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  1. Right now, rather sore in the pelvic area. Hopefully this isn't TMI, but I had surgery yesterday and currently have an in-dwelling catheter in me, and with every shift of my body I feel it, and I don't like it.
  2. I took all of two horse-riding lessons in my late teens, and I couldn't really get the hang of it (it was English saddle where you had to post, and I just couldn't do it; wish I'd had a chance with Western saddle instead). And I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but after the lesson I wash shown how to groom the horse, and that is the part I enjoyed. I'd much rather groom and nuzzle and clean up after horses than ride them. It was very soothing and therapeutic, both for me and the horse. Then I got to feed him carrots, and he was a happy boy!
  3. Well, I have to admit that I just kind of skimmed a few lines. It reads more like a screenplay than a prose fic, honestly. While starting a new line for switching between character dialogue is fine and usually expected, usually it'd be something more like: "Is anyone going to the family picnic the community is having this weekend?" Timber asked. rather than: Timber ''anyone going to the family picnic the community is having this weekend.?'' ^ This is a colon away from looking like a line out of a stageplay. Which, while not a bad thing, just doesn't seem to scream "fic". If there's more detail you can think to add between dialogue switches, I definitely recommend that in the interest of fleshing things out. Also, instead of having neat paragraphs, you seem to have separated the majority of lines after one or two sentences. I would recommend trying to pare those down into neat paragraph blocks.
  4. Wow, she went from stairs to BMX pretty damn fast, LOL. Nice. Yeah, I love writing mushy romance slice-of-life stuff. Definitely a shipfic kinda person. And it's either a crackship or a Chrysalis shipfic kinda deal. Yay, thanks all! <3
  5. Well, I wasn't sure if it would let me post without making a choice, so the six, Twilight is my favourite. I don't like that it forces the word "best" on me, though. I don't like that kind of divisive, superlative thinking, personally. No one pony is "best", but we all have those we like the most! Also, my choice would have been Chrysalis, but she's not one of the mane six. :/ EDIT: Deselected my choice In a bit of discomfort at the moment, actually. Posted this after getting home from day surgery, and I've got something that has to stay inside my body in an uncomfortable place for a few days...yeah. :/ Music and chocolate and percocet and ponies are getting me through it.
  6. Yeah, if you find me in Octavia's Hall, it'll likely be sharing writing (if I ever get something decent hacked together, that is!) And thanks for the welcome~ <3
  7. Hi Dust! Welcome! I'm a new member but an old fan (circa 2011) of ponies. And I totally dig that you write fanfics for personal use...that's basically what any good writer should do, in my opinion. Write for yourself first, and if others happen to like it, well, that's just icing on the cake!
  8. Hello everyone! Alex Kay here~ I've been around the block as far as the fandom goes. Joined in Feb. 2011 and launched into it with gusto, eating up the episodes as well as as much fan work as I could stomach. Those were fun, heady days, but eventually the rush does wear off. Now, don't you worry, I still enjoy MLP, and I always will. I just feel like a bit of a veteran, now quietly enjoying and admiring it. Now, I may very well have such a burst again come G5 time, but we'll just have to see how that turns out, now won't we? I enjoy music greatly, listening to a wide selection of genres. In a way I feel like a bit of a musicologist, since I often investigate the stories and the people behind different bands, genres, albums, and songs. In addition to practically devouring music with my ears, I also enjoy forays into literature, both reading and writing. As far as reading goes, I used to read lots of sci-fi/fantasy, but now settle for more general fiction, slice-of-life, drama, romance, and the like. I guess as I have grown I have lessened in my desire for wild action (in most media, and not just books) and settled in for something a bit more slow and methodical and relaxing. And in regards to my writing, I used to write reams and reams of poetry, developing a desire to do so in primary school English, and I stuck with all through my adolescence and into my adulthood. The muse hasn't been with me for a while, though, and only rarely shows its face. With the dropping-off of my poetry, prose has stepped in, and I have written a few pony fics in the past, and have toyed once more with writing something. And inevitably, if I write MLP, it's gotta have Chrysalis in it, because she's my favourite MLP character (<3)! And aside from all that, I enjoy some casual gaming, stuff like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, and the like. Anyway, that was a nice chunk of info there. TDLR: I like music, literature, and casual video games. Hope to hear from you, and can't wait to get to know you all! Peace and love! Chirp! -Hurri EDIT: TBF, not really a fan of the Mane Six in general at this point, so I removed that; I only chose it at the time because I thought it might be required for the post. If you give an option to choose other characters in the future, let me know! Chrysalis is my fav. <3