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  1. I am split between unicorn (because magic) and earth-pony (because I love animals) But really, Unicorn is best, and I would learn spells about creating momentum and travel fast and make cool jumps, and also spells of regeneration and resistance because of fall damage and the damage cause by speed and air resistance and stuff...
  2. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    This song has been in my head for 2 weeks, now.
  3. I can't have responsibilities! I'm barely a functioning adult!

  4. Timmy and Tommy are buying turnips at 487 bells! PM me to open the island!
  5. Hairless oversize Bepedals monkeys fueled with bright screens, food and depression -Twilight Eldritch monsters coming to take us -Pinkie Pie
  6. 6 and 10. 6, because: I was born the 6th october. I lived at the 6 in my street. 10 because it's october, the month I was born, Most of the thing I loved coincidentally are out in october, Team Fortress 2, My Little Pony, Smash Bros on the 3DS... Oh, and MLP forum's birthday is ALSO the 6th of october.
  7. Squeezie, a french youtuber. He's basically a copycat of pewdiepie and everything that's popular, he will do it. He talk and scream just to make the kids watching him happy. This is why I love youtuber that are themselves and not their youtube persona. (A Jolly Wangcore, Vinesauce Vinny, Soviet Womble...)
  8. Or, she doesn't speak because words aren't as power as music and she remain in her music bubble. Why speaking? it's boring and can lead to screw ups. Music tell the intention and other detail, I mean, it's the reason why boss theme are so cool.
  9. Holy moly, I went as Squirrel rank! 375+!

    It's a small step, but I was as cupcake rank for a year now.

  10. Meteor Shower at my island, I'll open it for maybe 2 hours... CF69F My swtich went to sleep mode 42S79 Closed
  11. You better SWITCH that attitude, Pencil!
  12. I got star storm thing on my island, and I want to know the price of your turnips. I really want to make a big profit.
  13. I've spend 3 hours to search for the crab. And I gave up. only 7 reward for me.
  14. I want people to tell me their turnip price. I have 4 stack of turnips I've brought at 103 bells.


    I am so happy after 2 month stuck in 4 stars...

  16. I have Celeste on my island, if someone is interested, I'll open!
  17. I lived in a rural place between big cities. Every time I say the name of my city while being in one of the big city, they say "wait, where is that?". We could still stay in the house, barricade in the high school or hide in one of the 3 forest.
  18. I have a extra key of Killing Floor Incursion, it's a VR game, does anyone wants it?

  19. oh BOY! fracture at my left femur at the age of 1, I fell of a chair that broke down. Fracture of my left arm at the age of 3, I fell of my bike, even with safety wheels... Fracture of my right tibia at the age of 8 because I sled off some mud before jumping, which make lose balance. "butter fracture" (bone is deformed like butter land on the floor) at my left wrist at the age of 11 because my teacher wanted BACKWARD RACES AND I LANDED ON MY WRIST. oh, and a pouch of bacteria, or something like that, formed at the bottom of my spine, made the surgical operation and cou
  20. I'm single because I have no interest about loving someone else. It just didn't appeal to me, male nor female. Also, who would like me? I'm socially awkward with stuttering problem, can't remember what to do after 5 minutes and forgetting names everyday.
  21. I regret not buying turnips now. My island is buying turnips at 183 bells... If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
  22. In animal crossing, you can sold Turnips at 141 bells, anyone interested?

  23. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Video Game Music A-Z

    The R is the easiest if you take Pokémon OST, so it's why I took something else! Run! 3 from Ninjin: Clash of Carrots
  24. It's that time of the year, again! Or at least in my time zone right now. Happy Birthday, non real person but real TV show that I love!
  25. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Guess That Reference!

    Malcolm in the Middle? Laser! Caution. Laser! Caution. Laser! Caution. Laser! What could it means?
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