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  1. Good morning everypony.  How's it going?:ooh:

    What day is it again?  My days are starting to blend. :blink:  Oh yeah, Tuesday :dry:  Distractions! :love:

    Have a Kirin!

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Good morning, my friend. :) You sound like a friend of mine that never knows what day it is. Lol. I’m doing alright. Still job searching. How is your Tuesday fairing? :ooh:

    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Good morning @Twilight Luna:wub:  Just haven't had a day to reset yet. :darling:  Got a lot of resumes out here? :ooh:  Hopefully you get a good one soon. :rarity:  I'm, surviving.  Pretty meh, not good or bad, just tired. :twi:

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I have some applications out there. I’m looking at having someone look at my resume to help tweak it. Wish me luck. :squee: Thank you, I hope so too. :rarity: Maybe some coffee and muffins will help. :P


  2. Good morning everypony.  How's it going? :ooh:

    Happy Easter to ya'll! ^_^  Hope ya'll had a great weekend and have enjoyed your various days of bunny activities. :nom:  I'm... still working, so weeee! :derp:

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    2. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Tacodidra Good morning Coco Taco! :wub:  Happy Easter to you too! :love:  I'm glad you're doing well! :ticking:  I'm doing okay over on this end, about to trot off for work, but chit chatting before I do. :catface:  Getting to watch a new episode of FiM on my own Easter was awesome. :darling:

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      The episode was perfect. Everypony had their chance to shine, even Maud. :maud: Luna, Celestia, and Twilight had the best expressions. Good to see more bickering between the sisters. Which mastermind would you root for? :-P You’re welcome! :proud:

    4. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      @Twilight Luna I was just waiting to find out Luna and Celestia had their own type of rivalry crown they also fought over. :dash:  Not much of a question there mine friend. :twi:  I think when it comes to masterminding, I'll have to give it to our Lavender Overlord . :ticking:

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