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  1. I wanted to do a pride thing but also wanted more fluttercord so here we go! Discord would love pride because he'd spend all of it bragging about himself Discord is Genderfluid Fluttershy is a Trans girl and both of them are Pansexual!
  2. Hello everyone I just wanted to say: Happy LGBTQ+ Pride month!

    How do you plan on showing your pride? are you going to go to any Pride events near you?

    I'm going to the Pride festival in my home city this year and I'm gonna do special pride icons for me and my friends!

  3. -SCREAMS IN THE DISTANCE- I FINALLY FINISHED IIIIIIT yall might recognize the BG is based off the Realm of Magic from SVTFOE. Look ye mortals if ye dare!
  4. @Shadow Beam alright! I was going to post it there originally but wasn't 100% sure
  5. Hello! So i'm working on this picture of discord and i need help figuring out what colors to make the Flying fish in it! I was originally going to give them colors themed after the Mane Six but now i'm not sure. What colors do you think i should make them? also looking for a good color for the squid, unless it looks good semi iridescent.
  6. Although you have to pay for it, Paint Tool SAI is my favorite and it's well worth the price since you get Ver.2 for free with the first one Firealpaca is pretty good and it's free. SketchBook is free now too!
  7. I've deleted the other WIP to upload this fullscale preview of the linework I just finished! :);)


  8. @jita23 i do have a deviantart! i have a link in my signiture but if u have them disabled my DA is:
  9. @jita23 oooh, those arent quite what i was looking for but ide still be down to trade cause theyre super cute!
  10. Just finished this commission and im pretty proud of it even though I know my backgrounds are still garbage
  11. @jita23 Do you have examples? I'm only looking for one drawing, and preferably a digital piece
  12. I LOVE salads. My favorite kinds are chicken caeser salad, and southwest salad! Love me some ranch, southwest, caeser, and occasionally French or Italian dressing too. also does Fruit Salad count? cause fruit salad is the BOMB
  13. well during stormy seasons we might have outages, but where I live we might end up with heat related outages