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Everything posted by Berry-Bliss-Sundae

  1. I made this little drawing of my pony and my brother's pony ... I remember I had a name of a war plane ... but I don't remember which one right now :mlp_huh:

    Anyway this is just a black and white drawing (obviously) I soon plan to apply color! but that will be after I do a little more publicity to my drawings, I must sell more ... although I always have open commissions but you know, advertising is important. :-D

    I hope you like the drawing process, I really like this style.:mlp_ooh:


    1. Alastor


      Wow, that style looks amazing. Also seeing pretty stronger facial expressions, definitely seeing improvement :D


  2. My brother is a 3D artist, he has been specializing in this for a while, I feel very happy for his remarkable advances! this time he made a 3D model of Berry Bliss Sundae, my OC pony. :catface:

    I was really considering opening a couple of commissions for him, I feel his work stands out for its dynamism and good aesthetic sense, what do you think? :fluttershy:

    In any case I hope that this type of work is to your liking, we always strive to do something that people like, especially when it comes to ponies, I think the Brony community is very nice and friendly ^_^



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    2. Blivy


      Thats really good! :ButtercupLaugh:

    3. Splashee


      I can only imagine having a brother or sister that is also into MLP! And someone willing to create art or even crazy 3D renders for me?!

      You have a very unique situation there @Berry-Bliss-Sundae :coco:


      I have not been able to produce any 3D images. It's a learning thing. Even if I had more time, I am focusing on other interests at the moment.

    4. Blivy
  3. I was doing this drawing for a client, although the background is minimalist I think it looks cute!
    I hope you like it, enjoy doing this drawing :)


  4. Hello cute little people! I have not connected for a while ... I have been busy with immigration papers, work, one or another trip ... in short, things about average Venezuelans, for those who do not know, I come from that country, so I am raising funds to be able to emigrate soon, so hard work is a wonderful option! :P

    By the way, I had already put this in my store but I take it to leave it here too, if you are interested in a Halloween themed drawing, do not hesitate to stop by my store, we are at 25% discount on all merchandise! Having said all this I hope you have a nice day and a fantastic month of fear, many scares for everyone! :wub:

    My Store Here: Link to the mysterious store (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b


    1. Alastor


      Will probably place an order later ;)

      Best of lucks with moving :) hope everything goes well

    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Alastor Oh, I would really appreciate it! :rarity: and thanks also for your good wishes, tell me if you decide to buy :squee:

  5. Dusting this post a bit! haha Hello beautiful people, I hope you are very well, how are you doing in this month of fear? Today I come to make this offer of 25% discount in my store, you will get a drawing of your Pony (or some pony / creature present in the series) with a Halloween theme, it may be what you want! This offer ends on November 7, so if you are considering having a thematic illustration, take this opportunity! If you are interested you can leave me a private message where we will talk about the terms and conditions of said drawing, as well as the price among other things ... with all that said, I hope you have a terrifying month of fear, muahahahaha!
  6. I feel my heart explode and I blush easily with such emotion, I can not contain myself ... I LOVE THIS GAME !!!

    Okay, maybe you are not fans of the otomes and this post is something silly, but I have an obsession with this song, I need to stop! but at the same time I need to express these feelings, don't judge me, the game is wonderful >_< 


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    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Kamii I have been leaving the Jumin route and right now I am on the Jaehee route, I was collecting  hourglasses to spend them all calling Seven! :-D

      I am playing with a friend who is passing the route of Jumin xD when we finish both we will go for Seven, we want to share tears together :-D

    3. Kamii


      Great idea, 'cause that one is a depressing route... But hey, have fun! Jaehee's route is one of my favorites too~

    4. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      Defender of Justice, I will soon bring happiness to his route!

  7. Did you see the advancement of ladybug where Adrien and Marinette exchange their miraculous? something like that I imagined Adrien with the Lucky Charm :D


  8. I was making a couple of drafts of my Pony, this is probably not important to anyone ... but I get noticed how designs can evolve when you create a character! Berry was originally devised as an alicorn (my brother's idea), I personally like pegasos more :wub: ...

    but somehow I end up being a cute unicorn, even so I am satisfied with the current result, I like my little unicorn! :fluttershy:


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    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae



      I can't believe it! D:

      I know the reference ... but

      I didn't know how to get it right away !! I am a shame for my species, I have failed the captain ... :(

      although it may also be because I do not speak English, it makes me accidentally screw up.:D

    3. Sparklefan1234



      It's ok, My Friend. :rarity:



    4. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      looks great ! :3

  9. @Randimaxis Oh yeah! The store is open all year! I have to update more often. If you want a commission you can send me a private message!
  10. I've been doing this series of drawings for the last 3 days, since I found out about Aggretsuko's 3rd season, is anyone here a fan of the series? I think it's impossible not to love the heavy metal princess :wub:

    Do you also look forward to the 3rd season? :fluttershy:




    and here the advertising image! If you like, you can follow me on my instagram! @bbsundae_art


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    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @JonasDarkmane oh! @Kamii should see it too, I'm sure you'll like it! In fact, I made my mother watch the show and she loved it, she said it was like watching a Korean drama but with cute animals!

      and thanks! I really wanted to represent a normal ia in Retsuko's life haha :yay:

    3. Snow


      No Celestia art on your DA? </3 still followed tho :-P

    4. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Snow Ironically I have never done a fanart of celestia, and that I really like the character for king Sombra comics! :huh: Still ... what deviantart did you see? :sealed: I hope it was the family, Berry Bliss is for customers +18, I do not like to admit it but you have to live something. :twismile:

      in such case ... here is the family and also, staff ... there I upload drawings of various tastes.

