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  1. You'll never believed what I saw in SteamVR, a MLP figurine of Twilly at the Valve place:



    That was quite the surprise.

  2. It's awesome being yourself, it's what's around you that sucks.

  3. I was banned at a forum once because I was searching for friends to talk/play. There were no rules against it.
  4. A word that now no longer means "trying to be cool by being violent ECT." But is now a word that annoying internet gooers type when they see anything negative they don't like Guy: I've been diagnosed with depression, and I don't want to live anymore Other guy: you're so edgy
  5. I've been kicked out of 5 servers by my own team for cheating/hacking in Team Fortress 2.

    It has been a good day.

  6. I am Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes ordering you to open!
  7. When they invented the atomic bomb they were afraid it was going to catch the atmosphere on fire and burn up the whole Earth, but they did it anyway. That took balls. Not us, though. The only people taking the risks were the ones who didn't understand them in the first place. We're not brave, we're just stupid.

  8. I still remember Re:Volt CARNIVAL as the name to unlock all vehicles.
  9. What?! My "name an iconic duo" thread isn't good enough for ye? Franklin, Trevor and Michael.
  10. Between SFM OC creations, posters SFM, images about MLP and games, I'm about 4.3GB. Without videos!
  11. Who need accuracy when you have good concealment?


    1. Rikifive


      That's cool! :ticking:

  12. I always loved animal crossing since the DS. I played so much on the 3DS with perfect town and almost my museum completed. I will buy the one on the switch immediately, I just hope they will lay off on the DLCs.
  13. Today, all of my teachers are not working and I basically have a free day.

    Today, I am sick as peck.


    1. Azure Acrylic

      Azure Acrylic

      Well, school in France is wayy different than how school is here, I know that, I used to be in school, and school there mostly focuses on French history and Art, maybe.

    2. EpicEnergy


      That's unfortunate, I hope you get better soon! :kindness:

  14. To show you the power of Flex Tape,

  15. I just cut this post in half!

  16. I love people that defend Epic Games, they always switch between "it's good for the competition! It forces Steam to offer better!" and "90% of Steam's features are useless".

    1. Kyoshi


      What makes it funnier is how Steam has been the leader in the PC marketplace for so many years and has offered tons upon tons of incredible deals to gamers, but then Epic makes their shitty store and all of a sudden Steam is "bad". To me, Epic is simply an extremely arrogant company all because of their piece of shit conformity machine, Fortnite. They don't deserve any praise.

  17. No, it's called a "deep sleep" mode, it activate when it was on sleep mode for too long. I think you can disable it somewhere.
  18. No hipsters. Don't be coming in here with your hairy faces, your vegan diets, your tiny feet and your sawdust bedding.


  19. Call me crazy, call me insane The jester and the king are one and the same The question of who really runs this freak show Will have you rattle your brain The sharpest elbows, the sharpest of minds No compensation for the honest and kind I'm digging deep to find the flaws within me Before I'm falling behind You can't control me, I can't even control myself Steal from the rich, give to myself I stack the decks and I'm rigging the race I take a shortcut to the end of the maze And all the while I got this faint suspicion That I have fallen from grace I make believe that I'm dining with kings I'm justifying reprehensible things The wind is rising underneath my feathers The sun is hot on my wings One hell of a week to upload it, eh?
  20. A termite walks into a bar and asks: “Where’s the bar tender?”

  21. Why does the sibling-less writers always write sibling being nice to each other like "Hey, sis!".

    The truth is "Hey, dipshit"