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  1. How nice of you to check on me, My Lord

  2. I wish them good luck to try making a cynical stallion who hates that holiday with a passion, such as myself, like it. As for my favourite pony of the show, it's...
  3. "Fear your almighty Dragon, population of fools."
  4. My Lord, do you recognize me, even in wolf form?


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    2. Emperor Azurailo

      Emperor Azurailo

      Thank you very much!

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Since they usually show Vampires and Werewolves fighting, I thought it would be a nice change for a vampire and werewolf in love with each other. What do you think?

    4. Emperor Azurailo

      Emperor Azurailo

      That'd be a very neat change, indeed!

  5. Me? A Yak?! What is that supposed to mean?!?

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Don't worry. It's a new rank badge. In the future, it should be changable

  6. Heh, I'd love to! I'm a huge fan of trains. I can already tell the train on this picture is an OBB 6020 Electric Multiple Unit.
  7. In which country is this station? The signals there don't seem to be American, nor French or British.
  8. Well yes, I do live near a train station. it's a 15 minute walk away from my home. The lines though? There are plenty! We've got the Paris Nord to Villiers-le-Bel line, which diverges into multiple lines which are, but not limited to: -Ligne Nouvelle 1 (A high speed line used by Eurostar trains to London, Thalys trains to Brussels/Amsterdam/Koln and TGV trains going to Valenciennes, or Lille) -Villiers-le-Bel to Creil line, with suburban trains going towards Orry-la-Ville and Creil, as well as Intercity and regional trains linking Paris to northern France cities like Amiens, Compiègne etc...) After that, we've got the Paris to Pontoise line, the Paris to Luzarches line and the Paris to Persan-Beaumont line, all used by suburban trains. Regional trains usually pass through the Paris to Persan-Beaumont line to head north, towards Beauvais as well.