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  1. I'll have to say "Team Fortress 2", I have 4,300 hours on it.

    I love it so much, it feels like I learn the code of the source engine in order to do multiple tricks that the devs didn't even knew was possible!

    I've mastered the art of rocket jumps, trimping, strafes, sliding on ramps and knowing what weapon to use and how much I and the enemy can deal in order to win fights.


  2. I have just created one, which is a modification of the current one in the mlpfandom.

    A blue female lizard with genes and insticts of a dragon, she can only hiss and growl but have a recorder with pre recorded message from a documentary about reptiles and a announcer from a circus. powers still under devellopement.

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  3. I'm Virgo, and I don't believe in those alignment of stars bullcrap. Here's the kicker: it's everytime in the lines of "continue but don't push too much" "you're loved, remember that" and "star aligned for you, do it!"

    NEVER something negative. I rather go to the proverbs like "Early bird get the worm, but the second mouse get the cheese", it make you think, rather than a wholesome quote. I can go to reddit for that...

  4. Hello, can you the OC of my friend; VaultGirl?

    Here's Vaulty, you can take the colors from here:


    The OC is from the fallout thing and she want it to be more serious.

    I've made her a 3D Model in Source Film Maker if you want more information




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