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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Laina Charm

      Laina Charm

      Thank you!

  2. Guys, follow me on Twitter: Lady_Coralia

    You can also find me on Pony Town, with the twitter tag: Lady Coralia

  3. OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Can I just say that I was new when I posted that. I didn’t know how this thing worked so that’s why it is just my oc and not December themed. I’m not vain 😂😅 don’t worry. Thanks again.
  4. Only in PMs I think. I can’t recall where else.
  5. Right now, when I’m writing this reply, on the bottom it says, “Click to choose files”. This needs to be with all replies or comments. Whenever I want to send a picture to someone, I have to go to create a character, upload it via click to choose files and then go back to pm to send it using insert other media. It’s really tedious. I was wondering if there was a way for this to change. To make it more simplistic to send a photo from photo library or whatever.
  6. I love Queen Chrysalis. She is an interesting character with thousands of alternative origins to choose from. Just a quick sketch of a glorious Queen.
  7. I loved this. However, I felt that saying “words can’t comprehend”, don’t go well together. Perhaps, “cannot comprehend”. It’s more formal. Instead of abbreviated versions of words. And if it from Luna’s perspective at the end, it would be , “As I finished the letter.” It’s little grammar tid bits but otherwise, I loved it.
  8. Once again, I’m bored. And once again, I will draw your OCs for free, just credit me if you want to show everyone. Advertising, right?😅🤪

    If someone knows a place in Forums where people will ask for drawings and stuff...TELL ME...please. Thanks.

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    2. Snow


      Something random to draw if that's what you like doing and you're bored

    3. Laina Charm

      Laina Charm

      I see. Thank you. Is there a place where people ask others to draw their OCs? 

    4. Snow


      Try taking a look at Requestria, there you can make a thread explaining what you will do, maybe some examples of your work if you so wish and people will reply with images and/or descriptions of their OC's

      Oh and there are also a bunch of request threads that you can look at and complete, should have mentioned that first maybe.

  9. I don’t know, I think fanfics are all good for all fandoms but in different ways as no fandom is really the same. I’ve seen great fan fiction in MLP and other fandoms and I have also seen many bad ones.
  10. I’m so bored and completely out of ideas. If you want, I can draw some OCs, just pm me. Or anything. I’M SO BORED! :twilightcutehat:

  11. Empress Ignatia
  12. Star Beam/Nova Flare
  13. Ok, so I know this isn't a story but i need help. I am currently working on my OC's backstory and i'm kinda stuck. So, i need another pony to write about and what i could add to help me get in the writing mind set. I have a set of ponies and a brief summary: Capricorn: Male, Unicorn: He was Starswirl's partner and was the first Changeling king. He was erased from history when he was bitten by a Changeling maggot in case the ponies would begin to fear Starswirl as well, Starswirl was ordered by King Anubis to destroy any trace of Capricorn's connection to the Royals or Starswirl. King Darus: Male, Alicorn: He was the Alicorn of Justice and the brother of Cosmos (Celestia and Lunas' father). He married Princess Nyah (The Alicorn of Nature and the cousin of Galaxia) and had a son named Otis. He was the king of Sendaria and was loved by his people yet he faced a constant struggle against the threat of war from the close West, past Orberia, by a land of dragons named Gnar (na-rr). Queen Allegra: Female, Pegasus: She was the mother of Cadence and wife of Eros (prince of Cloudsdale). She felt like an outsider as she was a Pegasus living in a world of Alicorns. King Cosmos created the Alicorn Amulets so that non-Alicorn rulers ruling beside Alicorns would be able to be on the same level. The Amulet gave Allegra magical abilities without having to possess a horn and increased strength. King Garin II and Queen Gillian: Male and Female, Griffins: They were the last monarchs of Griffonstone. They fled their kingdom after the Idol of Boreas was lost when Garin was fighting the Arimaspi. They had no children and their relatives where all murdered or they escaped. They ended up in Horseshoe Bay, then they travelled past Apple Loosa (Which used to be a kingdom named Appalia) and they finally laid to rest in Saddle Arabia. They lived there for the rest of their life. What can i do to make this more interesting and have more depth? P.S: I have the whole timeline of most species and their kingdoms and rulers from before Equestria was created, so if you want to know then i can tell you. Thanks!
  14. Laina Charm


    My OC story is being written currently. You can read it. It's called My Story. It's in the writing section of this website.