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  1. What happened to just words, IS EVERY WORD A SLUR now!? Slag: Stony waste materials.
  2. Luminous looked around, happy to see non of the students or sentries looking at them. He decided to take a chance and ask...."Soooo, what do you think of the King? I mean..I was sad when I heard the princesses were defeated, but one of them I heard became his commander, the former princess of friendship."
  3. Luminous saw the rapier, but seeing her face decided to not bring it up...yet. So instead he decided to try and make friends rather then enemies. "It's nice to meet you, Rose. Yeah...I never thought, this would be my career. My cutie mark always lead me to believe I'd run a cake shop, not become conqueror. But the King's word is law, heck his forces beat the Princesses, conquered Equestria and all the neighboring kingdoms, they even conquered the Dragonlands and Changeling Kingdom...I guess maybe destiny has bigger plans for us ponies?" He said trying to sound optimistic, and trying to see this as a blessing in disguise "I mean who knows..."he says trying to force smile, "Maybe one of us will become a champion or hero of the king. Or, maybe the General herself will hoove pick one of us to join her elite private army"
  4. Not a big deal or concern but I kinda wonder what his real parents would have named him. Personally, I get the vibe his name would have been "Slag". Guess we'll find out later this season.
  5. The male pegasi looked up to see the mare looking at him, he stoped breathing so fast, not wanting to look weak "Oh, sorry, I.." he was terrible with making conversations with strangers, he would not have joined had this not become mandatory for youths. But despite this, the young stallion tried.."I'm Lumious...and you are?"
  6. Spike: I've dreamed of this moment all my life, that now that it's happening, I don't know what to say, I have so many questions, least of which, are you going to give me individual gifts for all the birthdays you missed or just like one BIG one!
  7. No I don't mean, molting dragons. I mean if there was an actual predator or something bigger and stronger then a dragon. I kinda feel that it would be, a golem. I remember seeing Quest for Camelot and despite it being a crappy film, I did like the fact there was something that even dragons fear. Perhaps not predator but a parasite, like here is some mytho for you. When a golem finds a feeding ground(like dragons they eat gems and precious metals) and when they do they become very territorial and force everything out.
  8. Well we finally know Spike's role, he is "Teacher's Aide". If Twi leaves the class he is put in charge of teaching. This job seems, just right for him.
  9. (Good so far, @reader8363 A pegasi walked past Rose, looking down at the floor he trotted across, he looked out at the pick up station to see large hedgehog warriors and what was clearly a Storm Kingdom officer, an Abyssinian. He began to breath heavy.
  10. “Background storyline“ @reader8363 What If? The Storm King was,while funny, a smart, intelligent military statagist and equal opportunity oppressor?) Plot:The Storm King keeps his promise to Tempest Shadow and restores her horn. However her new horn infects her mind, making her loyal and power hungry(she's been brainwashed to believing she has always been loyal to the king) The Storm army captures the Mane 6 and Spike. But The Storm King says..."It's just aswell. Your plan failed but it was cunning, I could use that, I am after all, an equal opportunity oppressor"He brainwashes them all including Spike! -One year latter- The Mane 6 are now commanders in the Storm King's military. Commander Twilight opened a school like before but..it's the “Storm Kingdom Cadet Academy" everycreature that is from a territory in "The Storm Kingdom” is there, training to be the future soilders for the campaigns against the northern lands(Tierk and Scopans homeland, which also includes werewolves)Commander Dash and Applejack is supervising the troops of ground and air assault(Pegasi, Dragons, Griffons, Hippogriffs) Commander Rarity is the chief of military designs, creating the best banners, uniforms and style for each creature.Spike has, it pretty good! At first he was just a private and still assistant, until he helped big time, in the conquest of The Dragonlands, and suggested sea factories be placed in Seaquestria(conquered after the battle of Canterlot) he now has the statues of Lieutenant.Tempest is now General and supreme commander of The Storm Army, in the great Storm Empire she is second, only the king has higher authority. The Storm Six, are the young Six, but they are much more like elite warriors then students. They have graduated as valedictorians from the academy, and are looking to join the frontline. “Rules” -No profanity(keep it tv y7) -Try to keep in tone of the movie -You can either be a loyal academy student or a freethinker(rebel) who wants to bring back the fun and good days before the reign of the king: “Current Day” It’s now 8:00, at the station in Manehattan, the station was busy today, the occasional soilder patrolled the area, passing by the many propaganda posters with The Storm King and General Tempest Shadow. Hundreds of pony families were giving their final goodbyes to their kids, young mares and stallions are about to leave the comforts of home and to live and train at the “Storm Kingdom Cadet Academy” and then serve the military, for as long as the The Storm King see’s fit. Sergeant Litmus (an Abyssinian) looked out at the fresh batch of soilders to be. “Not that impressive, but who knows, they may have potential.”
  11. so have i been saying for years that the greed only result into body growth, not actual agethe Spikezilla in the season 2 episode, was nothing more than an oversized greedy baby. Greed Induced Growth: AKA Honey I Belew up the baby.