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  1. OK, Bronies hope this weird unicorn rap video you'd think Nikki Minaj might of sung for this crazy toy part 2 enjoy The POOPSIE SLIME SURPRISE UNICRON RAP SONG puts a smile and laugh on your face from your rainboom prankster Rainbowdash of course!
  2. Hopefully maybe for Christmas I get this T-shirt hope you enjoy this classic to a cult horror movie everypony !
  3. Yeah, didn't use to be on Nickolodeon !
  4. Warnings !!! was this horror movie good! Yes, the story is about a couple that buy a house not knowing the horrible history behind the nightmares as Spirits of the house try to warn them of a cannibal blood cult serial killer is after them enjoy.
  5. "Q" THE ALIEN TRICKSTER ON STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION and forever be the chaos god Discord we all love !
  6. Tabitha St. Germain voice of Rarity maybe in her heart she couldn't stop crying for the final season 9 of Friendship is magic of MLP because as an Actress for so many years she didn't want to let her talent for the show to end for her Character and wanted to make the audience smile one last time with her Spiky Wiky !
  7. Fixing the musicians play metal on a Mini Guitar of Hello Kitty enjoy 3 videos everypony!
  8. Hello, Everypony Hope you get kick out of these https://youtu.be/oJ7xKMw8Xjwvideos of Musicians playing with Hello Kitty mini-guitars enjoy 3 videos https://youtu.be/rwhvFLHIlBshttps://youtu.be/ayB-ir-NHb4
  9. Tonight watched LOVE AND MONSTERS from the creator of Stranger Things ! rented it was it worth the 20 dollars? yes! The movie is magically fantastic check it out !
  10. Saturday night live is a classic !
  11. Watch Brony reaction to the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn Rap song ! To me it sounds almost like something Nikki Minaj would sing LOL!!!
  12. So later on in this kick ass Anime who wouldn't want a alien Esper to protect yourself even if you had to be hostile about shocking that the teacher was the one using evil powers to blame others for the bombings KLYAMA enjoy more of A CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN ! Did you unicorns like the show? Do you unicorns go for the story, drama and action ?
  13. WEREWOLF ISLAND- wasn't about the title at all it's by a movie company called redeye this movie sucked! THE FARM was better why let's see better story set up like a ghost town as boyfriend and girlfriend get tired and try to sleep at cabin. Next morning they are kidnapped from crazy Farmers women and men in animal masked costumes try to kill them as they are locked in animal cages! Great movie cliffhangers like shockers old lady farmer broke down , shop keeper looking strange, cabin owner sounds insane, check it out your in for a treat !