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  1. Good morning everypony pony.  How's it going? :dash:

    I hope ya'll had a great weekend! :D  Moonday begins, but we are ready Image result for mlp i see gif

    Image result for mlp cute gif

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Mirage Yes, so terrifying :nom:

      Image result for mlp cute nightmare moon

      @EpicEnergy Good morning mine friend! :wub:  Long day at work? :ooh:  Sounds like you need a good rest, tended by our glorious Princess of Dreams :orly: 

    3. Mirage


      *snuggles* @EpicEnergy image.png.cb799880c001c1a31ea4726fd2e79c4b.png Rest is just as valuable as work my friend. 

      @Rising Dusk That only happened once!

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Twily time is special time. >_> I hope you have a great day, my friend. Enjoy the coffee and muffins. :muffins:


  2. Thanks for the follow! :wub:

    Image result for mlp celestia dance gif

    1. Derpy Pon-3

      Derpy Pon-3

      No problem, and thank you for the follow back  :fluttershy:

  3. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    Rest in peace Derpy flag wave reaction, you will be missed :(

    Image result for mlp derpy flag gif

    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day to you all! :love:  I hope ya'll have the most lovely of evenings with your special somepony :ticking:

    Image result for mlp starlight heart

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @EpicEnergy Good morning mine friend! :wub:  I'm glad to hear you're doing well, happy Hearts and Hooves Day! :love:


    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Twilight Luna It was better in the sense it was made along side another, but we used their recipe :nom:  I'm sure Twilight did a great deal of research to make the evening most interesting and enjoyable. :wacko:

      Can't say I we have many plans, per usual :P


    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Tacodidra Good morning Smolder Taco! :wub:  Happy Hearts and Hooves Day to you too! :love:  I'm glad to hear things went well.  Have a great evening with Coco! :coco:

  4. Hearts And Hooves Day Boop! @Bastian, @Deerie, @applesjck, @Splashee, @Goofyg23, @Blivy, @Samurai Equine, @Batoloratura, @Dynamo Pad, @Ninetales, @FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARoosterÔĽŅ And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony ÔĽŅ@Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.DÔĽŅash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmaÔĽŅreLuna1996ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅ
  5. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    Hearts and Hooves day on a Friday? :ooh:  What a delightful combination! :love:  Poor mail pone is going to have a busy day with all those deliveries that have to be made today :muffins:  Just gotta get through work today and the festivities can begin! :ticking:

    Image result for mlp starlight heart

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @EpicEnergyGood morning mine friend! :wub: You enjoy that relaxing evening, you deserve it! :love:

      @Twilight Luna it'll be a lot of fun. You enjoy that mindset hunting with the princess :ticking:

      @RaraLover Good morning timezone buddy! :wub: I'm glad to hear you're doing well! :love: I hope you have a great time with your special somepony :Rara:  Let me know how the movie is, they are actually showing it here, but I've been on the fence. :o

    3. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :) Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! :yay:

      My day has been a pretty good one. :rarity: I hope yours is too! :coco:

    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @TacodidraGood morning Smolder Taco! :wub: I'm glad to hear you're doing good! :yay: Those chips really seem to work magic :wau:

