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  1. Overall, likable, but the fighting got annoying quickly. Probably because the method of fighting was supposed to be funny, but I just didn’t find it funny. I found it a little uncomfortable that so much humor was made over an a feud where actual people died. It also just didn’t seem necessary. Just give the ponies different last names.
  2. I enjoyed most of this episode, but it had a weak ending. The different universes were great and interesting to see, but I wish we got to see more of each. I enjoy the bit about Twilight getting frustrated about the “don’t bully” lesson, and boy did she act creepy with young Rainbow Dash. Starlight’s reason for acting the way she did was very weak. Childhood friends move away all the time. She’s focused on the cutie mark being the reason, but the whole thing is strange. Unless he moved away the next day or something, how did they stop talking? It felt very contrived. I understand her being talked out of her plan. Starlight didn’t seem to want to cause the harm she did, though how come she didn’t see those other realities? Suddenly being Twilight’s student was too much.
  3. Is it wrong that I liked Rara’s flashy song way more than her “true self” song? I kind of like Svengallop, only because he was written to be so stupid in the end. He has his own demands, and Rara is fine with that, so why would he give Pinkie so many last minute demands? The charity stuff seems to be, in part, why Rara is so popular, so why is he against it. It doesn’t seem like he has to be there. He can get his pedicure while she’s with the kids. Well, that kiss stamp hoovies thing was creepy. That’s really the way it was introduced though. She and her fans seemed to like it.
  4. I can’t even be annoyed with Discord at this point because he acts like a horrible friend (at best), and they keep forgiving him. Maybe Twilight needs to learn that some people just can’t be friends. I realize that isn’t the point of the show, but if we are to be getting lessons from this...should we really be teaching kids to stay friends with someone who bullies them? As for the episode itself, this had great potential, but it was crushed under running jokes that quickly got old, and Discord being misused.
  5. I enjoyed the episode, though it didn’t really stand out for good or bad. I do like Fluttershy’s criticism of costumes if needing to run being true.
  6. I did not like it either. Aside from Apple judging other traditions, it seems unlikely that no one spoke about any of this beforehand. In all the years before, Pinkie never talked about the traditions of her own family? That would explain why Applejack thought she wasn’t happy with them. They could have agreed to “Your way first. Our way next year.” I’m assuming that since, well, otherwise, the Pies are just as guilty as Applejack. Actually, that would explain Applejack’s reaction. She just took it too far by being judgmental as well.
  7. I enjoyed the episode, though it seems like keeping secrets would be part of Pinkie’s job.
  8. I enjoyed this episode, though it did have major flaws. The show had years to work on Diamond Tiara (and Silver Spoon). We know they can show development because they have. It makes the sudden change of these two ponies rather disappointing in itself. I’ve been wanting to see this, but it started and finished too quickly. Diamond is a bully because her mom is abusive, and Silver is a bully because Diamond bullies her. First Diamond... Really show? They could have easily made it that the pressure to be high class was too much. It could have even been pressure she put on herself. She always wants to be better, so she started putting ponies down to lift herself up. Losing Silver as a friend makes her realize that she’s only hurting herself. Instead we have an abusive mother, and no one says anything, even as she starts bullying other front of the teacher...who did nothing. As for Silver, I wish this was a two part episode so we could see more of her. What is her talent anyway? Has she been reformed too? I did like everyone’s reaction to her being told not to talk. I wish we had seen more of her after she left. The CMC finally gets their cutie marks. Here is where the show did great. The writers took their time, and we saw them doing just this before. It’s like the cutie mark gods went, “Oh, we gave some marks way too soon. We need to fix that.”
  9. That was a fun episode. I feel like the show is poking a bit of fun at the “dressing in drag is hilarious” cliches. Big Mac putting on shoes (Did Apple Bloom say they were high heals? Yikes!) for no good reason, and quickly losing them. That everyone knew who he was, but they didn’t care. I also sort of love that nobody told him, “Hey Big Mac, you don’t have to do that.” The episode was also great in acknowledging how it would feel to be sibling to a hero. Big Mac just wants to be a hero to his youngest sister again. Aww.
  10. Kind of interesting. If she had gone, I guess she would have fixed everything up, and the issue might not have been solved. Of course, since she didn’t really know that, there was no reason within the show to not go. This episode was kind of boring. I wonder if it would have helped to have Twilight go, help fix things up, then have them discover why she wasn’t sent. It would have been interesting to see them learn why to listen to the map. Instead, the reason was sort of just dropped into the episode.
  11. I enjoyed this episode. My son didn’t like the black and white scenes. Poor Rainbow Dash started thinking she did do it. I liked Rarity’s “heh heh” imitation. I also enjoyed that when Rainbow returned with Spitfire, Spitfire was the one out of breath. It’s a good show of how fast Rainbow naturally is.
  12. I enjoyed the episode, but as others said, the conflict is pretty manufactured. They really should have had Rarity realize she needs to hire more ponies to sew. She could hoof select them to ensure that each dress still gets the love and attention she wants. I liked that we saw more body types in ponies. I don’t remember if that was in other episodes. Sassy as a tall and thin pony. At the end of the episode, we saw an overweight pony. I would have liked to see her get a dress instead of the “Do you have the princess dress?”/“No *Giggles*” bit. I realize they weren’t laughing at her, but it came off as rather rude. Yes, I agree. At the start of the show, I thought half of her dresses looked horrible. Now any “flaws” I see are really just me nitpicking. Personally, I liked the Luna inspired one the best.
  13. I enjoyed the episode, the insight we get about the characters from this. Rainbow Dash’s dream was most similar to my own. It’s fun to be a hero in your dreams. Derpy being huge was rather sad. Since this is sort of their fantasy, does that mean she often views herself as smaller and less important than everyone else. Scootaloo’s dream wings indicate that “bigger” is compensating for something. Spike basically does the same thing as Derpy. The problem is with Luna. It’s supposed to be her episode, and it really wasn’t. I liked what we got, but I would have preferred if the episode about Luna was actually about Luna.
  14. I liked everything except for Moondancer. I found her to be a horribly selfish pony who needed a dose a reality. Namely, it’s not all about her. Friendship goes two ways. If Moondancer tried to reach out to Twilight and got ignored (and throwing one party that Twilight didn’t attend doesn’t count), then she has a right to be angry. Instead, she apparently wrote her off after that one party. Twilight moving was the final dealbreaker...except did she not know why Twilight moved in the first place, and why it was rushed? Has she never heard of Nightmare Moon? Twilight had to uproot her life without warning. She didn’t have time for goodbyes. Sure, she could have contacted people after, but that goes both ways. I would have a hard time believing that Moondancer didn’t immediately know where she was. This episode acts like Twilight had planned her move ahead of time and never said anything. Also, Moondancer treats all the other friends much worse. They came to her party, and it didn’t matter to her. Did she apologize for that? Did she apologize for cutting them off because she couldn’t have Twilight? Sure, they didn’t mind, but that doesn’t make her actions okay.