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  1. well crud thats ok i can wait ^^ take all the time you need to get your work done ^^
  2. yo lucky! saw you were open again! got another request for ya if yer interested!
  3. ty so much! i love it!
  4. Marvel i know you just got back and wanna draw lots but i think you should try to have a certain limit so you are not swarmed like crazy with millions of requests to the point you get utterly swamped and then become over exhausted to the point you dont wanna draw anymore. Ive seen way too many an artist take art request after art request to try and make ppl happy but then get utterly swamped to the point they lose all interest and dont draw for a very long time. Just trying to be a good person and look out for ya.
  5. OO! I love these arts Good thing i decided to pop on and snoop around requestria Anyways i wanna make an request if thats ok ^^ it'll be of my oc alex sinfalair with an bat mare named Scaret dusk and they are nibbling an zap apple together xP just so you know an abit of an size description is that Scarlet is about the size of a filly, she is an adult but was the runt of the family in her clan ^^ some ppl dont get the sizes right and assume cuz shes a mare shes as big as one lol but i hope you like this really cute idea x3 i have given pictures of both Alex Sinfalair (the black pegasus... most basic color design ever xD) and Scarlet Dusk. ^^ And Alex is a full grown stallion, forgot to mention that sorry xD
  6. off topic much? But anyways im excited to see your pic Marvel x3 i always loved your style of art ^^
  7. i edited my post and provided an screenshot lol and ty very much ^^
  8. well how about my old request? the one i made on your previous topic before you vanished? It had my oc alex and my friends oc together sitting underneath a tree. gonna double post just so i can show an screenshot i created, thus you dont gotta rumage around the topics lol oh welp lol it merged but there u go ^^
  9. yo marvelmoon wb! glad to see yer ok! Had me worried there when you just up and vanished. Glad you are ok tho ^^ am i allowed to request?
  10. 1612 its safe to say that we can likely continue counting to 1 million and it'll never end... shouldnt this topic be closed soon as the OP and eveyone else who had helped no longer are with us on the site?
  11. Me and my friend on discord watch every episode that releases lol. Just cuz ppl dont reply here dont mean we aint subbed to the channel and aint watching it. Im just not very active on here to begin with. But that All Might Vs Guy fight was really good, i was shocked at how good it was. I really did like how it ended, even if it surprised me.
  12. honestly... we are the makers of our own demise. We come on here to point hooves/fingers and not try to accept we also are the cause of the issue. Humans by nature is a plague, we kinda are like cancer. Nothing we do helps the world, we murder, we destory to make our lives better, then we create weapons of mass destruction which also destroy everything as well. The truth of the matter is, if there is a real spiritual being like Mother Nature, i am not surprised she is overly mad and is trying to kill alot of humans with plagues and destructive weather attacks. With how much we destroy and take.. and not try to give in return..... its no shock at all these kinda disasters happen. The world is quite mad at us for not caring for it properly. But besides all of this... there are the minority of ppl that try their hardest to help... sadly the majority outnumber the minority.
  13. Ive been playing a bunch of games actually, from Spiderman PS4 to Smash Bros Ultimate which im getting myself prepared for an local tournament thats going to happen at mah local library x3 but i also got to give Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 a try and its pretty fun too ^^ My friend also gave me a 3 month game pass code he got from discord nitro and i used it to gain access to Xbox 1 Game Pass so i downloaded Enter The Gungeon, Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night and Dead Cells ^^ So i got lots to play and to do, this is not including the other games i got access too.
  14. Hah my first game? i was like 5 or 6 and it was the original super mario brothers, and i had beaten it at that age. The next game i played was breath of fire for snes and found a secret area to unlock the ultimate dragon spell where my mother hadnt even known it existed lol