  6. @Blitz Boom Rising could hear past lectures of his father in Lily's comment. What if the pony has the means because they are superior? Ever the scholar, pushing the boundaries of thought, and ultimately, patience. Many a times has one of father's philosophical deep dives going off the deep end required the shoving of cake into his mouth to get him to stop. Lily was expecting the wrong sort of thing though if that's what she thought she was in for. The detective remained silent, but held a smirk as he disappeared into the darkness of the manor. The front door closed on its own behind them, casting the duo in complete darkness, save for the orange glow of Rising's horn. Only the marble floor their hoof's clacked upon was visible beyond the small field of vision his light offered. The unicorn navigated solely on memory, taking small turns here or there, but nothing of the inner manor could get seen. For the lights to be off this time of day, their host could only be in one place. The clacking of their hoofs started to be joined by sounds of boop boop boop. Moving further on the sounds started to get louder and louder with added mixed of other musical tones, bases, scratches, higher toned electronics. A faint light, softly flashing in a multitude of colors at the end of the darkness. A light from under what appeared to be a door the music was escaping from. The same magic that had lit their way was then used to open these new doors. Opening to a world of electronic club music and dancing lights to match the beats. The image of any amount of sophisticated proper high society in these parts of Manehatten were out the window. In the grand ball room, younger adult mares and stallions partied like many of their matching lower classed counter parts. Hot tubs and pools dug out in the marble floor hosted groups of ponies sharing laughs, drink and snacks. Long crystal slide aloud the occasional party goer to make a triumphant splash that erupted another round of roaring laughter. Padded booths allowed for less than wet encounters for others enjoying themselves. Tables with various snacks made for easy pickings for ponies to load onto platters to take with them. The future of Equestria's political and business power was in this ball room. Sons and daughters of some of the most powerful figures in all the lands, heirs to financial empires ready to take Equestria into a new bright future with new ideas and prospects. Set up in the back corner, a DJ unicorn of white coat and blue hair bobbed her head to the beats as she provided music to the party. Her hoofs spinning records to add to the flair and enjoyment of the mixes, horn aglow to adjust various knobs and switches to her station. The back wall, a crystal staircase ascending a half dozen steps up to a large lavender plush pillow throne. Laying upon this plush throne, having her hoof daintily hooficured by the finest spa pony in Equestria on loan from Ponyville, the host of this party. A coat of the brightest fiery sunrise orange and a mane of the retreating dark blue evening night sky. Her mane, long, curved and speckled with faint white dots that twinkled like the last stars to bid the day good morning. Dressed in a fine violet nightie that complemented her coat. Her cutie mark, a dark blue magatama in the setting position over a familiar star bust. The unicorns's attention lingered on the spa pony only a moment longer before she flipped her hair and brought her gaze upon the two newcomers. The music stopped, the party went still and the lights remained on their last color, casting the room in a soft blue. "Our guests have arrived," the mare expressed with a small smile and half lidded eye-shadow painted eyes. Her tone matched that of the sirens in ancient legends and commanded the attention of all that heard it. Taking her hoof from the spa pony to climb to her hoofs and descend the crystal stairs. Each step causing a ripple of soft rainbow colors to cascade out as if on a pond. Her posture measured, elegant and practiced. There was an aura about her that was hard to ignore for any pony with any amount of magical knowledge. Something hard to place on whether one should fear or be in awe of her presence. Crossing the ball room floor to stand before the two strangers, she measured the two up for a brief moment. Tilting her head every so slightly to the side at Rising's appearance, "Bro, you look terrible." His swamp dirtied hoodie and tired appearance singing his ballad harder than any story that may have filtered out to her channels. "Slipped in a swamp," he acknowledged with a solemn head nod to his poor tattered hoodie.
  7. waste-not-want-not-sugarcube

    Is that from any pony fangame?

    Oh wait, you posted it way smaller so it looked more pixelated lol.

  8. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    Friday-Eve, chugging right along to the weekend! ^_^  I have a lot of sleep to catch up on :muffins:  Quite the busy week that was very go go go :sealed:  Luckily it made the week go by quickly, but oof, I'm worn out :derp:

    Image result for mlp dance gif

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    2. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :) I hope your day goes well! :kindness: Mine has been a good one, especially thanks to chips! :nom:

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      @Tacodidra I’m glad that you’re doing well, my friend. Enjoy those chips! :mlp_yeehaa:
      @CypherHoof Her dad wasn’t lying about those cheeks. ^_^


    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Twilight Luna Yay chipmunk cheeks! :wub:

      @EpicEnergy Good morning mine friend! :wub: I'm sorry to hear you had a rough morning, but I'm glad it got better! :love: Time to relax to the evening! :ithastolookpretty:

      @TacodidraGood morning Smolder Taco! :wub: Yay chips! The true slice of life! :ph3ar:

  9. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    Made it to Hump Day, how wonderful :nom:  The snow is already starting to melt, only with a warming that it is going to dump back on us this weekend. :muffins:  I'll be a little more prepared this time and do my grocery shopping a little earlier than when I get snowed in :wacko:

    Image result for mlp monster hunter 

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Good morning, my friend! :BrightMacContent:I'm tired from a long day at work. We had our audit today. So, that's all we did all day. :dry:

      How are you doing? How did your Tuesday armor hold up? :mellow:

      I hope that the snow misses you, my friend. :kindness:

