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  1. The WPCC Lounge

  2. Ask the Mane 6

    Yeah but did she troll you? prank/troll/trick/mischief?
  3. Why do people often gender assign all cats as females?

    I refer cats as “it” because I never know. Like,”is it kind?” ”is it a male/female?” ”does it chase a brown mouse whilst getting hurt in the process?”
  4. Ask the Mane 6

    Mane 6, has Celestia ever trolled you?
  5. The WPCC Lounge

    I’m sure it’s good. Haven’t tried it yet.
  6. The WPCC Lounge

    I love to put coke in my coffee,it gives it a edge!
  7. The WPCC Lounge

    I put coke in my coffee...if ya know what I mean.
  8. The WPCC Lounge

    Try blonde coffee (no not the crappy place known as Starbucks) blonde coffee isn’t burnt,it’s roasted just a little and has more caffeine. Personally,I love the taste of burnt rubber (pitch black coffee) in the morning. But,I’m more of a energy drink guy.
  9. The WPCC Lounge

    Decaf coffee should be outlawed. It completely eliminates the true purpose of coffee Decaf is for pansies
  10. The WPCC Lounge

    I’ve fought the law....
  11. The WPCC Lounge

    That’s not breaking the law
  12. The WPCC Lounge

    Chimi cherrys,cherry chonga,etc
  13. The WPCC Lounge

    Do they serve Cherry Chongas?
  14. I liked the first Lego Movie but I'm not very interested in a sequel, TBH. :sealed:

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      1.  I'm sorry. :blush:

      2. TBH means, "To be honest". 

    3. Nightmare Terror

      Nightmare Terror

      Oh ok I didn’t know.and it’s alright!

    4. Sparklefan1234


      I'm glad I could help. :)

  15. The "No Applejack ever!" is a lie

    So...... the Mane 5?