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  1. More information in DA page
  2. A quickly made Luna and Celly without the aid of any direct reference, aside from my prior knowledge on how they might look like, drawn on a piece of available used paper that I could find in my bag at school today


    1. Tacodidra


      They look amazing! :pinkie: Much better than what I'd draw from a model. :please:

  3. "Hello there, I'm from Peaks of Peril peacekeeping force. If you see any nirik problem that gets out of hoof, please contact us immediately! We are here to protect you"


  4. Hello there! I am still alive

    And here is a WIP of project 9


  5. Fun fact : it's actually a denied submission
  6. A side project with a wonderful background story Full story in DA desc
  7. I'm really obsessed with.....uhhh.... Kirins What else?
  8. Better late than never I myself also came here late enough that season 7 already ended But I dont regret it, and I hope you too! ^^
  9. Just ignore that, I have passed from my....edgy times hehe..... That is one of those things I regret posting on the internet
  10. It's an obese looking unicorn who was the prototype of my OC I'd rather not talk about it
  11. I'm assuming you wont do anything outside the capability of the base right?
  12. I just downloaded Sounds of Silence in 4K to my laptop

    Now I can watch it at school whenever I have the time :kirin:

  13. Project 8 is finally done Featuring Autumn Blaze the best kirin/pony(imo) Check it out here!
  14. Ah yes, what else would be a perfect break from drawing ponies other than firearms

    Low quality trace of the P90 by me



  15. Disclaimer : all of these statements below are purely my opinion, some might be exaggerated. Disclaimer 2 : this is not sponsored by the developer .... Are you tired of realistic modern day games graphics? Are you unable to play L4D just cus your laptop is just too suck to run it? Do you want to play a game that is F2P and not P2W? Fear not Reason 2 Die : Awakening might be a good game to try Made by a Swedish game developer PlaceRebuilder, situated on Roblox R2DA is a zombie game based on Left 4 Dead, it features a lot of maps, zombies, weapons, and gamemodes to play with. Gameplay wise, it isn't as balanced as most games out there. And the logic (PR logic) can sometimes be really annoying. Combined with Roblox' sometimes buggy physics, you might feel like the game's stupid sometimes. But despite of that, it doesnt remove the fact that the game is fun to play. It features a lot of interesting gameplay. Running from building to building from the zombies, holding out till the end, and epic campaign escape, you name it. The game also still gets updated by the creator, which means new contents, such as seasonal events, new maps, etc. Some of you might think "Oh, it's on Roblox, it's probably a cheaply made game for 7 years old kids", I assure you that the game still requires some brain cells to play. Not just mindlessly being idle and solely clicking your mouse like a simulator. In conclusion, it might be that game which features some tedious grinding and buggy nature, but for a Roblox game made by a single freelance game developer, it might worth a try. Play the game here Game trailer in the game's description
  16. My largest collection? Probably my pony drawings lol Followed my old Roblox assets and stuff I dont really collect stuff XD
  17. Project 8 WIP 3

    Autumn Blaze

    Now with bleps!




    1. Tacodidra


      Amazing work, my friend! :pinkie:


      She's even cuter than usual! :P


  18. Project 8 WIP 2


  19. Project 8 :3


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CypherHoof


      Looks awesome!

      @Ganaram Inukshuk - have you done any Kirin in YOUR art style?

    3. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      @CypherHoof I've yet to draw kirins using ASV7, but I've secretly drawn kirinifications using ASV6.


    4. CypherHoof
  20. I want to change my pfp back to normal

    But it looks better than the normal one.....

    I think I'll let it stay

    1. Splashee


      I felt the same, but rules are rules :secret: (at least for me, plus, there is always next Christmas)

    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Gotta make a better new one soon then

      Probably XD

  21. Yes, until you get out and realise how much money you have spent there Disclaimer : I've never gone to Disneyland before in my life
  22. Yep, no one visits this page anymore, personal art dump I guess...
  23. Probably no one will visit this page anymore, but eh.... Here's a Twilight For @Wannabrony
  24. Those eyes are just adorable


    (Yes, I'm talking about my new pfp)


  25. I'm seeing this right before I'm going to sleep I guess I'll have nightmares tonight