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  1. And yes I would like a glass of water :derp:

  2. Shout out to the team here for the nice touches they do to this forum! it's really true to mlp :umad:

  3. Plant's do not have a brain or central nervous system so they cannot "feel" pain or perceive damage as painful and even if they did then by default we should all go vegan as it takes way WAY less plants to feed 8 billion humans instead of 70 Billion land animals yearly. People arguing that "plants feeling pain" as an excuse to continue eating creatures that DO feel pain is the most frustrating and idiomatic argument I have ever encountered, it even draws attention from the obvious fact that animals absolutely feel pain and express it in ways we can perceive and identify with. 100% I guarantee that everyone would rather chop a carrot than slit a cows throat even if both of them felt pain and as far as cult behaviour goes no I disagree, few big dumb meanies acting like jerks while being vegan does not mean veganism is a cult, it simply means some jerks are vegan just like some omnivores who ridicule friends and family for being vegan are not cults they too are just being jerks.
  4. :sunbutt:Princess Celestia (Nicole Oliver) is going to be in Adelaide!

  5. Even if it seems unlikely that we wont stop eating meat all together as specie, that doesn't mean that others should not try to reduce and even eliminate their consumption of animal products. People are not going to stop taking illegal drugs all together but doesn't mean I'm going to start taking crack lol (Example used to illustrate a point, don't do drugs kids)
  6. Religious views? Cult views? Extreme views? let's clear things up a bit here on this thread. What is veganism? Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals (Wikipedia) Veganism is not religious, cultist or extreme. If anypony thinks that living a life that reduces violence as "extreme" then you need to re-evaluate your thought's on what classifies as extremism. Let's look at two sides of the argument here, one view eats only plants (or things that do not feel pain) is not unhealthy and is less damaging to the environment the other view literally FORCES animals to live lives of exploitation and then be slaughtered because of taste preferences. Now I'll ask you personally, which view would be considered extreme if you were looking at it objectively? Again one forces animals to die, the other does not.
  7. Yaaa go team moon!! :LunaMCM:

  8. In terms of nutrition vegans who supplement B12 are healthier than omnivores because they don't consume animal products. Vegans not being opposed to allowing bee's to pollinate fruits and veggies the logical stance is that bee's are not forced to do it they are simply behaving normally. in regard to manure being used to fertilized crops, recycling waste is good for the environment and for better food production but if some are against the use of animal products in all aspects of farming you can get fertilizers from non animals sources like composted plant material. Chickens are treated like products (egg laying machines) and are subjected to horrendous conditions like being cooped and killed early when egg production reduces. The egg industry also kill male baby chicks after one day because they are considered a waste products, they are often thrown into a grinder, suffocated with gas or thrown in mass into a bag to suffocate.
  9. I understand the need to keep this forum site free of violence, sexual violence and gore and understand why my videos and links were removed from this discussion. I will try to share a more light hearted aspect of living a lifestyle that does not directly exploit animals for pleasure. I am however disappointed in human psychology regarding how we are against something (Violence towards animals) yet pay for it to happen without directly seeing it for our own eyes. On hard topics like this we need and deserve transparency in order to make more informed choices that align with our morality. If Anypony want's to learn about the practices in the animal agricultural industries before commenting on this discussion feel free to message me.
  10. I think learning both sides of the argument for yourself is important instead of thinking how society tells you to think. The main reason people go vegan is for the animals, if any type of person wanted to go vegan for the animals it would be Bronies since we all love animals (Ponies and non Ponie alike) Fluttershy would be very upset if you didn't
  11. Let's say for example you had a bad experience with EVERY vegan you ever met, does that mean you shouldn't go vegan? Of course not. Blaming others and using them as an excuse to do something that is exploitive, damaging and unhealthy is irresponsible. So many people call vegans extreme but It's a fact that vegans cannot "Force" their views onto others but omnivores can and do "Force" animals to die for their views even though it's been proven that the optimal amount of animal consumption for health is zero.
  12. Do you dislike Vegans?

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Do you refer to Vegans as people? If so, then not at all; it is not a diet I subscribe to, but I hardly have an issue with those who do. :mlp_grin:

  13. I made a digital version of my OC Kind Claw :)

    Kind Claw Digital.png

  14. I made this from the heart for my friends! <3

    Coloured in pic.jpg

  15. Tried drawing my OC

    Drawn OC.jpg

  16. What is better, Soundcloud or Spotify? :derp:

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    2. Usager


      Soundcloud for me. But i stoped using both when i discovered how to play youtube on my cellphone with the screen off :mlp_icwudt:

    3. Kind Claw

      Kind Claw

      Usager what magic do you speak of?


    4. Usager


      Use the broswer for youtube, i use chrome.

      Enter in youtube and ask to see the desktop version of the page

      Find the music you want, when it start to play you may get the player in the status bar, you can block your phone or listen in the background.

      Everytime you change the youtube page the music may stop, you should tap on the play button in the status bar :3!

  17. Bronie meet up in Adelaide tomorrow, Lunch then merch hunting :squee:

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    2. Kind Claw

      Kind Claw

      There are some Bronies in Sydneigh who do that sort of thing are you on the discord pinkie server?

    3. Snow


      I know not of this Discord pinkie server...

    4. Kind Claw

      Kind Claw

      I think I can send you an invite hold on I'll message you my Discord name.

  18. How is everypony doing! want the recipe for vegan chocolate protein moose?
  19. What's Princess Luna's favourite dance move? The Moon Walk! :squee:

  20. I'm going to try make another MLP V Meme will show it once it's done
  21. A furry? So many think I'm a furry because my oc is a wolf but that simply is not the case, I chose to be a wolf as a symbol of my exclusion. Because a wolf in Equestria will never truly belong just like me in real life.


    1. Anti-Villain


      Bronies are just furries 2.0, more or less, anyway.

    2. Kind Claw

      Kind Claw

      Nah you Bronies are awesome and you know it :wub:

  22. The article is titled "Sorry Vegans" How about a "Thank you Vegans" I noticed this article brings up the past in terms of human evolution as what I see as no more than an excuse to continue detrimental behaviour patterns. Now I won't argue that eating animal products influenced our evolution but using the past as an example to do something in the present is a slippery slope, after all murder and enslavement was perfectly fine in the past. Is it true we ate meat in the past it wasn't until recently that thanks to the industrial revolution that abundance was created and thanks to science we now know what plants to eat and how to fortify our foods to get not only enough to survive but also thrive. One could argue that eating a plant based diet is the next step not only in the evolution as a species but in becoming a more sustainable and healthy society.
  23. I'm off to bed now but will read your reply tomorrow morning as well as the articles you shared thanks for the info btw
  24. That's interesting you mention diabetes, I have found studies on how eating animal products promotes diabetes in particular how animal fats bind to cells effectively blocking the cells ability to absorb insulin. here is a video by Dr Neil Bernard to explain made by the reputable Ted Talks.