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  1. abyss's fullarts

    Hi again.. Im here to show some of my fullarts/illustrations OwO 1. My Oc- Crystal Eye 2. older art (12.2017 maybe), my main oc, Xue 3. Redraw (first was from 2016), Pinkamena uwu (Contains blood) 4. AT with friend from fb, winter 2017
  2. Hewwo ponies!

    I'm fine, thanks! This is very friendly place, i like it uwu
  3. Ponies inspired by fishes

    yep, they're mine >:3
  4. Ponies inspired by fishes

    So.. there is two of them, maaaybe i'll do more uwu 1.Butterfly Koi 2.Texas Cichlid (too much stripes ikr)
  5. Hewwo ponies!

    Hello Recherche! Unfortunately I don't have any of these beauties. I have a lot expenses so I can't afford for a doll (sorry if I wrote something bad) but I started saving $ for my ideal doll
  6. Hewwo ponies!

    Hello everypony! Abyss/abysia here! im into the mlp since 2012 or something like that... I like dawings. And digital painting. Aaaand BJD (ball jointed dolls). Soo... it's nice to meet all of you! OwO