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  1. Discord: NaCl Derpy#9554 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DatFrenchDerp/ Add me if you want!
  2. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    Kaeloo, a french show that I like and child and teens jokes are made.
  3. You can quote one character per post, you can post a video with those quotes too! (if the game isn't famous, you can describe the character too!) Medic Bulldozer from PAYDAY 2! All of those lines are when he revive one of his teammates. (those lines are full of insults, sorry) 0:07 > "Results are back, you're a b*tch! Now, get up! 1:03 > "On your f*cking feet! You're not gonna be pretty, but ... There's not much to start with!" 1:10 > "Good news, Free health care! Bad news, I'm your doctor!"
  4. I think I "beat" PAYDAY 2 by completing all of the heists on Death Sentence + One Down mutation... So, I'm a master criminal who dodge bullets and scream for medic bags?
  5. (I don't have ninja stuff)
  6. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Not me, I love meat too much to remove it from my life. WHY CAN'T I SLEEP MORE THAN 5 HOURS?
  7. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "Don't worry about the mushrooms I gave you, let's attack!"
  8. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    English and my specialty in computers Why when I have fun on a multiplayer game, my connection just dies?
  9. I have the highest attention span on this planet.
  10. Let's see their point of view, letting doctors putting some kind of stuff in your child to protect of something you never see it. Is that normal? From me, I'll always take the vaccinations. I'll just see if it's really a doctor and a tested vaccine (paranoia).
  11. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I can't think right now when I'm listening to a smexual video with all of the random stuff it's happening, trust me, I tried.
  12. I think my mission is to have bad luck and to show to everybody how lucky they are compared to me. Until today, my best luck has been to have a Rainbow Sniper RIfle on TF2, that I sell it for 25€.
  13. Granted, but they will never animate it i wish for a thousand years rain of scrumpy!
  14. Hey! I'm a french guy ,17 years old, who likes Derpy and who discover this website while searching in Internet. I'm into games, memes, animals and (of course) PONIES and in the games, I like PAYDAY 2, Killing Floor 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2 (lotsa 2 in the games) and Garry's Mod. I'm like the silent guy you had in class that didn't say a word for the whole semester. If you invite me in a party, I'll become best friend with your dog/cat. I have one social fear: the fear to disturb someone, even to ask a question, it's a challenge for me. I'm good at posing and creati
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