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About Me



Greetings to everyone and everypony! :proud: 

I shall introduce myself: Azurailo, Emperor of the Ferroviarian Empire, our Sacred Fatherland! :proud: 




Also, please allow me to introduce you to my Husband, Will Guide. I love him with all my heart! :adorkable:



(DISCLAIMER: IRL Will and I are NOT dating nor married. We are very good friends. Only our OCs are dating and married.)

If you have any questions, you are permitted to do so in my Ask a Pony thread. >_> 

If you want to discuss with me, you shall do so in Private Messages! :grin:

I shall see you very soon here on the Forums! 


Now seriousely, My name's Marc and I'm pleased to meet you, yes you, who are reading what I've written right now! ^^

I live in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire during school periods, and live in my native country, France, during most of the holidays! ;) 

If you wanna talk to me, don't dare hesitate a single second, I won't bite :3

May our paths cross again, fellow friend! :P 

My Ask a Pony Thread: