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  1. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia looked up toward the ceiling as she thought, a habit she had formed centuries ago. She thought back, all those years ago, before she ruled, before she was an adult, even before she was an Alicorn. She remembered how she earned her Cutie Mark and how happy she had been that day. "It was a long time ago, back in the days when it took a large group of Unicorns to move the sun and moon. My sister and I, we were Unicorns then. We were young adults without Cutie Marks. Ponies assumed we would never have them; that our family weren't able to get them. Otherwise, we weren't special, just another part of the group that affected the sun and moon." "I was part of the group that was tasked with the sun, my sister with the moon. We worked every day and night for fifteen years, moving the celestial bodies. Time passed and we grew more powerful and more familiar with the sun and moon. Our superiors, the Overseers, noticed that our groups were becoming exponentially more efficient as the years passed. One day, they decided to try something that they've never done before. I was tasked with raising the sun alone. Word had been spread so nopony would be afraid if the sun was a few minutes or a few hours late." Princess Celestia began. "At first, I failed. The others had to take over and raise the sun instead. I went home that morning, ashamed and disappointed. The next day, I tried again at the Solar Overseer's behest. Once again, I failed. The day after, when she tried to get me to try again, I told her that I couldn't, that it wasn't possible for one pony to raise the sun. She told me to go home and study magic more. I did exactly that, researching everything I could about the sun." "Be aware that while I was going through this, my sister was doing the exact same thing. The Lunar Overseer was trying to get her to move the moon alone, though she too was failing. She was tasked with researching as well, and we often helped each other." She added, then continued. "The next two weeks passed like this. Every day, we would attempt to move the life-giving orbs on our own, only to have the others step in when dawn was several hours late. One day, I had an epiphany. I realized that the sun was, for lack of a better term, alive like you and I are. It was so magical that it had it's own personality. I was trying to force it away. I needed to ask it to move." "I shared that with my sister, and that day we tried again. The sunrise was late, but I did it. I moved it on my own, in front of my family and my friends. My sister, at my side, had lowered the moon as well. The proud smiles of the Overseers, the applause of the Unicorns behind me, none of it mattered to us. When our parents hugged us and told us how proud they were, when we felt the happiness, joy, and contentedness, we both were enveloped in light. When it faded, we had both ascended into Alicorns and gained our Cutie Marks." She sighs and smiles lightly, memories flashing through her mind as she spoke. "We didn't rule then; it wasn't for another hundred or so years that we began to rule. Immortality wasn't something we truly understood, not until our peers began to age around us and we stayed the same. But we were happy; Unicorns no longer needed to dedicate their lives to bringing day and night. We could do it. We did." Princess Celestia pulled herself back to the present and smiled to Copper. "You asked me how I got my Cutie Mark. It wasn't like a normal pony's. It took my sister and I fifteen years of practice to do it. We were in our thirties when they appeared. You have your answer, though. You are one of the few ponies to ever ask my sister and I that question." She reaches out and grasps a small glass with her wing and drains the contents, quenching her slight thirst. Then she set it down. "Was it what you expected?"
  2. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia listened intently to Copper's story, matching it with the reports she had received all those years ago. She, of course, knew what a Taraxippus was; she had fought them centuries ago, before the rule of her and her sister. In those days, the 'Royal Sisters' were merely hunters who traveled the land and fought beasts off to prevent monsters from preying on the citizens of the land. The Taraxippus, while a fearsome beast, wasn't particularly dangerous due to their hunting habits. If their prey was dead, they couldn't feed. As such, ponies in that time weren't afraid of them, merely cautious. It was a time not just of danger, as beasts roamed the land nearly unopposed, but of knowledge, as those same beasts were studied and the information shared. Ponies feared little in those days and fought against many monsters. They were stronger, then, with better magic and more combat knowledge passed down through the generations. Now, though, ponies were far more skittish. They flinched at the slightest sounds, balked at unknown creatures, and feared what they didn't understand. The Everfree Forest, once a place of testing and proving, is now feared and despised. Celestia was saddened by how much ponies feared, how specist and exclusive they had become. Copper, though, was seemingly an exception. As a young colt, he had learned to think and act like colts did centuries ago. It impressed her, honestly. He was so different, yet so familiar to the Solar Diarch. It brought back good memories, those of a time when she and her sister could both participate in combat without being feared, nor judged. When Copper finished, Celestia gathered her thoughts and spoke. "The ponies of Appleloosa hoped to kill the Taraxippus in retaliation for the sleepless nights and fear it caused. My sister interrupted them, though, and brought the beast past the Everfree. Since then, I've heard nothing of it. I don't know if it still lives or not, but it was given a chance and allowed to survive." "The courage you showed that day, it impresses me, Mr. Copper. Very few ponies would ever do such a thing, and to do so without seeking to kill it is rare. You earned the Cutie Mark you bear, make no mistake, and fulfill a role that hasn't been filled since before our rule. Be proud of that."
  3. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia smiled to Copper and spoke softly. "I understand the point you are making, but you don't have to worry about me not liking you. You have been good company and I do not regret inviting you to join me." "I'm not too particular about what you tell me, but perhaps how you earned your Cutie Mark is a good place to begin?" The Solar Diarch suggests to him, just as a servant arrived and placed two plates on the table, each laden with treats from Sweet Apple Acres. "Thank you, Silver." The Princess Silver nodded, bowed, and quickly walked away. The Diarch sighed lightly and turned away. With Princess Luna With a flash of cerulean light, the Lunar Diarch vanished, reappearing within the ruined cell. Looking around, she saw the two injured Guards being brought to the infirmary where they would be treated for their injuries. She waited a few moments until the room was clear of all ponies. With a quick burst of magic, the sound of metal popping as the dent in her Scout Armor was removed. She glanced around the cell, her eyes beginning to glow a bright blue as several symbols appeared on the walls around her. "Sister, Blank inscribed Perth on the walls, and if I had to guess, Uruz and an Othila-Nauthis into his own flesh." "Luna, you know I am not a Rune Mage like you are. What do those do?" A flicker of mirth quickly flew over the link as Princess Luna replied. "Perth means, in this case, 'Silence,' and allowed him to escape unnoticed. Uruz is 'Power,' boosting his own strength. An Othila-Nauthis combination will remove all forms of pain from him. Originally, I assumed he had inscribed Algiz onto himself, but his broken arm proved he doesn't have 'Protection.'" "Is there a way to counter Runes and prevent them from being used in certain locations?" Celestia asked in hope. "No, there isn't. Traditional forms of magic can't affect Runicry. They can't even be detected by traditional magic." Luna answered. "Then I'm going to have to ask you to keep an eye out for Runes." "Of course, sister. I'll do what I can to track him down and prevent this from happening again."
  4. @woodchunks66 Yes, as I've said before, this is not being abandoned. However, there isn't much for me to do at this moment. Strong Copper is the only character at the moment that requires my presence. Survivor, Winter, and Thorn are holding conversations between themselves. It's going to take some time for the Guards to return to Thorn, time that a conversation can take place in. I'm not going to have to reply to every message. There are times, like now, where it's mostly me and one person, with the others speaking among each other. I'm replying to Strong right now, with a couple additions, but that's about all I can do for now.
  5. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia smiled softly to Strong Copper. "I thank you for taking the time to ensure that my information was up to date. While my Guards often tell me the exact order of events, there is always the chance that they missed something. Caution never hurts, after all." Her smile then widens to him and she speaks with a honesty that surprised even herself slightly. "Thank you for the honesty, Mr. Copper. Very few ponies are ever entirely honest with my sister and I. They tell us what they think we want to hear, which isn't always the truth. I'm not sending you away, Mr. Copper. In fact, I would like it if you were to stay and tell me about yourself. I know some, from my reports and word of mouth, but I'd like to hear how you describe it, if you wouldn't mind. Feel free to decline." With Survivor Hoof "On the first matter, I have known a multitude of ponies who do not react when grievously injured. Many forms of modern martial arts teach the students how to ignore pain so they may keep fighting. Though, you are right. He was using a rare form of magic to strengthen himself beyond natural means. The magic itself is one not actively used in thousands of years. It predates the Crystal Empire, though you may not know of that vanished land." "I personally came here to check on the status of his incarceration when I learned of the presence of the old magic. I knew no mortal pony would be able to overpower him through sheer strength and attempted to arrive before he broke free. Unfortunately, he moved too quickly and this was too well planned." With a flash of blue magic, the chains around Survivor vanished and Princess Luna gave him a sly smile. "Even then, I knew you were not an accomplice of his. My Guards have watched you from the moment you arrived, just as they have everypony else. Lying to me is useless for a reason; my network reveals more to me than most ponies know on their own. Return to the Gala, Mr. Hoof, while I deal with this."
  6. Go ahead and hold a conversation. There will be points where players will have a conversation and I don't have anything to do for a few in-game moments. I'll jump in when it's time!
  7. With Winter Bolt and Blue Thorn One of the Guards, a Solar Pegasus, took charge and immediately began barking orders after listening to the tale. He quickly pointed his hoof at three Unicorn Guards. "You three! Head outside and look for the source of the commotion. If you find anypony suspicious, apprehend them under grounds of being a possible suspect." Then he pointed to a Pegasus. "Head to the infirmary and get aid. Tell them two Guards are down, possibly more ponies, and another seems to be going into delayed shock." The Guard quickly pointed to Winter Bolt and an Earth Pony. "You, Pegasus, watch this pony and make sure he doesn't leave. I'll find Princess Luna and tell her what happened. Swift, find Princess Celestia and do the same. Tell her that her aid may not be required, but inform her of the situation." The Guards nodded quickly, each darting to their respective tasks as the Guard headed toward the entrance, where Princess Luna was last seen. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia listened patiently as Survivor explained his reasoning for following his line of work. A small smile twitched on her muzzle as she listened, realizing something that amused her slightly. The smile vanished as he changed the subject quickly, before she could reply. She had already heard of what he told her, of course, her Guards having gone straight to her and her sister as more brought the injured Guards to the infirmary and yet more still brought the pony to a secondary, more modern prison in one of the side wings. Ponies failed to realize just how many Guards there actually were. Most were hidden, disguised as tourists with illusion spells hiding and silencing their armor while also tricking the pony into thinking it was fur they touched, if they happened to touch the disguised Guard. Most ponies thought that there were only seven to ten thousand Guards in Equestria. With the hidden soldiers and rotational shifts, there was secretly closer to fifty thousand. Ever commanding officer, no matter the rank, knew there were more Guards than it appeared. Only the Captain knew just how many were situated throughout Equestria. That's not even counting her sister's Thestrals. When Survivor finished speaking, the Solar Diarch quickly replied to what he said before he changed the subject. "You may not do your work solely for protecting my ponies, but in a roundabout way, you do exactly that. You protect my ponies, but you also protect the world's creatures. You stop them from taking on something they can't handle and save my ponies. You also stop my ponies from killing or maiming a creature who doesn't want to be violent. I respect that, and in turn, you, Mr. Copper." "As for the 'pickpocket,' I already know of the situation. It's being dealt with accordingly. I was made aware moments after it happened and moments before you arrived. You may not have noticed the armored Guard leaving my side before you approached me. Do not worry about Mr. Blank, he's been apprehended and placed into a cell." The Alicorn reassured calmly. "Sister, Blank has escaped, correct?" "Yes, he has. The two Guards are injured, but not permanently." Luna replied. "Good. I expected as such. Send a Guard to find him and follow him from a distance. Find Bull and do the same. Claw has seemingly done nothing except chatting with a young Doe, my Guards tell me." "Mine have said the same. Like Tail, Claw might not be part of this scheme. I've caught Mr. Hoof near the escaped cell. I don't think he's part of this, but he did try to tackle me. I'm questioning him now with several of my Guards around me." "Good luck and be careful, sister." "I will." Luna replied. With Survivor Hoof Princess Luna stared toward Survivor for a time before stepping closer, her wings brushing away the spears leveled toward his front, though the ones behind him remained. She stopped when she was close enough for him to feel the aura of cold coming off of her armored chest. Her neck arched, allowing her to look down on him as his neck craned to look at her from this angle. She may not be as tall as her sister, but she still towered over the average pony. "There's more to it, Mr. Hoof. A normal pony would not investigate barred windows out of a fear of meeting a raving criminal. You, though, snuck your way over here to look through them." "I can assure you, Mr. Hoof," The Diarch continued. "That you were not the one who broke Mr. Blank free from his cell. You couldn't have, not from this position. However, you may be working for him and made your way over here to see if he successfully escaped. And if you were trying to help these Guards, you would not be able to do so from outside. Your best bet would have been to find the nearest Guard and told them what happened." "Though," She added. "You can see that is not necessary. We were already aware of this event. Breaking out of a cell isn't a quiet affair, nor is it one that tends to go unnoticed for long." "As for the cell itself, you don't know if it was built this way for a reason. To answer the inevitable question, yes, it was built like this on my sister's orders. Do not try to distract me with such a trivial comment. Explain yourself. The absolute truth will benefit you far more than evasiveness will."
  8. If I do not say in the current post or in a previous post dealing with the Guards, yes, assume that they are Solar Guards as they far outnumber Princess Luna's thestrals. That reply was almost a thousand words. That's massive for an RP post. Though I'm sure there's been bigger.
  9. Apologies, a series of storms hit my home wiping out the power for a some time with each one. In the lulls between power outages, the internet was still down and data signal was too low to do this from a phone. This is the first time I've had access to internet in any form since then and I'm hoping it lasts. I refuse to abandon this RP and if it every lulls like it has recently, the most likely explanation is that, for some reason or another, I've had zero access to the internet. Otherwise, even if I was busy during the day, my posts would come late at night like it is now. @Thorgir the Mighty I'm wasn't expecting such a nonchalant comment here. What made you decide to read through this? While it may be too late to answer you question, @woodchunks66, the two Guards, Unicorn and Pegasus respectively, were Solar Guards, and so Celestia's.
  10. With Winter Bolt "Well, the original three were three fillies named Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom. They were young fillies who went around, doing various things to try to earn their Cutie Marks. They earned some time ago, and now four other young ponies are doing the exact same thing, with the three fillies helping them now. Their names are Cherry Twist, Hard Hammer, Chocolate Twist, and Berry Pie. Two, Cherry and Chocolate, are related. Hammer and Berry aren't." Twilight explained. "To enjoy the party, I recommend just meeting new ponies. You've already done it with me and Pinkie, why don't you do it with others, too? I first learned to make friends not by choice, but when Princess Celestia sent me to Ponyville to make friends. I may not have been willing then, but it worked and I'm happy it did." Twilight opened her mouth to speak again only to be interrupted when a stallion charged in through the doorway, screaming "Murder!" aloud. Most ponies reacted immediately, panicking and fleeing the room in fear. Several Guards came from their station at the wall or flew down from the ceiling, quickly catching the stallion and trying to calm him and get him to speak. With Survivor Hoof "I'm sure you'll forgive me if I don't quite believe you." Princess Luna says. "My Lieutenant saw you sneaking through here, heading for the cell window behind me. That fact alone makes seem to be an accomplice to the pony that did it." As the Princess spoke, voices and walking could be heard through the cell bars as several Guards carried their injured allies to the infirmary. The sounds of magic could be heard as Unicorns began to cast spells, looking for traces of magic. "If it weren't for the knowledge that you were looking at the cell, it would look like you were trying to get a glance at certain, ah, parts of mine, Mr. Hoof. I recommend discretion in the future." "Tell me, why exactly did you come to this cell?" As she asked the question, her horn lit up in magic as she cast a spell, though she chose not to say what the spell was. "I'm waiting." With Blue Thorn When Thorn ran into the banquet hall, yelling of murder, he only vaguely noticed the ponies that quickly abandoned the room, Twilight included. He, too, failed to notice when he was magically halted by a Unicorn Guard. He took no notice of the myriad of Guards, both Solar and Lunar, who tried to calm him enough to get answers out of him. A cacophony of voices, some concerned, some rude, slowly reached his ears as he began to become aware of his surroundings. "Sir, are you okay?" "What did you see?' "Boy, shut up and tell me what you saw!" A higher-ranking Guard shouted at Thorn, though it did nothing to help calm him. Another Guard, seemingly a medic if her red cross meant anything, spoke up. "Listen to me, calm down. You aren't in danger. Tell us what you saw so we can help. What did you see?"
  11. I really like how what Thorn heard triggered memories of the Gorgon. The message was well done and shows how, while ponies can handle monsters and animals, cruel acts by other sentient species can disturb them. To be fair, though, the Guards weren't murdered, just injured. There hasn't been a murder...yet. @woodchunks66 In your message, you said the Guards and Princess Luna being well 'would go well.' Is that what you meant, or did you mean 'wouldn't go well?'
  12. With Winter Bolt "Princess Luna's trying to tame the Everfree? I wonder what for?" Twilight mused, mostly to herself. She shook her head lightly and smiled. "In any case, you'll be welcome in Ponyville and I'm sure you'll love it! Everypony is nice and friendly, and the town is rather quiet and peaceful. There's no nobles, either, unlike the Canterlot upper districts." Then her smile turned sly. "Watch out, though. Pinkie will take literally any reason she can to throw you a party. Expect a couple in your first week there. Also, keep an eye out for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They are always trying crazy and borderline dangerous stuff. It doesn't help that the original three are always coming up with ideas, even though they have their cutie marks." With Survivor Hoof Survivor hit the pony with a loud, metallic thud and rebounded some distance away. Before he could recover and see who it was, he felt himself be tackled from several angles, dragging him to the ground. Hoof cuffs and chains were slapped on his legs, chaining his front legs together as well as his back legs. He vaguely heard a voice called out as he was being restrained, "Cease and desist in the name of the Guard!" "Let me speak to him." A soft voice spoke. Survivor was hauled to his hooves and held at spear-point. His eyes met with a pair of teal orbs that shone powerfully in the moolight. With a start, the stallion realized he had talked the Lunar Diarch in front of a squad of armed, armored, and trained Lunar Guards. "Care to explain yourself?" Princess Luna asked softly, though there was a hard edge to her voice. With Blue Thorn "Halt, in the name of the Lunar Guard!" A feminine voice called out. "'Well 'ell, what 'ave ya stopped me for?" A gruff voice replied. "You were hired to keep the pickpocket safe, weren't you?" A male voice asked. "Nope. Ah wasn't 'ired by 'im. Ah came to this party under an invitation." The gruff voice said calmly. "Let's the invite, then." The female suggested. "Guards at the gate took it." He replied simply. "No, they wouldn't have. I think you're lying." The female said suspiciously, a clop sounded out as she took a step forward. Immediately, a loud and a thud was heard. The male voice yelled. "Midnight!" Another meaty thud was heard, followed by a more solid one, before the gruff voice spoke again. "Well, 'at handles 'at. Ah better move it, 'fore a patrol shows up to find out what 'appened." Loud thuds, as well as slight metallic jingles were heard as the source of the voice walked away, soon fading from earshot.
  13. With Survivor Hoof Survivor looked through the bars into the cell, hoping not to see anything too bad. He expected to see the pony from before inside, maybe a cast around his broken leg. The moment he glanced through the bars, the metallic scent of blood hit his nostrils, though it was light. Steeling himself and looking through the bars, the cell was an utter wreck. The iron bars were broken, leaving jagged stumps left. The Unicorn Guard that had brought him down was unconscious, a small pool of blood around one of his hind legs. Another Royal Guard, a Pegasus, was slumped against the far wall, cracks in the stone bricks above her. She, too, was unconscious. The pony from before was nowhere in sight, likely having escaped. Small remnants of glowing blue runes sat against the wall, their purpose unknown. The squirrel squeaked in alarm from above moments before hoofsteps crunching in the leaves could be heard coming closer. With Strong Copper Princess Celestia's magenta eyes opened when she was greeted, having fallen shut from relaxation. A tan pony was bowing in front of her, speaking in a polite voice. After a moment, she replied. "There's no need to bow, Mr. Copper. Tonight is a night of festivities, not politics and expectations. Treat me just as you would any other pony." The Solar Diarch sat up straight in her seat, smiling warmly to him. "I'm glad you accepted the invite, I was hoping you would attend. I've been interested in meeting the pony who so valiantly risks himself to help my ponies." She waves her wing at a seat across the table. "Come, take a seat, if you please, and speak with me." With Winter Bolt "Personal project? What is it, if you don't mind me asking? I might be able to help." Twilight asked curiously. She was rather interested in whatever Princess Luna was doing in the Everfree. That was a dangerous forest, and ponies avoided it for good reason.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that! I've never noticed it, though that may be because I find it harder to notice small things like that in speech than in writing.
  15. With Winter Bolt Twilight flashed an understanding smile after rolling her eyes to Pinkie. She put her hoof out and spoke with a smile. "You already know who I am but I'll introduce myself anyway; it's polite. I'm Twilight Sparkle, librarian at Golden Oak Library in Ponyville. It's good that you want to meet new ponies, having friends offers a kind of happiness that can't be experienced alone. I know that I regret all my years stuck in the Canterlot Archives now." "What kind of job are you taking near Ponyville?" Twilight asked curiously. With Strong Copper After some odd minutes of searching, Strong Copper saw a white Alicorn out of the corner of his eye. Princess Celestia was in an banquet hall two rooms over and seated at a table, alone. She had a small slice of cake as well as a glass of what Copper now knew was Royal Pink. She seemed to be resting, as well as relaxed, if the peaceful smile on her muzzle was any indication. The tables around her were empty, she likely chose that spot for the peace it would offer. With Blue Thorn Blue Thorn exited the same door into the gardens, quickly realising that there were several gardens throughout the castle. This garden was mostly empty, and wrapped around a small gazebo in the center. Only one small group was in the gardens, speaking softly. A flash of purple caught his attention. Moonlight had reflected off of a Lunar Guard's armor for just a small second. The Guard seemed to have gone around the gazebo.
  16. Winter Bolt is in a ball room adjacent to the room Thorn and Copper are in, the same room Survivor left, now that he is in the gardens. @Loud Opinion I couldn't help but notice that Blue Thorn said, "No problem, man." Where o' where did he learn that word? Don't worry about changing it; it doesn't matter. I just found it a little funny and wanted to bring your attention to it.
  17. With Winter Bolt Pinkie was ecstatic! First, she was told the Gala was being redesigned to be more party-friendly. Then she was told she would help plan the party. Then she was told that everypony was invited! "This is the biggest, most bestest party I've ever helped make! This is a great place to meet knew ponies! You still didn't tell me your name!" Then she gasped loudly. "You know Twilight?! TWILIGHT!!!" She yelled it out loud, clearly heard over everypony. The entire party paused for a moment, then realized who had yelled and simply went back to their business. A loud yelp sounded out during the silence before a purple pony made her way over. She was a Unicorn with a rather familiar mark on her flank. "Pinkie, did you have to yell so loud to give me a headache?" "Sorry, Twilight." Pinkie says softly before returning to her normal manner. "But this pony-I don't know his name- said he knows you! Who is he? Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?" Twilight reached out a stuck a hoof in her mouth, silencing her immediately. The Unicorn pulled her leg back and wiped it on the floor, then turned to face Winter. "You know me? I don't recognize you, sir."
  18. Pinkie's head whipped to side in a way that looked painful, though she didn't flinch at all. Her smile was wide, almost to the point of looking demented. As it was, it conveyed nothing but happiness. She saw a light blue pegasus with a gray mane talking to her. Her eyes widened. "Oh! I don't know you! You're new here! Who are you? I'm Pinkie Pie! Do you like the Gala? The Princess let me make it better! I'm so happy!" With Survivor Hoof The stallion quickly made his way into the gardens having made his way past many ponies. Several sounds of dissent erupted behind him. The gardens were as normal, small groups of ponies here and there speaking to each other. A single Gryphon lied on a tree branch, speaking to a young Doe underneath. The pair laughed as the Gryphon came down from the tree, the two wandering away and leaving the path to the bars entirely void of movement.
  19. The plans I have for the Gala won't be affected by characters meeting each other. That's the point of the new Gala! Don't be afraid to have your characters meet new ponies and recognize old ones. That'll happen a lot. If something messes with a plan, I'll work around it. I'm not going to tell you 'No, don't do that. It messes stuff up.' This adventure is run by your choices, not mine.
  20. The Thestral nodded and took the letter before placing it within a pouch in his armor. "I will be sure to give the letter to her Majesty once she's no longer involved in royal duties. I can ensure she will see it before the end of the night, though I know not if she'll respond before then. Her business is her own." The stallion nods respectfully to Winter and adds. "Have a nice night, Mr. Bolt." With Princess Luna She watched from the corner of her eye as Winter Bolt gave her Lieutenant a small letter. She smiled inwardly as she knew he had decided his answer. The Lunar Diarch was quite eager to see what his answer was; she hoped that he accepted her personal project. Somepony with his talents would likely further progress along. "Welcome to the Gala." She greeted to the Earth pony in front of her with a nod. He smiled back and replied. "Thank you, your Majesty." Then he moved on, heading deeper into the palace. Yes, it would be quite interesting to see what kind of changes Winter would bring. Spirit of Life indeed. She thought to herself.
  21. Sorry for the lack of a reply from me! I had to do some editing to my plans for this adventure, with the characters, some of the plans just wouldn't work. Though, I am hoping Alex Van Gamer comes in soon. I must admit, I'm rather eager to explore the aspects of her character.
  22. Away from the bar, toward the center of the banquet hall, noise erupted rather suddenly. Two Solar Guards and a Lunar Guard were arguing with a pony. It was the same pony that Strong Copper had seen before. His coat and mane were gray and off-white, respectively. His back was turned to the group, making it impossible to see his eyes. He was easily distinguished as an Earth pony, with a lack of wings and horn, though his wings may have simply been folded under his black coat. The hall fell silent rather suddenly as the ponies and music stopped to listen to the argument. Few, if any, made an attempt to seem like they weren't paying attention. "I have done absolutely nothing wrong tonight." The pony said, his voice flat and unemotional. "That is not true, sir. Several Guards and staff have caught you stealing from various ponies tonight." A Solar Guard replied. The pony tried to look indignant, though his facial expression failed to change. "I assure you, I have done no such thing!' The Lunar Guard, who had circled to his side, reached out and knocked a hoof against his side. Jingling could be heard throughout the hall as several metallic objects banged together lightly. They sounded as though they were muffled, though. The Guard looked unamused and spoke in a feminine tone. "Take off your cloak, sir." The pony did so with an unnoticeable grin flashing across his muzzle for a split second. "Very well." With the cloak off and drifting to the floor, more than a dozen pouches were revealed tied to the stallion's body. Quickly, the Unicorn Guard levitated all of the pouches away, emptying them. Watches, monocles, brooches, earrings, and other jewelry fell from them, each one made of silver, gold, or platinum. Several voices of outrage rang out in the room, clearly ponies who had been robbed without ever noticing. The first Solar Guard spoke. "I'm afraid we'll have to take you into custody, sir. You clearly came here to fill up your coffers." The pony shrugged. "Perhaps you're right, perhaps you aren't." Incredibly quickly, the pony bucked, striking the Thestral mare behind him solidly in the jaw. A loud crack rang out through the room. Before she hit the floor, his hoof was already swinging, denting the helmet of the Solar Guard in front of him. He, too, hit the ground. The Unicorn reacted in time to magically catch a hoof swinging toward him, quickly yanking it to the side sparking another snap as the leg bent backwards. The pony, though, didn't react and merely winked. The Unicorn believed the pony to be winking at him and cast a powerful sleep spell, putting the pony out. With a quick flash of magic, the group of four were gone. Behind where the Unicorn stood, and where the pony had winked to, the Minotaur smiled briefly and sidled out of a side door toward the gardens, all the while in full view of bar due to their position. The bartender, Fire Brand, looked surprised as he said aloud. "Woah! Did you see what that stallion did! He took out two Guards and didn't even flinch when his foreleg broke." Then he added in a softer voice. "Can't believe he came here tonight just to steal." "There's been a development. Blank has been apprehended; he was discovered to be stealing from guests all throughout the night. Two Guards are injured and Blank suffers from a snapped foreleg." "Bull and Tail?" "Tail shows no sign of recognition or reaction. Bull left through a side door. I watched two Lunar Guards follow him." "Good work. Keep me updated."
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