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  1. Thank You for the follow, New Friend! :D

    *Follows back* 

  2. @Sliding Bolt Rather late than not at all Happy to be here and happy to see you
  3. Thank you all for beeing such nince ponies and welcoming me :icwudt: Never thought i would meet that many of u in such a short amount of time:yay: It makes me really happy <3 Thank yall for beeing here :bedeyes:


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    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      No problem at all, Nyu! :squee: I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so far!

    3. Crosswind


      No worries :squee:

    4. Wannabrony


      We're happy to have you! :squee: 

  4. Not a big fan of purple skin colour and stuff but all in all i like it What about this little guy ? ^^
  5. Hey, grazie for your following!:smug:

    1. JustNyu


      How could i not follow a fan of AJ :smug: 


    2. Vintjack Greasymane

      Vintjack Greasymane

      Cute gif, by the way!:icwudt:

  6. @Vintjack Greasymane Hiya Vintjack My Name is Nyu. Nice to meet u i will surely talk to you if i need someone to talk. i am really greatful that u would do that Surely happy to be a part of the herd @Rikifive Hello i will enjoy my stay and have some nice fun! @Double Clutch Glad to be a part of the herd
  7. Everyone who likes applejack is also my friend :icwudt:

    1. Crosswind


      Well I can relate to her very easily, mainly that I can't lie and my accent:lie:

  8. @Rhythm Red Yay friends and MLP i will have fun. lots of fun @Sir Floof I hope i will make some friends Everyone here is so nice @Berry-Bliss-Sundae i surely will stay here Nice to meet u ^^. Then i say greeting from Swiss and a big superduper hug @Califorum i dont enjoy my, stay i enjoy everything Hello there. @Crosswind Thank you for welcoming me Im doing great how are you ?
  9. @Sparklefan1234 Thank your for welcoming me
  10. @Captain Clark Will do Buckaroo
  11. @SharpWit Hello there ! @Wannabrony i will enjoy it with all you here feelsgreat to be a part of the herd u will surely see my name more often @Nightfall Gloam Im doing fine Thanks for asking How are you ^^ @Mystic Mane yeehaaw Applejack is the one and only @Rarity the Supreme I will surely be around the forums alot since i have alot of free time Happy tho to meed so many nice brony friends @Vocal Analyst Hello u will surely see me around the forum. And im surely not shy
  12. YAY my first brohoof! :3 YAY thank you for welcoming me! Makes me really happy to have finally Someone more to talk then just my Bronyfriend ^^ now i can have more! Yay
  13. Big Fan here hello ^^ so yeah just wanted to say hi and stuff im happy to meet u all and make new friends to talk about MLP