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  1. Hello, this is Rough Patch, also known by a small portion of the "A Hat in Time" community, Bush cat.


    Rough Patch was an Enemy from Subcon Forest that was cut for an unknown reason. They were originally to hide in plain sight, disguised as a bush, until Hat Kid were to approach them. At this point, they would then jump out and chase after Hat Kid, swiping at her with their claws.

    There are few art of this little guy, and I though some people are would like to draw him, be creative, you got the character, make his personality!

    here's a few art made by some people:



    Made by PlushCat42


    Made by Too Much Cartoon


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  2. A word that now no longer means "trying to be cool by being violent ECT." But is now a word that annoying internet gooers type when they see anything negative they don't like

    Guy: I've been diagnosed with depression, and I don't want to live anymore
    Other guy: you're so edgy

  3. Call me crazy, call me insane

    The jester and the king are one and the same

    The question of who really runs this freak show

    Will have you rattle your brain


    The sharpest elbows, the sharpest of minds

    No compensation for the honest and kind

    I'm digging deep to find the flaws within me

    Before I'm falling behind


    You can't control me, I can't even control myself

    Steal from the rich, give to myself


    I stack the decks and I'm rigging the race

    I take a shortcut to the end of the maze

    And all the while I got this faint suspicion

    That I have fallen from grace


    I make believe that I'm dining with kings

    I'm justifying reprehensible things

    The wind is rising underneath my feathers

    The sun is hot on my wings


    One hell of a week to upload it, eh?

  4. Hey! A while back, and recently, I made some SFM scenes about my favorite game, a Hat in Time!

    Here is the result:

    2 Games about hats:



    Rumbi's Upgrade:



    fast and big rumbi:



    You might see a pattern, hat kid pointing, I don't know why, maybe a fetish?

    Floating into horizon:



    How do you like it?

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  5. Hey, it's been a while since I came here.

    I was the guy who created a "creating your pony in SFM" back in April-May 2018 that went pretty well, at least 13 demands, which was awesome for me!

    Now, I came back from the dead (and mostly my studies) for... I don't know... Being here?

    I'm motivated for more SFM scenes, but no more creating ponies. It's long and I'm done.

    Anyway, hello to all of you and hi again for the 2 peoples that somehow recognize me!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: pinkie-pie
    How did you find MLP Forums?: years ago, for searching a community
    How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

    Team Fortress 2 mods -> pony mods -> searching more mods -> more ponies -> love

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