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  1. Ah Christmas Specials, you literally cannot do it wrong. My Top Picks Are: How The Grinch Stole Christmas Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Frosty The Snowman And probably all Christmas related South Park episodes. Other great ones include: A Charlie Brown Christmas Santa Claus is coming to town Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol with Scrooge Mcduck But screw it if you want me to go into my favorite Christmas Movies.
  2. Can someone please tell my brother's cat to stop farting while she is sleeping on me.

  3. SweetieBelle Excel


    Dear goodness. You are on something that not only has never been made in this fandom, but probably never done on this scale. You are making your own models and artwork for crying out loud. Please don't quit on this, Because this is Fantastic!
  4. Your art is very good, just a bit of practice and you will be golden. Especially the last one. That is where i see a bunch of potential.
  5. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack...for all of whome cares

  6. SweetieBelle Excel

    Gaming 2DS Thoughts?

    The 2DS is great for the young audience which it is meant for, the 3DS has been taking out because parents might not like how it might give their kids headaches, The flipping screens have been taking off so kids can't break it so easily, and it is very cheaper than the original. Very great idea from Nintendo.
  7. The only way he could work is if we look back at the old batman actors or shows. Then we would be able to see Ben Affleck as Batman.
  8. Why does Fluttershy think she can boss around animals and sh*t. She can't even teach herself to talk to people to their faces! She has no right to take care of every animal in Ponyville! That's like making a child supervise a DAY CARE!
  9. You know you're a member of MLPForums when you go to other sites you expect no trolling or hating. You know you're a member of MLPForums when checking the site becomes a crucial daily routine for your Internet lifestyle.
  10. Money well spent to those people who bought those games... Not Really
  11. I watch TV. But the only thing I watch on it whatever is on the Gameshow Network when I am eating Dinner

  12. For an outfit I would have... I actually don't know what I want for an outfit. Haven't really thought about it. But for a game mechanic I would have Double Jump like you said. Just thinking about sounds like the best thing ever. And for a weapon I am stuck between the Portal gun from Portal and the Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros. Because teleporting places and burning things from my hand are the best things ever for me.
  13. Heres Mine 1. Coke 2. Mountain Dew 3. Coke Vanilla I love my Coke...for good or worse. And I also like the taste of Mountain Dew. Even though I always make fun of it for looking like piss.
  14. This is interesting on how they are making the animation and overall art more vivid than before. Also Pinkie at Chuck E Cheese is probably the most funniest things i have ever seen.
  15. Well look at this forum. I have met tons of people who just chat with each other like they are family. But on the other hand in Youtube comments and stuff like that you met tons of people who just want to see the world burn. The reason people like the show and how everybody get's along is because how they are remembering the days of their young. Like trading baseball cards, chatting about their favorite shows and games. But some treat it like a new meme and only like it because its popular. And if I know anything from the Internet is those things are likely to shine more.
  16. If a few dicks on the internet represents a whole entire group made up of thousands of people big, small, young, and old Then it's like blaming a murder on the human race, but just on a lower scale.
  17. Oh yes, tons of times. In fact I played it again a month ago with my brother and my friend. And like always i won. It has to be my favorite board game of all time!
  18. My whole has just been playing Video Games. There are games that I play for too long and for too little. But of course I don't have a time watch for how long I played my games. For Steam (PC) The game I played the most is Gmod with 146 Hours. And for gaming systems they are uncountable. But if I were to think of the longest time I spent on a Video Game it has to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. So how long have I spent playing the game?
  19. SweetieBelle Excel

    Movies/TV Favorite Movie Scenes?

    Scarface Ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8-tYrLvdCY The Usual Suspects Ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYXXhn9fMYs The Truman Show: Traffic Is Weird http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9lBvg5clr0 The Cable Guy: Nightmare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_efgCvaNCGU Toy Story: Sid Gets whats coming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsusakRf7T8 This is just a handful of my favorite scenes just can't think of more right now. :3
  20. Woah Woah WOAH! There is something that I'm not quite getting here. Okay you have Gearheart, TarryCogs, Crosshair, Longshot, and Autumn Wind. Okay I get those parts. But then you give me a curveball saying Silverstream is in it... Yes. If you are in need of a voice then I'll be here.
  21. I have bought Super Meat Boy. I don't have any money for anything else though....I really wanted Scribblenauts Unlimited, which sucks, I really wanted it.
  22. Gone Camping - Will not be back for 3 days

    1. Radiance64


      See ya, have fun

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