  11. Oh yeah! I like to play otome video games (like mystic messenger or amour sucre) I can't help it !! Does it count as a graphic novel? the truth, I spend a lot of my free time on that ... maybe it's time to get a partner, ironically I've had partners and still I Stay with my visual novels, is that the story is very fun! but shhhhh! that a secret! Is there any weird food that you like but that other people don't? For example, I like to eat pringles with chocolate spread

    Hi there! I am a little short of funds at this time, so I would like to make a couple of commissions to pay a couple of courses, for who do not know... I live in Venezuela where the economic situation is not very good ... What I would like to emigrate to another country soon!

    Although I know how to do many things (such as sewing, drawing and cutting hair) I would love to be able to do a couple of computer courses, one in English and some other related to haute couture to be able to specialize more in this area. So, by the time I can emigrate I will know how to do many more things and I will have more chances of having a good job with a better salary! so ... would you like to help me? :squee:

    I have a default price list from my store here in MLP Forums, you can check it from here! STORE HERE

    Even so, any doubt with the prices you can ask here or from private message! I can do so much pony drawings, more detailed, anime style, Banners for some website, children's illustration ... if you are interested do not hesitate to write! In the same way I would also like to make drawings and projects of your liking! if you want me to draw something in particular you can tell me (some idea, fanart, some concept, another ...)



     Sincerely BB-Sundae!




    1. Alastor


      I am interested in buying ;)

    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @JonasDarkmaneJdikdkdndk thank you very much! :(

  13. I needed a drawing LadyNoir in my life, they are so adorable! :wub:



  14. Hey berry! What do you usually do in your free time?
    - me? Oh nothing! unicorns stuff :proud:baile.thumb.png.e0328a6bb95cec3c74b8c92ee05d8b5e.png

  15. Is anyone here a fan of Ladybug? I recently updated with the third season ... Now I make fan arts 🤣


    1. Anti-Villain



      Is anyone here a fan of Ladybug?

      <This< guy.


      Now I make fan arts

      *Sees it.*

      A.k.a. "good arts." :)

    2. GlimGlam


      Miraculous tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is an awesome show.

    3. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Anti-Villain thank you! Just as soon as I finished the finished version of the drawing ... and maybe I will continue drawing more, ladybug is amazing! :wub:

      @FireworkDash we agree! :proud:

  16. I've been somewhat absent in the forum ... I think too absent! so I come to update with one of my most recent works! :squee:

    I particularly loved the final result of this request, when I saw this pony for the first time I told myself '' it is monochromatic ... the colors must be perfect! '' and came to me quickly those beautiful windows that Gothic architecture has, nothing The more I imagine it, the inspiration came to me. I hope you like the final result as much as I do! :wub:

    for those who do not know I am an artist and I make cute Stikers like this for the price $ 10!
    If you want any commission, there is my price list! My Store



    1. Kamii


      I especially like the colors of the windows you made behind the pony. You created a beautiful pattern <3 Great job yet again, Berry :3

  17. Oh, I had not noticed that they did not work ... I guess some error on the page
  18. I had not had the opportunity to connect either in the forum ... or in the computer in general! Mostly for my brother's work ... I should consider buying another computer! Anyway ... what do I come to share today? really nothing very important ... besides this song.

    you'll think '' Hey Berry, it's just a normal Disney song '' and ... it can be! but in truth a song like this makes me keep my sanity ... high spirits ... positive minds! I just wanted to share it ... this is the Spanish Latin version.



  19. I forgot to tell you ... today I am happy! my brother got his second client in 3D designs! :squee: As I could not miss ... they asked him to make a pegasus, yes, a pegasus! ^_^

    It seems that they are fashionable, it is the only thing I see lately! but hey, who does not like Pegasus? :wub:

    Anyway, this is the end result of his work, I think look it quite nice! what do you think? :fluttershy:


    1. DivineHeart1000


      @Berry-Bliss-Sundae Wow! That mane is crazy but I love it! Pegasus ponies are so awesome!

    2. SolarFlare13


      she looks quite cuddly, if I do say so myself :grin: :catface:

  20. oh, I do not knew about that beat of the beatles! still, the design of this drawing is based on a fragment of the Gorillaz song '' Up on melancholy hill '' The fragment says: '' So call in the submarines. 'Round the world will go, Does anybody know her If we're looking out on the day Of another dream' Automatically when hearing the word 'submarine' that image came to mind, I had to illustrate it simply! I did not resist.
  21. some sketches of Berry (my pony) ... I was making a nice version based on the possible designs of generation 5 ... the other image is a sketch of how I think I could look in EG ... I hope to finish these drawings some day!
  22. uff ... lately I have been working in the production of MLP Stickers, with classic style as you can see, I am proud of these works! They are pretty fun to do. but they have asked me so many lately that they have not had time to upload them! if you want a sticker like this one they are currently priced at $ 10! I also make stickers with more elaborate ponies, better shading ... for the price of $ 40. You can check my price list here for any questions you can send me a private message, do not be shy! I have no problems in solving doubts
  23. Berry sketches :mlp_grin: