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    Interest : MLP fandom and the show ; economics

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  1. "You will be a shit if you think you are, but you won't be the best if you think you are." - one of my friends at school

    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      Well, it's true. 

  2. Kevin Tang

    Bad Pony

    Damn that's a dozen times better than what I can do, although I think that you missed a line at the back legs. Good work!
  3. Kevin Tang

    Was your internet ever locked down as a kid?

    Oh cmon! It was like an everyday thing for me. Whenever I looked addicted to it, my mom immediately forced me to get off from it.
  4. Okay, just saw it closer & I do honestly want to say. Super adorable avatar pic, man! Love it!

    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      It's just a freaking screenshot with little to no effort, I won't say that it's a thing to be proud of. :bea:

      But still, thx! :toldya:

    2. Widdershins


       Well, I don't know where it came from. One way or another, it's something you were involved in, that you put together, a culmination of your experiences & intentions. I get it may be from some game you played once; something made by others, taken & recorded by sources made by others... but it still drips of your life. You are what put it all together & chose it! Don't sell yourself short, buddy! A lack of effort does not denote a lack of spirit, I say.

       When I compliment minutia, I compliment the whole! 


        ...That, and I don't want ya thinkin' I'm just a sarcastic sh*thead! Lol

  5. I always like it when I have to memorize some learning materials when I don't feel like I want to. :scoots:

  6. Kevin Tang

    What other show do you think closely resembles MLP?

    I like and watch this for a reason
  7. Kevin Tang

    Things that make you feel young/old

    Things that make me feel young : - ponies - the care I got from my parents - my highschool life - still a long journey till I lead my own family Things that make me feel old : - responsibility - overthinking about the future - getting called childish by my mom oftentimes - the words from my teacher about the future
  8. Kevin Tang

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    It's a thing that I'll never see with my own eyes
  9. Kevin Tang

    Health What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

    Sleep, eat something, or take some medicine
  10. I can speak 3 language Local, national, and international language
  11. As the result of a mutual internet relationship, here... have a follow  back.

  12. Kevin Tang

    Food Ketchup on the Fries or Ketchup on the Side?

    Chilli on the side duh! Just messy if you mix them.
  13. But remember! The price is very high if you want a good handmade one. Just don't look at the official ones, they're creepy!
  14. I forgot to mention those stupid guards too! Also the wonderbolts? And why do they have to seek help from a long lost civilization when they have relations with the yaks, dragons, and changelings? That movie is so freaking... weird man. Even one of my school mate agreed.
  15. Kevin Tang

    Does Anypony Know This Video?

    That is one good video