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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I'm a beautiful red butterfly!!! Give me your love or I will kill you with my beautifulness!
  3. Well, mine is my Ponysona Smart Line. I didn't know what else could I use, so I cut the original drawing into the size of the avatar xD
  4. 439870, the postal code of Singapore :0
  5. Looks hard, but it isn't so much, and it's very fun, and good that you can draw traditionally :0 That's exactly why I named my ponysona like that! And if I'm not wrong, the style and type of drawing is really uncommon, at the time I never seen anyone using this Yesss, I love type of drawing because of the corners, they look so pointy, it's awesome Thank you ^^
  6. Banne because that pose looks sexy (what is wrong with me?)
  7. Well, I do all with mouse and lines, first I always use semitransparent lines with vibrant colors, and make them cross, then I delete the excedent, later when I have all lines finished, I make the inside, and at the end I put the colors __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's and old drawing someone give to me, here is the original one, and the digitalization I made: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Things like magic, semitransparent objects, eyes, shadows and gradients are more complex stuff, the lines it's just the basic
  8. If it isn't a trasandine fellow. Un gusto 👌

    1. FARG2003


      Sip, soy de Chile, también me da gusto conocerte xD

  9. I take a photo of the sketch, and later on I draw it in paint.net, with a 14 thick line
  10. Thanks! All of my drawings start as a traditional bocet, and later on I digitalize them, now I don't have any pictures, but I will post some of them later c:
  11. Thanks! I have been drawing for more than that, but this month is when I started to taking it seriously, using and learning new techniques and styles c:
  12. Hi everyone! I love drawing, and I been doing it for real like a month ago or so, and I want to know how is my orogression and what do you think about my art! Please say what do you like most and what I can fix The OC's are Smart Line (the brown unicorn), my Ponysona, Thunder Head (the yellow pegasus), a friend's ponysona that I help to create, and Indigo Wood (the deer), my main OC I hope you like my art, thanks for reading!
  13. -24 miles per hour (our primitive brains cannot process that advanced information) ¿What is the meaning of life?