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Posts posted by A French Derpy full of Salt

  1. Being insulted as a man-child, gay, pedophile or "clopper", sometimes all at the same time without any sense...

    But seriously, I love this game, if someone insult you in a video game, repeat the same lines over and over again until they stop and it flippin' works like:

    "oh no, your comment really hurt my feelings! You really got me!"

    Works every time.


    P.S. Don't argue with them, that's what they want.


  2. Hello, I wanted to know if I can post something in Requestria that is not about drawing but rather importing any image into a game.

    Team Fortress 2 or GMOD got a spray feature and I can take image or GIFs into sprays, and I want to know, can I make a thread in Requestria for this?

    The image can be pony related, too.

  3. "Spike is breaking into Celestia's Security!  What a renegade!  A renegade dragon, who don't play by nobody's rules until the commissioner assigns him a talking robot dog for a partner who helps him track down the crime syndicate that murdered his family all the while teaching him a little something about life in the process THURSDAYS AT NINE!"

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  4. In my opinion, the only people who treated Bronies bad are the people that WANTED to hate us with passion.

    I join the bronies in 2015, but before that, I never really heard about them, only with a few pictures, but maybe because I wasn't into any fandom.

    Today, it's just like Arkadios said above:

    7 minutes ago, Arkadios said:

    Nowadays, we're still around, but we're like Trekkies: they don't make a lot of noise, but you know they're there.