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    I did long go here but I want to say I'm sorry for what did in the past I want be a better Pegasus pony under my old user name Rainbowdashbrony 1 is dead!

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  1. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Sorry, guys I couldn't post anymore the truth is the staff changed the servers on this site and for a long time I couldn't post here? So yeah last movie I WATCHED LAST WEEK WAS a horror movie called carousHELL it's my little pony meets Hell !
  2. The artwork looks similar to a Korn album with a carousel animals but I don't know what the albums called !
  3. Last week online been playing A challenging bubble shooter game The school of Friendship game got to level 12 each level get extremely hard enjoy playing it !
  4. AWESOME for Christmas I got the Pirate Ponies movie collection mane six set they are very hard to get out of plastic packing outside the box also I found out to beware of taking the plastic bubble round some of the ponies heads off. Well that's great but what sucks is you do have to keep them on or you'll have trouble putting the bandanas back on especially Pinkie Pie her bandana is very difficult to put back on so do use caution everypony !
  5. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    If everypony is a Robert Englund fan you'll like what I got ? A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET the 8 dvd collection!
  6. Tomorrow I'll be playing my new game for my console ps2 -SLY COOPER I have 3 consoles the other are WII-U and Gamecube ! On handheld I have 4 systems like Japanese import game of Sailor Moon for Gameboy plays awesome on my Gameboy color after all these years it still works. Other system are Nintendo DS and 3DS and last the PS Portable.
  7. Hello, Everypony Rainbowdash has a wonderful holiday artwork for you all hope you have a Magical Christmas and a Rainboming new year!!!
  8. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Last week I watched some Christmas slasher flicks !!! 1.MS. CLAUS, 4 HORROR TALES called 2.Holiday Hell, 3. Slay Belles and last the Elf ! Ms. Claus was good why? the fact you never see a Christmas text from the killer ? Second one had good short stories like Doll face, possessed Rabbi Doll, A drug addict murderous Santa husband and last the town of Witches! 3. Slay Belles was humorous when the girls tried to make a fake You tube like videos then visit Santa Land and try to rob a magical looking wizard who claims he's St. Nick for real it was awesome! Why well the girls looked like they
  9. Anypony like cover songs with a twist Here's 10 videos y ou'll like by LEO of Leap Frog Studios enjoy
  10. someday I will be feeling the flow when I beat my friend in a duel match online of Yugi'oh Duel Links app game for phone and tablets enjoy everypony!
  11. Well I've playing against a friend of mine at work of YugI'oh Duel Links yeah, I've lost about 7 times but some day I will beat his ass plus I'm having fun with it !
  12. rainbowdashacademy

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Water , the facts will fool you why You'd think this horror movie is about Alligators? But it's more on some sinister people who get away accidently killing someone burn their bodies chopped up and thrown into the pool of the house they buy enjoy it I did !
  13. Here's FNAF Rarity with Spike enjoy!
  14. Here's FNAF Rarity with Spike as promised ! Thanks I try my best !
  15. Ok everypony I present you FNAF Discord with all his chaos gore enjoy ! Bonus he murders teacher Ms. Cheerilee .
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