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  1. Voice Actors Wanted

    Thanks. I appreciate it, my friend. I'm just glad someone came around and helped.
  2. Hello One and All

    Yes that's perfect. Thanks. I figured I had to extract the sound effect from a video, but I don't think I would have found the video with just SFX and audio only. You're awesome in my book melody.
  3. Hello One and All

    @_melody_ The sound effect is when the changelings transform to and from their disguise.
  4. Voice Actors Wanted

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right spot to ask for help in finding a sound effect, but I might as well try and if someone informs me about this that'll be helpful for the future. Anyway, There is a certain Sound Effect I've been trying really hard to find to use in a Comic Dub. The Sound in question, is the sound that plays when the Changelings transform to and from their disguise. With that said, do help me out. On another note, Could someone point me in the direction to where I can make requests for Voice Actors or Actresses? It could be a spot on these forums or another site entirely, as long as it isn't CastingCallClub, I tried there with little results. Update: The issue with the sound effect is resolved now.
  5. Hello One and All

    Hello, I'm Sarius Trusdale, a somewhat new Brony on the block, been one for about a couple years but recently became a Brony who makes mlp related content. So this is literally my first time coming to a forum with fellow bronies. I'm a rather shy drake, to be honest so do come welcome me. Here's some info about my OC who best represents me in the MLP universe. My OC is a dragon, I know for a fact there aren't many people with a dragon for an OC, which kinda makes me feel unique in a way. Since I'm new here, I was wondering if there is a forum I should refer to about asking for help. More specifically finding a certain sound effect I need for a comic dub though if anyone's willing to help me out, I will greatly appreciate it.