that and now I've got a pretty hardy attitude about work.
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