      Have a Starlight! :D


    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @EpicEnergyGood morning mine friend! :wub: I hoope you have a most relaxing evening! :D

      Good morning @Twilight Luna:wub:! Audits are not fun. :mlp_gag: But I hope now you get to relax and celebrate your hard work with Twilight and monster hunting! :mlp_yeehaa:

      The armor held up fine, my new position makes the day easier to handle overall :darling:

      Yay Starlight! :love:

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      No, they are not fun. Especially when we don't know when they're coming until the auditor walks through the door. :dry: But the good news is that we got a 98% today and a 99.33% last month. :)

      Twilight is enjoying researching all of these monsters. :ticking:

      I hope that your hump day goes well. :mlp_rarity:

  10. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :dash:

    Huh, site was down for a bit :ooh:  Twilight running one of her experiments again? :wacko:  Oh well, happy Moon Day to you all, start the week off on the right hoof! :love:


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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @RaraLover You can have as much as you want. :yuck:

    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @EpicEnergy Good morning mine friend! :wub: I'm glad to hear! :yay:


    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Tacodidra Good morning Smolder Taco! :wub: I'll make sure I do! :ticking:

  11. Good morning everypony.  How's it going?

    Oof, what a rough night. :confused:  I think the blizzard we had made it difficult for the Dream Princess to visit us over here. :huh:  One of those nights where I'm conscious of the fact I'm sleeping, but never actually enter REM. :yeahno:  Going to be a looooooong day :dry:

    Have some floofly hair


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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Good morning, my friend! :twi: I'm doing alright. Work went by quickly today, which is good. :) Yeah, I had a rough night as well. Came back from a party and I was tired by 8 and went to bed. Woke up around midnight and couldn't go back to sleep. :dry: I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough night as well. Hopefully Luna visits both of us tonight. >_>

      Other than that, how are you this morning?

      I had an interesting interaction with a shopper at my grocery store today. She was wearing a BronyCon jacket. :ticking:

      Have some muffins for your inner Derpy. :muffins:


    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Sprite Cranberry Good morning! :wub: We got plenty of snow here, take as much as you want. :darling:

      @RikifiveGood morning mine friend! :wub: It Can be fun, this is just too much snow. :yuck:

      @TacodidraGood morning Smolder Taco! :wub: Thank you mine friend, I'll try and get some better rest tonight. :orly:

      Good morning @Twilight Luna! :wub:  Oof, sounds like we both had a rough evening. :yuck: A fellow bronie during doing at your store? Sounds like a new friend to make to me. :mlp_yeehaa:

      Muffins! :mlp_pinkie: *nom Nom Nom*

    4. Rikifive


      Still no snow for me. :mlp_icwudt: Well, we had a little bit of it. If I'm not mistaking, it fell twice and melted within a day each of these times. So yeah, so far we had snow for like 2 days this Winter. :P Can't really complain tho, not a fan of low temps. It's still cold, but it's not that bad. :darling:

  12. What exactly is "Team Moon" anyways? :huh:
    Is there a Team Sun? :wacko:

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    2. Splashee


      How do I apply for Team Moon membership? :wacko:


      I want in because Saffron is in it! @Dark Horse :Pharynx:

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      One way or another, I WILL be acknowledged as a member of Team Sun! :yay: ...If it exists, that is!
      If not, I'll make it exist somehow? :derp:

    4. Tacodidra


      Team Manehattan is the most fabulous of teams. :proud: Just think about it, it's the only team that has Coco on it! :coco:

  13. Good morning everypony.  How's it going?

    The sweet sweet weekend. :nom:  Welcome all and I hope you enjoy the weekend! :love:


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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Flutterstep So shiny. :wub:

      @Twilight Luna Good morning! :wub:  It went well, the patch yesterday added a new monster that I was just hunting and got distracted with for replies. :please:

      @Tacodidra Good morning! :wub:  I did indeed have the most delicious curry from Coco's :coco:  Every Friday! :yay:


    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @EpicEnergy Good morning! :wub: I glad to hear your Friday is going well! :yay:

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I'm glad that your hunting is going well. A new monster you say? Twily will get her notebook ready.  :ticking: how are you and Starlight doing? Any plans for the rest of the weekend? :mlp_ooh:

      Have an adorable Starlight. :twi:


