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  1. I pour ketchup on my hands, then I pick up the fries and squish them with my hands and eat the fries while licking my hands. On the side, always.
  2. I'm kinda sick of it, it's just memes at this point, repeated til death. But today's humor need to appeal for everyone, which is hard by today's standards, anything can get you into trouble because it's insulting to a minority. I say this but my sense of humor is pretty rare to find today, it's controlled but unpredictable chaos, like in the amazing world of Gumball, or those GMOD videos on team fortress 2.
  3. The person above me can't write congratulations and just write congrats
  4. He understand me, I understand him. Nothing in the world could rival this feeling of having a part in you in a best friend.
  5. A Hat in Time, the "Seal the Deal" contract. Which regroup all harder fights of all bosses with an upgraded version of the harder fight of the Snatcher. 10 hours of my life worth it at the end.
  6. I got so sick one day, I wanted to vomit all day, but couldn't for some reason, it was just stuck and it was the worst sensation I had.
  7. I remember the days where I used an emulator to play the N64 game because I was young enough to get a DS, and not a N64 and I discovered this game... oh, and also:
  8. hello, unknown and mysterious person with a name that sounds like a character from Avatar: the last air bender.
  9. It'll be between rescue mission in ruined buildings because of natural or artificial and uncontrolled disaster (earthquake, tsunami, fire, explosions...) to just lift off some heavy packages for deliveries, moving in the hangar or even in construction sites.
  10. I don't own one, because I'm in France, and you can't be a dangerous maniac with guns without permit. If I would, it would be an AF2011! I mean, look at it!
  11. And again, let's bump this machine and give it easier theme to find. BOSS FIGHT!
  12. is this free balloon time? I think it's free balloon time.
  13. more addicted to TV and couch. Eating too much is disgusting and unsettling.
  14. I was an extrovert, but because I realized how stupid, dumb and loud I was, so I became an introvert.
  15. MLP: just saw some MLP mods on Team Fortress 2, then, I saw some animations made by the community and more until I fell in love with the show. PAYDAY: I saw Bob Lennon and Fantasio974 playing it and I wanted to discover more about this game, in 2015, I got it and I love this game because of it's RPG elements in a PvE shooter. I'm still playing it after 1960 hours. Team Fortress 2: My first FPS game that I spend more than 100 hours when I was a kid and searching for good multiplayer games, and still playing it today! 4200 hours on the cloak and still counting! Yakuza series: Saw JFJ playing and those games are so fun to play and the violence is perfect! Funny, yet brutal.
  16. I'm getting bored. Does someone have some spicy maymays?


  17. Making my own anime out of 3D animations. With my own characters, personality, moments and keep everything fresh and at 24 FPS to make it look like a hand draw anime. My head is full of ideas, but no way of letting them out unless I do an anime.
  18. I just don't know what went wrong. (can fly but vision altered and need explanations to my parents.)
  19. You cannot prove the existence of ninjas, only their direct presence.
  20. You're finally with your friend after getting separated after a big fight, he's injured but he smiles and say "Missed me, punk?"
  21. Because no one can find one, I'll just do it myself. You finally encounter the boss of the dungeon, but the boss is smiling, he claps and musicians appears from behind him on a backstage. He shout "Boys, it is now... SHOWTIME!"
  22. I have a youtube channel, but the content is limited. It's mostly on Team Fortress 2 clips. I really want to do short animations or more clips from different video games.
  23. For me, no one is smart. It's only their way of thinking, perception and how much they can remember that lead to intelligence. And you cannot be born with those, it's how you grow up and in which group of society.