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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, @rainbowdashacademy!
  2. Chapter One Howling like a ferocious beast, the wind pulsed against the rocky cliff face. Protected from the worst of the winds by the cliff walls, the little town of Doneighgal was quiet, but cold. It was in this town that twins were born to a unicorn mare named Orchid Rain and a Earth pony stallion named Solar Storm. The older twin was a yellow unicorn filly with a purple and blue mane and tail. She was named Star Spirit. Her younger sister, named Thriving Lily, was a creamy white Earth pony with a light green and pink mane and tail. Their lives began happily and with great celebration from their extended family, which was practically the entire town. Solar Storm adored and was adored by Star Spirit, while Thriving Lily was the apple of her mother's eye. Star, as she was called by her friends, took an avid interest in astronomy and magic, using her magical skills to aid her in her studies of the skies. Eventually the unicorn filly, confident in her abilities as an astronomer, predicted a spectacular meteor shower the next night and told the entire town to be at the courtyard of the old fortress that stood roughly half a mile from the town about an hour after sunset. The next night, she was a nervous wreck. What if my prediction was wrong? she wondered. What will everypony think of me? She almost considered not going to the event, but if her prediction was correct, she'd miss out on something amazing. Eventually she swallowed her fear and trotted with her family to the selected location. It was the perfect location, as the whole thing was elevated above the land around it the walls and roof of the fortress had crumbled leaving a perfect view to almost every part of the horizon. Suddenly, as the last few ponies quieted down, the hour struck. Nothing was happening at first, but then Lily spotted it: dozens of colored beams of light shooting across the sky to the east. Everypony sat in complete awe as the light show flickered across the sky. Star was snapped back to reality by a gentle light near her and she turned her head to find a cutie mark on her flank: a silver telescope pointed towards a purple shooting star. A smile spread across her face as she turned her head back to the skies, filled with color and what seemed to be dancing stars. Let me know what I can improve upon; I want to practice my writing and get better so feedback would be much appreciated!
  3. Again, thank you all for the warm welcome! @Silenz Veritas Yes, it is indeed impressive. (Don't tell Pinkie Pie or she'll blast us with her confetti cannon and the muffins will be ruined and, well, this animation will happen:
  4. Thank you @Crosswind! Nice to meet you as well!
  5. I would love to see the Background Six get called. Having Sunset Shimmer get called would be interesting, especially if she got paired with Starlight.
  6. You're not too late Yes, muffin cannons are amazing. I like your avatar too!
  7. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome!
  8. @Nightfall Gloam I'm great! How are you doing?