  14. KA BOOOOOOP! @Bastian, @Deerie, @applesjck, @Splashee, @Goofyg23, @Blivy, @Samurai Equine, @Batoloratura, @Dynamo Pad, @Ninetales, @FeatherStream, @Arc Flash, @.Wolfe., @Valtacio De la Creme, @Creamtastic Jeric, @EpicEnergy, @Crimson storm, @DEFENDER, @Thankful Brony 2,@Tacolantern, @AJ2489, @Sylvester, @Dabmanz, @Rainbow heart 55, @Flutterstep, @Mirage, @Rhythm Red, @Pat Thundersnow, @Soren Peregrine, @Wannabrony, @Bonbon Feri, @Crosswind, @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Longhaul ,@Blitz Boom, @ShadOBabe, @King of Canterlot, @Jade Fire, @Silenz Veritas, @SushiSub, @PiratePony, @ChB, @Rarity the Supreme, @shadowwarp940, @Nightfall Gloam, @RB30DETT, @kaiser5578, @Duality, @Matraxial Artemis, @Rikifive, @Sparklefan1234, @meck-can-ik pony, @Nightmare Terror, @Royce, @Vintjack Greasymane, @DashYoshi, @Sliding Bolt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @The Recherche, @Key Sharkz, @Nature Tune, @Twilight-Sparkle17, @Twilight Luna, @Nightfall Thunder, @Dark Horse, @TheTaZe, @Cash In, @Twilight Sparkle is best, @Kind Claw, @YourElectricityBill, @UglyBTD, @Nye, @Totally Totally, @Rixton, @Princess Lulu <3~, @TheRockARoosterÔĽŅ And For Team Moon @BornAgainBrony ÔĽŅ@Rainbow Cloud @Pixel Dusk @DivineLight1000 @Twilight Luna @Jedishy @Darkhorse @Crimson storm @Arc Flash @Jeric @Disky Bolt @Simcity11100 @MidnightDawn @Nightmare Moon @Moonfire Dusk @SharpWit @ILoveRara @R.D.DÔĽŅash @Sondash Studios @Amanita @core578 @Cloudz @Script Chime @Alex2002ita @TBD @Alexshy @Lord Valtasar @Fluttershy4ever @PathfinderCS @NightmaÔĽŅreLuna1996ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅ
  15. @Blitz Boom Not the detective's most preferred way to travel. Climbing into the lavish satin carriage and feeling that soft fabric on his coat when he took a seat. A familiar feel. Couches of comfy pillows, drapes to cover windows and a side bar with crystal bottles that contained drinks far too out of Rising's price range. There was no other occupant in the carriage and after Lily joined him, the door swung closed. The driver pulled the carriage along, but a pony would only notice by looking out of the window as no movement could be felt inside the enchanted vehicle. No bumps or shifts as the carriage weaved through the high class streets and deeper into the north district of Manehatten. "The everyday citizen does not usually travel this way," he chuckled. "Our royalty are alicorns, and tend to fly or teleport to get around," or take the train, but no need to dive deep into all the modes of transportation in Equestria. It wasn't hard to see the possible confusion as the carriage came to pick them up and appeared to open its doors for the unicorn. "This belongs to who I hope will be our benefactor in getting you home," he explained, but cast his gaze out the window. The trip wasn't a long one, but they had entered an area the normal taxi drivers hardly visited. Approaching a gilded gate guarded by a mare and stallion with similar suits to the driver. A brief nod was exchanged between the trio before the mare ignited her horn and the golden gates swung open. Beyond was a winding road that led into a small forest with a large three story chateau set upon a hill just on the other side. Leaving the forest revealed a large garden and lawn, complete with a fountain just in front of the chateau. Pulling the carriage up to the drive way, the door swung open on their own to allow the passengers to disembark. With a deep breath, the detective slipped off the satin couch and left the carriage. Rarely did Rising have to visit this home. Climbing the steps to the large front door, he turned to face his companion at the top of the stairs, "This... is going to be different," he warned Lily, drawing back to their previous conversation about the difference in culture. Even in Equestria and Manehatten, what was beyond these doors, was different. The world between the high class, middle class and low class even in such a modern land, could still be jarring to work though. Using his horn, he pushed open the double doors and entered the dark manor.