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  1. Request Avatar request.

    How's this look to you? sorry if it sorta looks like a dog lol But i did do a pony head with a cat face basically (also i can get rid of or change the eyebrows if you don't like them, i just wanted him too look more expressive)
  2. Request Avatar request.

    i could give it a shot
  3. Trade for Show style Reference?

    @jita23 Do you have examples? I'm only looking for one drawing, and preferably a digital piece
  4. Salads

    I LOVE salads. My favorite kinds are chicken caeser salad, and southwest salad! Love me some ranch, southwest, caeser, and occasionally French or Italian dressing too. also does Fruit Salad count? cause fruit salad is the BOMB
  5. Ever had power outages lately?

    well during stormy seasons we might have outages, but where I live we might end up with heat related outages
  6. General Questions What Forum should I post this under?

    @StrawCherry well it's not just for adoptables. I was also willing to look into letting people make their own strawberry family member if their interested, and set up family dynamics and discussions between the OC owners about relationships between the members since allot of the characters would most likely be owned by different people. I was also going to look into how and where this farm and family will be set up and probably have external editable Google Sheets and Google Documents for maping if I can get that far. also: love your username!
  7. Fuse your username with the person above you.

  8. General Have you been to a sleepover?

    I used to sleep over allot with my friends growing up Sometimes i still stay the night at my friend's house on occasion, but we're adults so does it count?
  9. So I was wanting to find out if anyone would be interested in helping me build upon and expand the concept I had for a Apple like family but with Strawberry Farmers instead. It's not really and RP thing unless other people would like to use it for RP. I was thinking I could put it in the OOC Rp Forums as "World Building" but I myself don't really RP I just want to try and draw some Strawberry Family adopts and see if anyone would like to take them and their fmaily history. should I post that in the OOC RP forums or somewhere else?
  10. Where would one post a forum post about wanting to do a Family line of Strawberry OCs similar to Applejack's Apple family?

    I'm asking because i was wanting to see if anyone would like to participate in this family with me? I was considering that if enough people are interested I could do adopts exclusive to the MLP Forums! I have a list of some names/genders/types of family members. I was thinking it could be a mix of unicorns, earth ponies, and pegasi, but i might do only earth ponies with some unicorns.

    1. Amanita


      Sure! But I wouldn’t know where to make that:sealed:

  11. Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Messy Overlord
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't dislike any episodes?

    I think all the eps are good in their own way and obviously I have eps i prefer and ones I don't but none of them are terrible!
  13. You wake up in the world of the last video game you beat.

    You know, I LOVE dishonored, but I'm good here thanks
  14. ///you don't have to read this if you don't wanna hear my garbage opinion on discord ships///


    Okay look, I can totally understand why people would dislike fluttercord, but look, hear me out: saying you can't ship them because theyre friends is dumb okay.

    like 1) almost all of them are friends. (people ship the mane six between each other?)

    2) why wouldn't you want to date someone who was your friend, ESPECIALLY if you share similar feelings?

    like what even is the point of a relationship where you're not even friends with that person too?

    also im a hoe for enemies to friends to lovers, you know we all are

    not only that but like, okay i see the appeal of some other pop discord ships but like
    I have some real beef man


    I'm not tryign to start drama I just have very strong feelings about certain ships and I want that to be known.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Amanita


      Oh, umm... I love both the Fluttercord and Dislestia (and a little Twicord) ships, but this is for the Fluttercord one, and it’s actually from the show to (To Where and Back ((I think that’s what it is called...))


    3. StrawberryOverlord


      @Amanita Fluttercord is an A++++++ ship is i love that discord would canonly end someone (or try to end them) if they hurt fluttershy~

      Also Discord has AAA++++++ character development and is literally my fav Villain turned "Good"

    4. Amanita


      I know right? Except maybe Starlight or Trixie:sealed: but I like all three of them