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  1. I'd like to hug everypony for making this forum a great place. But especially @Sondash Studios
  2. Boot boopity boop @The_Gobo And @Sondash Studios!
  3. Boops everyone and @Sondash Studios!
  4. I'll hit you so hard you'll see stars. Oh wait, you already see stars? Okay
  5. Get a life. Doc, how do I doodal foodal scoodal?
  6. Think about what kind of help you need. I completed the mission! How should I celebrate?
  7. Nice to see an artist around! And a new pony! You can never have enough ponies! Never! Also, noticed nobody gave Sprinkle a brohoof. C'Mon, let's give our new friend some brohooves!
  8. Do more bad things. You will overwhelm karma's brain and make it die of brain damage. Doc, I can't pass a mission in Call of Duty!
  9. You're going with Admirer. Also, missed me?
  10. (Sorry Google autocomplete) Granted, but you live on the moon now. Ever upon forgot about you except Thorax and nopony can remember about you even if Thorax tells them. Thorax suffers a lost friend and you are locked away on the moon forever but with no stars to save you now. Also, to compensate the good-evil balance I granted you immortality! Isn't that great? You now have to live there with no death to save you. Suicide doesn't work. Ouch. I wish every OC was now canon. BTW, not zombie. Zombie apocalypse survivor.
  11. Granted. He takes all screen time. I wish that I would have got that zombie apocalypse OC request faster and that I wouldn't have to have this bad Pony Creator avvy