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  1. Is there a religion in Equestria?

    Now that you mention it, I could see why
  2. Alcohol in Equestria

    It could have been spiked with a potion though, not necessarily alcohol.
  3. Did S7 EP14 accurately show what the brony fandom is like?

    God please no, Hasbro, please don't make a fandom episode like that, there is so much more MLP cancer then I would assume the Gumball series has. I was thinking that ponyville was more like the reviewers of the fandom then anything else...but are Applejack and Pinkie Pie related? :3
  4. Don't be mean Trixie.


  5. What I think of when sci-Twi enters Equestria.


  6. Alcohol in Equestria

    I guess Just because something looks alcoholic doesn't mean it is (don't judge a book by its cover).
  7. Winona, Applejacks dog

    Alright, if you say so
  8. Alcohol in Equestria

    Good point, although it seems like each of the towns are based on a certain era, Ponyville looks like its in the 1950's while Manehatten looks like its in the 1930's. But then you have episodes with Coloratura and it definitely looks and sounds modern during the singing and stages acts, same with Songbird Serenade in the movie.
  9. Winona, Applejacks dog

    Would EQG Twi become an alicorn on the other side then? Even if she herself is "not worthy"?
  10. Alcohol in Equestria

    Even still, we don't know if its alcoholic or not
  11. Alcohol in Equestria

    Is there any alcohol in Equestria? I know we see cider and everything, but we really don't know if that's alcoholic. Also, Berry Punch. And if that is then what's the drinking age? I've seen estimates that the Mane 6 are around 15-20 years old (I know that's a WIDE margin but I'm not here to talk about the Mane 6's age, just the drinking age) and that they are drinking the supposed alcoholic cider. I'm just curious about the whole thing.
  12. Winona, Applejacks dog

    The whole conversion thing is weird, so I'm not sure about that. I guess since he's a different creature in Equestria he's also a different creature in the EQG world.
  13. Auntie Applesauce(y)

    Exactly what I thought