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  1. Hello folks after much consideration. I decided to post the beggining of the adventure on tumblr. While I plan to keep this pg-13. I fear that this could be taken down by the admins. The mlpforum guidelines is rather vague on how violent one can be. I am not allowed to advertise but those who really wants to see this would have to PM me.
  2. Prepare to Derp Welcome to Derp Souls. An Interactive comic where the audiance must guide our grey mare through the dangerous halls of old Canterlot. Actions from comments will be taken due to majority, or randomly chosen when even. Actions will then be rolled to see if she succeeds or utterly fail. Be aware, that the challenges ahead of her are dire and in this interactive forum, Derpy may fall. If that happens, this Forum will cease to ever continue. ((The intro along with further details will be posted soon.))
  3. I mean for the most part, both are laser beams. So what you saying is any weapon is okay as long of its powered by friendship.
  4. Oh my I was quite surprised at the number of welcoming ponies on this thread. Umm thank you all xD I don't know what to say other than its very nice to meet you all. Side question. I do like drawing action ponies, however I'm trying to understand the limitation, the guideline says no heavy violence, but this is not well empathized. I only understand in stone that there is no blood which is fair, but what is considered 'heavy'?
  5. Hello @Nightfall Gloam and @Shadeobabe and thank you for the warm welcome xD And I'm doing good thank you! Still trying to get used to the UI here. Hoping to entertain brownies with more pony art and silly projects
  6. Hello I am warpony. Some of you might of heard of me way back when the brony community was strong on tumblr. However being the community there has rather crumble I've been looking elsewhere where the herd gathers. A quick introduction. Im a learning artist who likes to draw action packed Pony art. I started back in 2014. But became rather disconnected with the community at 2016. I won't provide links due to guidelines, but I'll provide some pictures I've done below. Much is connected to a fanfiction I've made. Anywho nice to meet you all.