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    “At least its a better ship than sondash” “Love and sadness are just like light and darkness. You can get love but if there’s someone in front of you getting the love then you are left with sadness. You have to move around the people keeping you in the sadness to get Love.”
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  1. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  2. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Funkytown. My friend was playing it this morning
  3. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    How much time do you spend on the internet every day?

    According to my dad probably
  4. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    How many tabs do you have open in your browser.

    Too many... way too many
  5. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Only if he likes roses. Same?
  6. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Gaming Your top 5 Zelda games?

    1: Zelda 2 (it's not a bad game. It may be hard and not like any other zelda game but it's still really REALLY good. Maybe I'm just biased because it was my first or 2nd zelda game.) 2: Zelda Alttp (obvious reasons) 3: Majora's mask(I like it better than OOT because of the masks. Don't @ me ) 4: (This one is a tie) Breath of the wild (Loved the game but didn't like the stuff breaking all the time.) 4: OOT (Loved the game but it took me a guide to find out how to get the slingshot. Back then I was really bad at the game)
  7. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    In a survival situation would you eat human flesh?

    Nope. I would rather die than know I ate a human.
  8. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Would you eat the avatar above you?

    Nu. I would never do that.
  9. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  10. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Respond with a picture

  11. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    See what I mean
  12. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Then why y'all fighting over being the winner instead of sending memes?
  13. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    X I dunno
  14. Im_not_crazy_im_just

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Anyone else remember when this used to be a place that was about sending memes?