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  1. Tonight I work on this diamond painting Sister of the night Princess Luna will be fantastic when I get it done here's a pic enjoy everypony !
  2. Here's part 3 and 4 I've listen to enjoy ! part 3 Internal Decay, Victims of Internal Decay, Misery, Konkhra, Eucharist, Morpheus, Amboss, Spina Bifida, Graveside, Crawlspace, Extreme Deformity, Embalmed. Part 4 (final songs I've listened to are? Anesthesy, Deflagration. Ghost another band with the name ghost? , Morpheus, Decrepid , Psychic Pawn, Defleshed, Monastyr, Thormenthor, Mangled Torsos, Ternimus, Shub N. , Niihilst.
  3. Last other night I've been listening to OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL COMPILATIONS PART 1 TO 4 ! part 1 from Epitah, Accidental Suicide, Dead flesh, Parusie, Eulogy, Centinex, Disasterious Murmur, Summertime Daisies, Corpse Vomit, Sufficide.. Part 2 from Nihilist, Necrophagia, Delirium, Demence, Jumpin' Jesus, Frozen sun, Incubator, Sempiternal Deathreign ,Enthroned, Lemming Project, Undertakers.
  4. If you guys love visual novel RPG games try ECHO story takes place in a run down water up town where you have five college kids anthro's characters are Chase, Flynn, TJ, Jenna, Leo but he isn't shown much in the game but Pot smoking Carl the Ram is ? So I played the TJ'S story his choice you choose has a very sad ending to the game I couldn't stop crying! Word of warning there is no nudity just vulgar language and some gore that's it ? If you guys remember playing those book games like choose your own adventure then this is what kind game this is depending which character you choose in the game effects the ending of the game enjoy download if you like Sorry I can't give out links to emulators or gaming sites rules are rules !!!
  5. last night watch two scary movies one remember this creepy grim fairy tale poem called the itsy bitsy spider ran up the waterspout down came the rain and washed the spider out ! ISTY BISTY - awesome suspenseful horror enjoy ! Last one is well Hell's Kitty humor is spoofing other scary movies like Meower cats from feline space, Meowcho, Kitty the 13th starring PURR-Y MEOWDEE'S and last THE NINE LIVE'S MEOWERIST ! So story is very corny about this Hollywood writer that his female cat named Angel get's jealous if he tries to bring girl lovers home at his apt. Funny gory cheezy I give it Purr-fect Meowy stars enjoy!
  6. Last night watched KILLER SOFA don't sit down on him or he will send you to recliner Hell !
  7. I couldn't put in my character fast enough as you changed the game !
  8. Hello, Happy Hearts I made a mistake when it wasn't the Ursa Majors and Ursa Minor that killed Spike in Canterlot sewers it was the Hydra 9 headed sea serpent that did ! Anyway with my Rainboom awesome skills I finally beat the RPG MLP FIM fan game the Cursed Gem and saved Rarity plus bonus if you don't let spike die early in the game then Spiky Wiky to take his girlfriend Rarity for a walk and she gives him a kiss for lovely time he had with her enjoy!
  9. Some night I watched a movie scary movie think Halloween meets Hansel and Gretel ? HALLOWEEN AT AUNT ETHEL'S never go to a house where you'll never see your remains after you are turned into Chocolate !!! I enjoyed the movie yeah it shows lots of tits yeah so did a lot of Friday the i3 movies too ! There was a reboot of Friday the 13th movie by Micheal Bay
  10. Watched at the Giants Stadium It's GHOST the band from Sweden dressed like a Pope from Hell the lead singer kicks ass ! 2019 concert
  11. Yeah, don't worry I will defeat the game probably should next time buy better armor in battle for Spike ! Happy Heart anyway what is the hardest battle in a MLP FIM fan game you had trouble beating let me know ?