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  1. I'm Virgo, and I don't believe in those alignment of stars bullcrap. Here's the kicker: it's everytime in the lines of "continue but don't push too much" "you're loved, remember that" and "star aligned for you, do it!"

    NEVER something negative. I rather go to the proverbs like "Early bird get the worm, but the second mouse get the cheese", it make you think, rather than a wholesome quote. I can go to reddit for that...

  2. Hello, can you the OC of my friend; VaultGirl?

    Here's Vaulty, you can take the colors from here:


    The OC is from the fallout thing and she want it to be more serious.

    I've made her a 3D Model in Source Film Maker if you want more information




    More from other people:


  3. I'm kinda sick of it, it's just memes at this point, repeated til death. But today's humor need to appeal for everyone, which is hard by today's standards, anything can get you into trouble because it's insulting to a minority.

    I say this but my sense of humor is pretty rare to find today, it's controlled but unpredictable chaos, like in the amazing world of Gumball, or those GMOD videos on team fortress 2.

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  4. It'll be between rescue mission in ruined buildings because of natural or artificial and uncontrolled disaster (earthquake, tsunami, fire, explosions...) to just lift off some heavy packages for deliveries, moving in the hangar or even in construction sites.

  5. And again, let's bump this machine and give it easier theme to find.

    On 6/13/2020 at 9:00 AM, A French Derpy full of Salt said:

    You're finally with your friend after getting separated after a big fight, he's injured but he smiles and say "Missed me, punk?"