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  1. I am an Aries I think, I was born 15th April 1995 love to know more information 1.2.3.and 4. Please
  2. MLP has made me more comfortable to be myself around others and has naturally made me more expressive and happier
  3. Hello I am Flightless I will update my profile more soon. I'll draw my profile pic too. For now here is a pony drawing I did ( May not be my ponysona/ profile pic )
  4. Is it just me or does Pinkie pie come across as a bit arrogant and stupid? What I'm referring to is when she was acting like she knew everything about Maud. Most people could gather that she only agrees to go to parties is to make Pinkie happy. The way Pinkie was talking about and to Mud Brier was down right insensitive and rude. How could she not see how much Maud and Mud Brier had in common! Just arrogance on her part. As seasons go on I liked Pinkie then disliked her, then she shows more of her positives which makes me like her again then in one episode I go back to disliking her