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    I did long go here but I want to say I'm sorry for what did in the past I want be a better Pegasus pony under my old user name Rainbowdashbrony 1 is dead!

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  1. rainbowdashacademy

    Ask the below member a question about yourself?

    What line did I Rainbow Dash say in at the Gala song ? Do think you think I got what it takes to be a Wonderbolts Leader ?
  2. rainbowdashacademy

    Ask the below member a question about yourself?

    Rule 2 "Never fly reckless causing harm to your other teammates. Rule3. "Soar faster like sonic rainboom like me yeah Rainbow Dash ! What kind of question I was trying too hard to act out like Rainbow Dash sorry if I'm not playing this game right ?
  3. rainbowdashacademy

    Ask the below member a question about yourself?

    I'M the fastest Pegasus this side of Equestria perhaps you can be a rainbooming awesome unicoriend indeed but you have be 20% cooler. "Rule 1 Obey captain Spitfire she's my boss she'll give you the weather exercise for life to be a true Wonderbolts performer.
  4. rainbowdashacademy

    EQ / Roleplay Suggestions

    How about make a role playing trivia game for all the seasons of mlp fim ? Plus every answer you get wrong the Changeling Queen gets to eat you and steal your magic powers. So every answer you get right you get 600 bits points but if every answer you get wrong you lose 300 bits points then losing your magic powers to Queen Chrysalis is worse than your bits. Because losing the elements of harmony is losing 7,000 gems more than the bits enjoy my suggestions hope you like this idea!
  5. rainbowdashacademy

    I was in a car accident

    Car accidents are no fun Taze just glad to see you that your ok and once you get better maybe next week you'll enjoy my awesome rainboom stunts in Cloudsdale later!
  6. Hello Buffy, It's your Awesome Flyer Rainbow Dash I just got back from my Daring do adventure in Dragozil anyway thanks for the rainboomin Awards maybe next I can have Derpy Hooves make some sonic muffins for you ?

  7. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    When I joined their site yesterday they gave me 1,000 bits as a free gift for joining game loft that's how ?
  8. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Hello, I'm so excited today I got Starlight Glimmer I bough her with the earn bits that the company gives you! Yes I'm aware you can pay but why Pegasus you can do better and smarter Rainbooming activities everyday by earning the money bits or gems in the game will make it much fun don't you think ?
  9. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    Songbird Serenade pony of pop singer Sia , 14 bushables, rainbowdash pez candy customized dispenser, my little pony scratch art sets of 2 artwork, Rainbowdash Backpack Costume cost me 16.00 Dollars cheaper than the retail price at Hot Topic was almost 50.00 dollars? have a Princess Celestia necklace but it broke her leg now I can't wear it anymore that sucks ! So I have a Rainbowdash necklace plus one with the mane 6 on it plus matching ring also and last of my collection is the watch I wear with pride every day with mane six on it cost me 18.00 dollars on amazon from a good china company called Panda Moon later guys!
  10. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    Here it is guys the final collection of has the largest by far has to be me? MLP FIM collectable card game , MY little pony Ds game Pinkie Pie's party yes the 80's version but it's still fun, Posesable ponies of Miss Coco Pommel and Rainbowdash with Tank her pet turtle. Talking nightmare moon and for 25.00 dollars talking princess celestia , Walgreens only exclusive pony figure Nurse Red Heart,
  11. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    power ponies all toy sets, Rainbowdash yahtzee , best friends boxed set novel books, my little pony.
  12. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    Hello, Sky Streak I take you like Smolder mines Rainbow dash anyway here's the rest of my collections 40.00 Dollar My little pony Monopoly, My little pony playing cards, Daring Do treasure boxed set novel books 34.00 dollars, 5.00 dollars for the movie party set with the Cutie Mark Crusaders with cutie marks with a Discord like balloon. Rainbowdash shaped bank, Large size my little pony toys with brush 10.00 dollars Rainbowdash and Princess Celestia. super huge coloring books with stickers, my little pony coloring book activity book, funpack, magic ink activity book, glow in the dark color small poster with glitter, 2 official guide books, guardians of harmony shadow bolt , guardians of harmony adult spike the dragon electronic action with small spike 40.00 dollars! five dollar plushy of Fluttershy I won out of crane machine in the mall, Princess Luna -Ty collection 8.00 dollars, five brony t-shirts 1. rainbowdash Mobile-1 logo parody, Power Ponies, word brony, and last the old school 80's my little pony from the first gen. It says "friendship is magic"
  13. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    Ready for part 2 of my collection every pony enjoy!
  14. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Today I watched a raunchy comedy horror movie called THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS ! Lot's of dirty humor with puppets it was laughable to watch enjoy !
  15. rainbowdashacademy

    Who has the largest MLP collection

    Funko vinyls I have Discord in blue, glow in the dark djpon3, Spitfire, Queen Chrysalis, Power ponies Matterhorn pose, villain Mane-Iac, and Ms. Marvelous. Hasbro Cupcake keeps I love Derpy. Brony Convention got a wall scroll for 35.00 dollars of Flutterbat on Amazon bought a movie poster of My Little Pony with mane cast and villains, Guardians of Harmony collections I have are Queen Chrysalis and spike, princess Twilight Sparkle comes with a changeling. part 2 will be later goodnight guys .