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  1. A strong wind blew past, and the ground grew dark. Looking up, you could see that a storm was heading your way. You could hear the low rumble of thunder in the distance, accompanying bright streaks of red and blue lights blinking rapidly across the heavily dark clouds looming overhead. The wind brought with it a draft smelling strongly of smoke. Bordering the horizon you could see a deep orange glow reflecting strongly against the utter blackness of the sky. You intuitively understood it as being a fire, and if appearances hold true, it's coming from the town you were heading towards. Save for the occasional flash of lightning, the road ahead was almost completely devoid of light.
  2. The man chuckled and said, "You can't even recognize the man you're out to kill? And you call yourselves adventurers!?", he laughed as he said this, "Oh this is too rich. whell, since you asked so nicely, I am sparrow, not that i particularily enjoy the monicker. But please, lets not be so formal! Call me," -pause for dramatic effect- "Moden." he said darkly. He flicked his hand pulling the party closer to him. "Now mark my words, my little ponies. If you should Dare continue your pathetic little quest to stop me, you will die." He telekinetically threw you back towards your original locations and vanished in a puff of smoke.
  3. one of the caravaners looked over and said openly, "Well, you don't see that every day." A gust of wind blew past, just at that moment, one strong enough to send all of ponies in the area sprawling, and toppled over most of the wagons being pulled in the caravan. As soon as the wind stopped, everypony looked up in the direction opposite that the wind was blowing, only to see a man standing there, in front of the demon door. And, yes, i said a Man. A real, bonified human. The man laughed and said, "How can you possibly hope to defeat me, if you can't even stand on your own two feet when I appear? oh, i'm sorry, did i say feet? I meant hooves." he laughed again, "It really is quite amusing, to see you all prancing about on your adorable little 'quest', but I must say, I highly recommend that you stop what you're doing immediately, and go home. You have no Idea the powers you're meddling with, here. Just leave it to the professionals, namely me, and everything will be fine." The man stares at the group, awaiting a response.
  4. After a moment, you turned to see that magicon was sinking into the ground. In barely even a minute, magicon was completely sunk. The ground over where he was was completely solid, and shows no signs of him ever having been there. The demon door chuckles lightly.
  5. Well, that's what i meant. you have both, you just can only use one, until further notice
  6. Uhh, sure. but for the sake of balance, you have to choose whether you want to start with flight or magic, you don't get to have both right off the bat.
  7. Alright, everypony. I'm hupondroid, and I deem it's about time i got my own image. Sadly, i'm not very good at visual art, otherwise i'd do it myself, but since i can't, i'm asking the brony community. Here's my commission: Basically, I need a logo, or something along those lines that says HEY, that reminds me of hupondroid. Ideally, My logo contains an image of me, which I am a stallion with a Cyan coat, a pointy Dark blue and black mane, and red eyes. I'm also an android/cyborg thing, so there's that too. I should be sitting in front of a turn table, or an ensemble, or whatever musical thing that you can sit in front of, and my name should be embolden somewhere so that it has secondary focus. of course, i don't necessarily have to be standing in front of anything, just striking a cool pose, it's up to you, really. Whosoever accepts this task, and completes it ably, shall be repaid with a musical track made just for you, in the genre and style of your choice. For Inspiration, check out my music:
  8. Who happened to be traveling with a small caravan in the opposite direction that you were traveling. His group looks like it had seen better days.
  9. By the time you reached where the ripple was, both she and the portal had been gone. Perhaps there may be some other way to pass through the rift? Either way, it isn't here, but it's very peculiar that she would appear here, of all places, and address you too. In any case, it's starting to seem like sparrow's wish wasn't specifically to turn everyone into ponies, but for something else. But what? ( She saw the whole group )
  10. Sure, but based on you're character sheet, try to keep your will use focused on inventing. do that, and i'm sure you could make some super cool stuff.
  11. After a moment or so, an orange mare with a yellow mane and cowboy hat walked past. She tipped her hat and said "Howdy" as she passed by. She was hauling a cart of apples. Once far enough away, you saw a strange ripple, like water, except in the air, and the orange mare dissapeared into it.
  12. Yo, I got this fancy little chiptune here, if yall are intrested. Tell me what you think, ya?
  13. Well, I was already working on giving you a hard time just getting to the spire, you see.
  14. this is very true. If you like, i could potentially, record individual rolls whenever rolls are performed so that if you fail, you know why
  15. I'm already familiar with FL Studio. How else do you think i make music? No, what I need is more along the lines of, how do i use the tools i have to make dubstep, and what is it that makes good dubstep?