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  1. ALunar

    Oh hi!

    Blueberry is an awesome flavor! Thank you! Yay! Yes! Chocolate makes everything better. Never had a muffin?!?!
  2. ALunar

    Oh hi!

    I didn't realise you were Australian to, that is pretty awesome! Is it rare to see another brony from Australia? Ooooo I can't lie, poppy seed is really nice.
  3. ALunar

    Oh hi!

    I'm doing great thanks @nightfall. How about yourself?
  4. ALunar

    Oh hi!

    Hiii! Guess I'll start by introducing myself then. My name is ALunar, I've been a fan of the show since 2013. I Never really got into forums and mixing with other fans. I had a couple of friends who liked the show but we've moved on from each other. I sorta stopped being a fan around 2016-2017 as i hated the way I was seen on society for 'liking a girls show'. I also went into a spiral of sadness with expectancy to perform in sport and not being accepted at school for being a fan of the show. As time went on people who didn't accept me before started having a better understanding of me and I was able to become good friends. Now that I'm out of school (2018) I got back into watching the show and looking to make some new friends. SO! Enough about my story, I wanna here from everypony. Did you have a period where you stopped being a fan? If you didn't that's fine, Lemme know your favourite muffin flavor! (Mines Strawberry and double choc mmmmm) ALunar