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  1. Wait,is Hasbro supporting gays? I’m a Christian and I believe you,but if this franchise supports homosexuality I’m out!
  2. Thorgir the Mighty

    The Great Pun War

    Anyone wanna listen to some rain? Purple Rain???
  3. 10/10 so beautiful...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n-J8akT3ndo
  4. Yeah that’s my fault,I meant the Germans. But we’d still be able to beat the Russians
  5. This pony? ^I’ll call him Link lol a pony whom can bend time
  6. Thorgir the Mighty


    I was at Walmart and a plastic bag flew out of a car and I thought it was a Klansman coming out of his car But I’m not racist,all men/women/races are created equal. (Well at least I do)
  7. Why do you want to know?
  8. USA,Russia would put up a fight but USA could take em. We did it before and we’ll do it again!
  9. Thorgir the Mighty

    Movies/TV Retire Family Guy?

    The series should die! I hate Family Guy along with American Dad!
  10. Yeah it’s basically your modern teenagers,and unnecessary crude humor along with alcohol and drugs. Actually,is this cartoon based on our Modern Teens?
  11. I only have one reaction if they actually made a live action mlp.
  12. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Crappy graphics and didnt have Mary Sue for the main character
  13. Close Enough is gonna use ...”Rude humor” and “Illegal substances” and “perverted jokes”.
  14. Well it’s a hilarious show,but I won’t force you. i think its called Close Enough,heres a more detailed article https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/tv/2017/8/2/16083414/close-enough-trailer-tbs-regular-show-follow-up Because it’s not my type,I hate Adult cartoons I’m just pointing this out because I love Regular Show
  15. Thorgir the Mighty

    General Media Batman or Spiderman

    I like both,both are great characters with great movies,and great comics. Its hard to choose one so I choose both.
  16. I’m upset that Regular Show has ended,but at least we can buy the DVD sets! But other than that the creators of Regular Show are making a new cartoon similar and stylized as Regular Show. I don’t know about you guys,but I’m not gonna watch it,especially since it’s on Adult Swim. Well maybe because it looks like Regular Show. Thoughts?
  17. So..is these from MLP only or from different cartoons as well?
  18. Maybe this thread was a bad idea... Lets not post anymore on this thread.
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