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About Me

Hi everypony my name is Matraxial Artemis :fluttershy:

I'm kind and loving pony but I have a short temper when it comes to fighting, but don't be scared, I'm not always short tempered in any kind of conversation :adorkable:
I maybe also an artist, gamer and youtuber. I might be also a voice actor, I think, :confused: but I've been doing some recording for myself with just random audio. :lie:
My appearance of my OC is like an earth like pattern mane but striped, as well his eyes is colored aquamarine, his body is white and also he's a unicorn. :oneheckofahat:

I do draw awesomely but for myself for quite sometime just create my OC's story to continue on for his and my many other OCs. I can do art request but I may also get sidetrack and that makes the art request may take a while to finish,