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  1. If someone hate you because you're a Brony, present him this, I made it myself!

    1. Every fanbase and community has an NSFW part of it. You really can't judge them over it.
    2.Most people just hate them over bandwagoning or seeing some NSFW side of the community.
    3.Everybody is different and if they want to be one allow them.
    4.People who are part of the My Little Pony fandom like it for the same reason a person would like a character in a book or movie.
    If you read those lines, I challenge YOU to find me a community that isn't Toxic or don't have NSFW images.

  2. Maybe if I love my anxiety, it'll go away too?

  3. I made one recently: Twhilight needed to sacrifice herself to go to a different dimension to save someone. She used her magic, but it wasn't enough. Starburst (coming from nowhere) come comfort her, but his additional magic is enough to travel to the other dimension. So they try and that's when I woke up. I was so pissed that I woke up without getting the ending.
  4. I'm here to thank @Admiral Regulus, @Denim&Venom, @Phosphor270 and @Rikifive for your messages! I really enjoy it.

    I'll try to learn how to use Blender and make my OC and one of my friend, Vault Girl, in Blender. Pony and anthro form.

    And I'll try to do stream A Hat in Time for a speedrun and beat my 2:02:18 time.(don't count on the promise of a stream)

  5. Yeah, I'm kinda bored, so, what if we play together? I'm playing those games: What I'm good at: Team Fortress 2, PAYDAY 2, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Borderland 2, GTA online, Synergy (half life 2 multiplayer, and that's a lot of 2s), Viscera Cleanup Detail, GMOD (why not), OVERWATCH. What I'm bad at: Fortnite, Cuisine Royale, Totally Accurate BattleGrounds, SCP: Secret Laboratory. Yeah, I'm bad at battle royals... Steam profil I'm sorry in advance if there's an another post is about searching players too.
  6. Result of a SpeedRun of A Hat in Time


    I'll try harder next time.

  7. I'll try to speedrun A Hat in Time, I think it'll be in 2h (maybe 2h30).

    I could make a live about it.

  8. I've found the perfect response for everyone crying on steam forum:


  9. I love when something gone wrong so I call someone and it's magically fix.

  10. I won't take a bullet for anyone, because if I had the time to jump in front of you, you had the time to dodge the bullet.

  11. D-4 until my B-Day and I already got a half of my present today, A BRAND NEW PC GAMER!

  12. Good morning, Europeans! and good night for the Americans that are not asleep. (stupid vampires.)

  13. I would like to participate if I HAD TIME! Anyway, here's a good gif for your event:
  14. Why killing someone with a gun when you can kill it with THE gun?

    1. CypherHoof


      Get Fluttershy to chastise them until they wish only for the sweet release of death...

  15. Always forgive your enemies - nothing else annoys them as much.

  16. I don't like ponies who smoke married iguanas.

    1. CypherHoof


      but married iguanas drive so VERY slowly....

    2. Dabmanz


      Or do they?... yeah ive got nothing.

  17. Here's a good message:

    Life is hard, life is stressful. I need peace and tranquility. I don't have to prove myself to anyone.

  18. Showers are just domesticated waterfalls.

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      I agree,   real  waterfalls are better

  19. Nightcore is just edgy Alvin and the chipmunks singing amine.

  20. "Quotes are dull, meaningless and stupid..." -Me

  21. Don't you love when you're trying to sleep and that mosquito, THAT MOSQUITO, always goes near your ears and you just waves your arms like a moron to hit it but he keeps coming back ALWAYS FOR YOUR EARS?

    And that one mosquito bites you 5 times in one night? I've checked, one mosquito.

    I rather have a helicopter with 4 miniguns shooting near me than having a mosquito that ruin 2 HOURS OF SLEEP.

    I could put more arguments here, but it's not diary.com.

  22. I swallowed food coloring, I'm okay.

    But I feel like I dyed inside.

  23. I was on the internet and I met her... Take a guess on who, it's not like I've uses this name for 3 years.
  24. Yeah, I'm VEGAN.